How You Can Help Your Genealogy Society

There are many ways every member can help the society, from simple one-off volunteer opportunities, to taking on a position on the board. But first, why would or should you become involved? Remember, it is your society. If you get involved you can have a say in just what the society does, from the projects that are undertaken to the programs that are presented.
Some of the simplest ways to help are to just be friendly! At meetings ‐ when we can meet in person again — greet the visitors, and start a conversation. Or volunteer to bring cookies — we all enjoy a snack!
Others may involve a larger investment of time. For example, writing an article for The Researcher. But not every article needs to be long and involved. Maybe you’ve come across an unusual record, or used a surprising source in your research. Tell us about it!
There are some committees that only exist for short periods of time. Each year the Audit Committee conducts a review of our finances, while the Nomination Committee seeks candidates for the elected officer positions. In addition, if necessary, the By-Laws Committee reviews the By-Laws and suggests changes.
Do you have an idea for a project the society could get involved in? Suggest it! It may be something no one else has ever thought of. Or would you like to form a Special Interest Group to study people from a certain area or of a specific ethnic origin? Go for it!
If you would like to Get Involved!, contact us.