Tacoma-Pierce County
Genealogical Society

Veterans Graves in Pierce County, WA

WPA Project - 1939


By 1939 at least 2,700 veterans were buried throughout Pierce County. They had served in various wars: Indian, Mexican, Civil, Spanish-American, WWI, and even the Boer War and Boxer Rebellion. In 1939 a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project was launched to identify graves and record more than 20 pieces of information on 5x8 inch index cards. The data was from cemetery records, death certificates, and service records.

What follows is a Name Index plus 8 items from the WPA cards. A card might also have rank, organization, birth date, and cause of death. A remarks section might indicate that the veteran was a clergyman, a nurse, a musician, or in one case: “served as a drummer boy for three months and was sent home as being too young for service.” Not all sections were filled in on all cards. These cards are in the holdings of the Northwest Room of the Tacoma Public Library. Contact the Library for additional information. Note that this list does NOT include all veterans buried in Pierce County prior to 1939.

A resource for a cemetery’s physical location and its records’ location (not always the same) is the Pierce County, WA Cemeteries list on our society’s website at: http://tpcgs.org/cemeteries.html

Note: Dates are in standard American numerical form of month/day/year.

Last Name First & Middle Cemetery War Death or Burial Birthplace Next of Kin Enlisted Enlistment Place Discharge Place
Aaron Joseph Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 6/29/1932 GA   5/23/1898 Cheyenne, WY Camp Cuba, FL
Abbott Charles E. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/5/1915 Maine   9/10/1862 Shopleigh, ME  
Abbott Leroy S. Mountain View WW I 11/10/1918 Lafayette, CO   3/27/1918 Tacoma,WA  
Abbott William M. Tacoma WW I 9/4/1932 Minnesota Sophie Abbott    
Adams George Ackland Roy WW I 7/28/1932 Tacoma, WA     
Adams Green Orting Soldiers WW I 7/144/1933 Kentucky   3/26/1917 Kalispel, MT Ft Russell, WY
Adams John Mountain View WW I 3/12/1935      
Adams John P. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/26/1921 NY   2/17/1865 Mt Sterling, IL Louisville, KY
Adams John P. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/8/1899 Massachusetts   12/26/1864 Petaluma, CA Presidio, CA
Adams Noel M. Tacoma Civil 7/29/1906 NY   10/15/1861 Iowa City, IA Louisville, KY
Adden Andrew J. Oakwood Civil not given     MO ?  
Addington A.T. Oakwood Civil not given    2/29/1864 Lee Co., IA Altlanta, GA
Addison William Orting Soldiers Civil not given    5/25/1861 MA ?  
Agler William H. Roy Civil not given    8/20/1861 Mendota, IL  
Ahaka Peter Mountain View WW I 10/14/1930 Austria   12/24/1914 Ft McDowell, CA  
Ainey Nicholas O. Oakwood Civil 5/2/1914 PA Mrs. May J. Ainey   PA ?  
Aken Henry N. Sumner Civil 1/4/1927 CT Emma E. Ward    
Alberty Chauncy Orting Soldiers Civil 10/8/1909 Illinois   9/7/1863 St Charles, IL Convalescent Camp
Albro Byron Buckley Civil not given      
Alden Clinton H. Tacoma Civil 6/25/1910 OH Mrs. May Alden 2/19/1864 Oshkosh, WI Louisville, KY
Aldridge Wade G. Mountain View Spanish-American 2/17/1927 NC     
Alexson Albert Mountain View not given 8/29/1917      
Alkire Thomas J. Tacoma Maus. Civil 8/25/1928 Harrisonville, OH     
Allen Charles F. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 6/8/1919 N. McGregor, IA   5/1/1898 New Orleans, LA Jacksonville, FL
Allen E.W. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/9/1900 NY    CO ?  
Allen John Orting Soldiers Civil 3/11/1898 NJ   8/9/1861 Newton, NJ Camp Observation, MD
Allen Joseph Artondale Civil not given NY    MN ?  
Allison Alex D. Tacoma Civil 11/8/1909 Indiana   2/28/1864 Dayton, IA Selma, AL
Allison Charles Orting Soldiers Civil 4/9/1927    8/15/1863 Mt Vernon, IN Indianapolis, IN
Allison Isaac A. Longbranch Civil 7/24/1911   Mrs. James V. Dewitt 7/12/1862 Knoxville, IA St Louis, MO
Allison William J. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/3/1921 Dundee, IL   6/5/1862 Oberlin, OH Cleveland, OH
Always Thomas R. Tacoma not given 6/8/1925      
Ammons Abraham Orting Soldiers Civil 1/25/1931 OH   9/18/1861 Canal Dover, OH Victoria, TX
Anderson Andrew J. Orting City WW I not given    8/2/1918 Ft Lawton, WA  
Anderson Benjamin A. Oakwood WW I 4/28/1924 Tacoma, WA Ole Anderson 10/26/1917 Presidio, CA Presidio, CA
Anderson Edward Tacoma WW I 2/9/1938 Michigan   10/3/1917 Olympia, WA  
Anderson Elmer R. Tacoma WW I 10/1/1918    9/19/1917 Tacoma, WA Fell in France
Anderson Fred Mountain View Civil ? 9/22/1920 Cosmopolis, WA John Anderson    
Anderson Henry Oakwood Civil 12/8/1926 Dramen, Norway James Anderson 2/6/1865 St Paul, MN Nashville, TN
Anderson James J. Calvary Civil ? 2/13/1920 VA Margaret Anderson    
Anderson John A. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 6/2/1923 Sweden   5/9/1898 Orlando, FL Tallahasee, FL
Anderson John E. Ft Lewis not given 5/1/1937 VA Hugo Anderson   VA ?  
Anderson John R. Tacoma WW I 10/3/1921      
Anderson Robert A. Mountain View WW I 1/16/1925 Sweden   7/29/1918 St Helens, WA  
Anderson Robert B. Sumner WW I 8/20/1924 ND A.W. Anderson 6/4/1918 Ft Lawton, WA  
Anderson Victor William Tacoma WW I 5/7/1931    4/30/1917 Seattle, WA Puget Sound, WA
Anderson William Orting Soldiers WW I 2/4/1937 Brooklyn, NY   2/9/1905 San Francisco, CA Vancouver B'cks, WA
Anderson William E. Tacoma Civil 3/29/1906 OH   4/1/1865   
Anderson William H. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/4/1912 NY   8/12/1862 Buffalo, NY Wash., DC
Andrews G. W. Oakwood Civil 10/21/1897    8/3/1862   
Andrews Herbert W. Tacoma WW I 6/12/1922 Tacoma, WA Frank H. Andrews 2/21/1917 Tacoma,WA  
Andrews Joseph E. Orting Soldiers Indian 2/26/1926 Illinois   7/23/1866 Minneapolis, MN Minneapolis, MN
Andrews M. M. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/29/1910 Massachusetts   12/31/1861 Essex, MA Baton Rouge, LA
Andrews Titus Z. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/22/1926 Lowell, VT   3/17/1865 Flint, MI Wash., DC
Andrews Tristum Tacoma Civil 5/16/1913    4/27/1861 Portland, ME  
Andrews William B. Tacoma Civil 7/7/1914 NH F. H. Andrews 10/19/1863 Hager, MI Delaney House, DC
Angelo John T. Tacoma not given 1/21/1935 Kansas Mrs. John T. Angelo    
Antrim Peter H. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/21/1926 Indiana Mrs. P. H. Antrim 6/9/1862 Winona, IL Springfield, IL
Antrin Thomas J. Oakwood Crem. Spanish-American 5/1/1920 Indiana Mrs. J. T. Antrin 5/2/1898 LeRoy, KS Manila, P. Is.
Apple Samuel L. Woodlawn Abby Civil 4/11/1918    8/7/1862   Nashville, TN
Arkwright William Oakwood not given 12/10/1913      
Armstrong J. M. Orting Soldiers Indian 1/29/1904      
Armstrong John B. Tacoma not given 5/6/1926 Minnesota     
Armstrong T. J. Orting Soldiers Civil 7/11/1896 Wales     
Armstrong William W. Tacoma not given 6/21/1904 Nova Scotia     
Arndt Oscar G. Orting City WW I 8/29/1926   Mrs. O. G. Arndt 4/17/1917 Tacoma,WA Camp Lewis, WA
Arnold Herman Tacoma WW I 4/25/1926 Port Townsend, WA Mrs. W. C. Arnold 5/17/1918   
Arnold William S. Tacoma Civil 3/28/1913    1/23/1865 Reynolds, IN Nashville, TN
Arnot Robert Mountain View WW I 3/30/1933 Scotland   12/15/1914 San Francisco, CA Mare Island, CA
Arrowsmith John W. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/6/1925 OH Mrs. John Arrowsmith 2/29/1864 Monticello, IL Chicago, IL
Atchinson Alfred M. Mausoleum Spanish-American 2/11/1936 Kansas Marcella Atchinson 6/13/1898 Coffeeville, KS San Francisco, CA
Atkinson John Artondale Civil 4/25/1921 Tacoma, WA     
Atkinson John Tacoma WW I 9/11/1923 Scotland   12/11/1917 Ft Geo. Wright, WA  
Attridge A. D. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/14/1909 New Brunswick   11/4/1864 Houlton, ME Augusta, ME
Atwell James E. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/29/1933 Forks, NY Howard E. Atwell    
Austin Charles A. Tacoma Civil 2/15/1918 Maine Mrs. Sarah Austin 9/3/1864 Augusta, ME Near Alexandria, VA
Austin Harvey L. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 4/9/1935    4/1/1899 Richmond, VA Angel Island, CA
Austin James M. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/30/1924 NH   5/17/1864 Dubuque, IA Davenport, IA
Auston Sands H. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/11/1917 NY   9/13/1864 Covington, NY New York, NY
Avery G. W. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/20/1898 NH   2/16/1865 Ft Snelling, MN  
Avery Nettie C. Mountain View WW I 6/11/1927 Maine   10/5/1918 Camp Lewis, WA Camp Lewis, WA
Avery William B. Mountain View not given 6/20/1934 Maine Henry Berndt    
Axtell Theodore New Tacoma not given 12/18/1937 Salt Lake City, UT     
Ayres Charles G. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/20/1909 Troy, NY   April 1865 Rochester, MN St. Paul, MN
Ayres Henry K.W. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/26/1902 NY   7/1/1861 Madison, WI Madison, WI
Last Name First & Middle Cemetery War Death or Burial Birthplace Next of Kin Enlisted Enlistment Place Discharge Place
Babcock A. A. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    11/1/1861   Richmond, VA
Babcock Delosh Orting Soldiers Civil 3/16/1921    5/8/1862 Central City, CO Ft Riley, KS
Babcock Edwin F. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/17/1906 NY   8/24/1861   
Backeberg Frederick W. Mountain View WW I 12/26/1933 Wonewoc, WI Ida Backeberg 11/21/1917 Ft Lawton, WA  
Bacon George S. Tacoma Civil 4/25/1912 Cayuga Co., NY Mary J. Crosswait 8/13/1862 Magnolia, IA New Orleans, LA
Baer M. E. Roy Spanish-American 6/1/1900 Indiana   6/24/1898 Tacoma, WA San Francisco, CA
Bailey Absolom B. New Tacoma Spanish-American 6/15/1937 NC Alice Bailey    
Bailey Allen M. Tacoma not given 6/29/1927 Indiana     
Bailey Friend J.S. Oakwood Civil 9/21/1900 OH   1/24/1865 Richmond, IN Harpers Ferry, VA
Bailey Joseph A. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/18/1910 Indiana   12/20/1861 Gutherie Center, IA Young's Point, LA
Bailey Otis B. Tacoma Civil 8/10/1909 Canada   10/4/1861 Ft Snelling, MN Keokuk, IA
Baird Robert S. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/10/1907 OH   3/8/1865 Mt Sterling, IL Springfield, IL
Baker Andrew Orting Soldiers Civil 4/30/1924 Maine   10/23/1862 Omaha, NE Omaha, NE
Baker Dorman Ft Lewis WW I 11/21/1918 WA     
Baker Edwin O. Fox Island Civil not given      
Baker Henry C. Tacoma Civil 11/8/1902 PA   2/9/1865 Madison, WI  
Baker Henry Frank Mountain View WW I 5/26/1931    3/26/1918 Ft Lawton, WA  
Baker Henry W. Sumner Civil not given    2/18/1862 Saratoga, NY Philadelphia, PA
Baker Hiram L. Woodbine Civil 5/30/1928 Illinois Mrs. Addie Baker 10/6/1864 Dixon, IL Chicago, IL
Baker James A. Fox Island Civil 5/17/1903      
Baker John Orting Soldiers Civil 12/19/1896 PA     
Baker Ralph Alder I.O.O.F. WW I 4/2/1905      
Baker Stephen F. Sumner Civil 5/27/1918 NY   6/27/1865   Wash., DC
Balcom Henry Orting Soldiers Civil 12/13/1909 NY   7/7/1863 Troy, NY Denver, CO
Bale Jethro Artondale Civil 3/11/1902      
Ball George Woodbine WW I 11/15/1934 WA Mary Ball 9/6/1917 Tacoma, WA  
Ball George Henry Mountain View WW I 5/30/1937 Boston, MA Mrs. Dora Ball 5/12/1917   
Ball Irwin R. Tacoma Civil 6/4/1906 PA   10/10/1863 Mound City, KS Ft Leavenworth, KS
Ballard Achilles W. Tacoma not given 9/12/1898 OH     
Ballard Charles A. Spanaway not given 3/13/1929 Saratoga, NY     
Ballowe Melbourne K. Ft Lewis WW I 5/4/1937 VA Edith Ballowe    
Bamford George Orting Soldiers Civil 2/2/1938 Wheeling, WV Mrs. Ida B. Bamford 5/2/1864 Bellair, OH Camp Case, OH
Banfill John Orting Soldiers Civil 7/23/1927 Indiana Thomas Banfill 10/17/1864 Ft Wayne, IN Nashville, TN
Banford D. A. Tacoma Maus. Civil 2/11/1925 Coshocton, OH   6/8/1863 Cincinnati, OH Knoxville, TN
Bangs Benjamin Woodbine not given 2/9/1903      
Bangs Roscoe R. Oakwood Crem. Civil 2/21/1931 Maine   9/5/1862 Augusta, ME  
Banks Harry B. Orting Soldiers Boxer Reb. 2/17/1939 Colorado Mrs. Sadie Banks 5/3/1900 IL  
Banner Geroge W. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    8/25/1864 Wilmington, DE  
Bannister William H. Oakwood Civil 3/17/1912   Mrs. F. Taylor    
Banniza Lawrence W. Tacoma not given 6/13/1920 Nashville, TN Thelma Banniza    
Bannon Henry P. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    9/2/1861 Battlecreek, MI MO
Barber J. B. Orting Soldiers Civil not given      
Barber James Orting Soldiers Civil 2/29/1937      
Barden Lawrence F. Mountain View WW I 4/22/1936 WI Mrs. Sarah Barden 6/24/1918   Vancouver B'cks, WA
Bardonnar Jacob Woodlawn Abby Civil not given    8/5/1862 Port Byron Pine Bluff, AR
Barker Daniel W. Tacoma Civil 12/24/1921 Maine   10/21/1861 Augusta, ME  
Barker Sylvester Woodlawn Abby WW I 4/12/1930 Florence, CO     
Barker Thomas Orting Soldiers Civil 4/28/1910 Corinth, ME   10/12/1861 Corinth, ME Harrison Landing, VA
Barker William E. Oakwood Civil 11/4/1903    9/30/1861 Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee, WI
Barker William S. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/6/1906 NY   4/20/1861 New York, NY New York, NY
Barlow Byron Tacoma Civil 7/5/1914 Michigan   6/22/1865 Ft Dalles, OR Ft Dalles, OR
Barnes George E. Oakwood Civil 11/13/1915 Indiana Mrs. P. J. Barnes 10/13/1861 Princeton, IN Louisville, KY
Barnes Perry E. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/9/1929    9/1/1863 Camp Hatch, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Barnett Henry A. Tacoma Civil 12/16/1918 England Mrs. Katie Barnett 8/12/1863   
Barrett Alfred Orting Soldiers Civil 12/26/1929 Jackson, MI   6/2/1864 Jackson, MI Memphis, TN
Barrett Augustus E. Tacoma not given 7/11/1907      
Barrows Marion Mountain View Civil 7/4/1926 WI     
Barry A. H. Woodbine not given 2/7/1907 NY     
Bart Henry J. Wilkeson not given 3/23/1913 OH Frank Bart    
Bartholomew William L. Tacoma Civil 2/18/1916 NY   9/23/1861 Deansville Raleigh, NC
Barton Clarance M. Tacoma not given 5/27/1894      
Barty A. J. Oakwood Civil not given    2/4/1864 Chicago, IL Chicago, IL
Bashford F. W. Tacoma not given 4/10/1892 WI     
Bassett George F. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/18/1912 NY   2/14/1865 La Grange, IN Charleston, WV
Bates Ansel Tacoma not given 11/22/1901 OH     
Bates Edwin Orting Soldiers Civil 3/25/1931 Iowa Issiah Bates 2/15/1865 Chicago, IL Memphis, TN
Bates Elmer Mountain View WW I 10/23/1929    9/24/1917 Reno, NV  
Bates Fred A. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/29/1916 CT C. A. Bates 11/26/1861 Leavenworth, KS Leavenworth, KS
Bates William H. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/12/1911 NY   10/4/1861 OH Victoria, TX
Baugher Henry C. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/23/1910 OH   4/22/1861 Tiffin, OH Columbus, OH
Bauman Franz Oakwood Civil 6/7/1912 Germany Max Metschan 9/25/1861   
Bauman John F. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/28/1908 Germany   8/14/1861 Elgin, IL Raleigh, NC
Baumgardner Walter E. Mountain View Spanish-American 3/2/1938 PA W.E. Baumgardner 6/18/1898 League Island, PA Brooklyn, NY
Beach George W. Woodbine not given 6/22/1911   Mrs. G.W. Beach    
Beach Luman E. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    6/20/1863 Cleveland, OH Nashville, TN
Beard Charles P. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/17/1928 Petersburg, OH   8/10/1861 WI Memphis, TN
Beardsley William H. Oakwood not given 9/22/1930 Illinois Samuel A. Beardsley    
Bearss Levi Tacoma Civil 7/1/1915 NY Rowena Stevens 8/9/1862 Coldwater, MI Jackson, MI
Beary Lorenzo D. Tacoma Maus. Civil 5/21/1916 NY Mrs. Eugene Hoover 5/9/1861 Auburn, NY  
Beecher Daniel W. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/16/1928 Indiana   10/24/1864 Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN
Beechwood August Oakwood Civil 12/13/1918    12/31/1863 Madison, WI Edgefield, TN
Beeler Harry Mountain View not given 5/14/1936 New Albany, IN     
Beer Thomas Roy Boer War 3/25/1916 England     
Beesler George Orting Soldiers Civil 12/10/1928 OH A.C. Beesler 12/3/1861 Galena, IL Little Rock, AR
Begalia George Harry Buckley WW I 5/20/1919   George Begalia    
Behymer James M. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/5/1925 OH   2/27/1864 Quincy, IL  
Belcher Albert Orting Soldiers Civil 4/6/1917    5/21/1861 Polo, IL Springfield, IL
Bell Andrew L. Tacoma not given 8/11/1922 NY     
Bell Joseph Orting Soldiers not given 9/23/1925 PA     
Bellandi Kerubi Tacoma Maus. WW I 10/1/1929 Italy   3/29/1918 Tacoma, WA  
Belles Peter Woodbine Civil 9/21/1927 PA Elizabeth F. Belles    
Bellus L. H. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/24/1910 OH   12/19/1863 Paris, IL Leavenworth, KS
Bence John T. Tacoma not given 1/15/1926 Indiana Mamie Bence    
Benefiel Claud M. Tacoma Civil 10/28/1924    7/9/1862   
Benett John P. Tacoma not given 7/20/1926 Ticonderoga, NY     
Bennett Frank H. Eatonville WW I 2/4/1921 WA Jesse E. Bennett 12/14/1917 Portland, OR  
Bennett John Jr. Eatonville WW I not given WA Jesse E. Bennett 12/19/1917 Tacoma, WA  
Bennett John Orion Mountain View not given 1/23/1935 Indiana     
Benson Andrew J. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/23/1905 NY   1/4/1864 Grand Rapids, MI Detroit, MI
Benson Robert F. Sumner WW I 10/25/1918      
Benthein William H. Tacoma WW I 7/1/1939 Sumner, WA Mrs. Lillian Benthien 10/10/1917 Willows, CA Presidio, CA
Berberich Anton W. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/27/1925 Germany   10/28/1864 Gover Island, NY Ft Leavenworth, KS
Berg Henry Oakwood not given 10/4/1913 PA Mrs. Emma Berg    
Berry George H. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/21/1926 Sarahsville, OH   9/1/1864 Noble Co., OH Nashville, TN
Berry John P. Orting City Civil not given    3/31/1864 Sioux City, IA Sioux City, IA
Berry Joseph Orting Soldiers Civil 11/26/1902 Missouri   4/7/1865 Rochester, MN St. Paul, MN
Berry M. H. Sumner not given 8/7/1914 NY Mrs. Sarah Berry    
Berry William H.S. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/25/1908 Noble Co., OH   6/7/1861 Terre Haute, IN Indianapolis, IN
Berwick Hester I. Mountain View not given not given      
Bevens William H. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/3/1911 Michigan   9/8/1862 MI Jackson, PA
Bever Joel Fox Island not given not given      
Bickford A. J. Tacoma not given 12/7/1906 NH     
Bickford Daniel Orting Soldiers Civil 8/1/1934 Stanbridge, Canada Dr. Frank J. Bickford 9/3/1861 Boston, MA  
Bickford H. Gig Harbor not given not given      
Bilfor John Orting Soldiers Civil 9/4/1904 Germany   8/27/1861 Laporte, IN Marietta, GA
Bill Henry G. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/28/1924 OH   7/21/1862 Wyoming, IA Savannah, GA
Billings Gordon Allen Oakwood Crem. WW I 3/17/1924 WA Charles A. Billings    
Billings Jacob Orting Soldiers Civil 3/7/1921 Maine Joseph Billings 7/29/1861 Cannalton, IN St Louis, MO
Binnings John R. Oakwood Civil 10/8/1938 Cambridge, VT Elmer D. Binnings 4/?/1863 Essex Co., NY Wash., DC
Bird Herbert Milton Woodlawn Abby WW I 7/16/1920 Axtell, NE Jesse M. Bird    
Bishop Chauncy Mountain View not given 7/18/1935 Hastings, MI     
Bishop Earl K. Mountain View WW I 6/9/1934 Tacoma, WA Inger Bishop 4/26/1918 Tacoma, WA  
Bishop John Roy not given 6/26/1936    10/4/1864 Grand Island Philadelphia, PA
Bishop John George Ft. Lewis not given 10/27/1918 GA     
Bissell Charles V. Mountain View Civil 4/24/1918 NY Mrs. Cordelia Bissell 8/31/1861 Herman  
Black Joseph Orting Soldiers Civil 12/20/1902 England   12/2/1864   
Blackwell William B. Tacoma not given 10/4/1922 CT Ruby C. Blackwell    
Blackwood James Andrew Spanaway WW I 3/6/1935    6/13/1917 Seattle, WA NY
Blair Erastus W. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/?/1904    8/15/1862 Detroit, MI Nashville, TN
Blair James E. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/19/1911 PA   8/14/1862 Menominee, WI Halls Hill, VA
Blair Robert A. Ft. Lewis not given 5/20/1934 WI Mary Blair    
Blake G. S. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/30/1903 Maine   6/4/1861 Augusta, ME Augusta, ME
Blake John Orting Soldiers Civil 6/1/1908 England   12/?/1864   Trenton, NJ
Blanchard Ira D. Mountain View Civil 8/3/1930 Illinois Chester O. Blanchard 12/29/1863 Waterloo, Blackhawk Co. Houston, TX
Blankley Andrew J. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/10/1924 PA   2/3/1865 La Cross, WI Paducah, KY
Blindheim Thomas Mountain View not given 10/15/1929 Norway     
Bliss Mathew Bay View (Vaughn WA) Civil 3/30/1920   Arthur Bliss 6/15/1861 Taunton, MA Wash., DC
Blocksidge J. J. Orting Soldiers Civil 7/26/1905 England   12/14/1862 Madison, WI Louisville, KY
Blodgett Silas Orting Soldiers Civil 7/16/1919 Maine   1/18/1864 Bangor, ME Augusta, ME
Bloedorn August A. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 3/6/1931 Chicago, IL   4/26/1898 Chicago, IL Augusta, GA
Blood Nathan W. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/5/1898 N. Yakima, WA   7/22/1861 Lafayette, IN Jeffersonville, IN
Blood William A. Orting Soldiers Civil 7/11/1907 Franklin Co., NY   6/20/1861 Malone, NY Richmond, VA
Bloom Benedict Orting Soldiers Civil 10/29/1919    8/20/1862 Syracuse, NY  
Bloom James M. Tacoma Civil 7/9/1910 OH John Bloom 8/10/1861 Orange, IL Nashville, TN
Bloomfield Richard D. Tacoma Civil 12/17/1906 NY   8/13/1862 Ft Snelling, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Blow Peter E. Buckley not given 5/29/1911 NY     
Bloyd William A. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/24/1908 Illinois   12/31/1864 Portland, OR Vancouver, WA
Blythe Walter H. Oakwood Spanish-American 2/9/1911 Liverpool, England Mrs. McCormick 4/30/1898 Tacoma, WA San Francisco, CA
Boardman George H. Tacoma Civil 5/29/1924 Maine Mary Boardman 9/10/1862 Bangor, ME Bangor, ME
Bode Joseph Orting Soldiers Civil 3/28/1911 Germany   9/30/1864 Centreville, WI  
Boggs E. W. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/30/1898 OH   9/23/1861 San Francisco, CA San Francisco, CA
Bogle James S. Tacoma not given 10/13/1914 OH Mrs. Charlotte L. Bogle    
Bohnankamp Francis W. Orting City Civil 2/18/1920 Germany Henry Bohnankamp 8/20/1861 Kalamazoo, MI Kalamazoo, MI
Boisvert George Calvary not given 12/1/1937      
Bokien George D. Tacoma not given 6/12/1912 Poland     
Bolles G. L. Orting Soldiers not given not given      
Bonaguidi George Calvary WW I 3/16/1937 Italy Primo Bonaguidi    
Bone Harry Calvary WW I 10/26/1918    7/24/1918 Tacoma, WA  
Bonner Louis Gasgoinge Tacoma WW I 1/14/1925 Tacoma, WA Mrs. Evadna Bonner    
Boody Leonard G. Oakwood Crem. Civil 8/18/1919 Maine Erwin Boody    
Booker Levi H. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/15/1896 Indiana   8/21/1862 Bruceville, IN  
Booth William C. Orting Soldiers Civil 7/12/1906 NY   2/18/1861 Burlington, PA  
Borgeson Benard Oakwood not given 10/24/1924 Sweden Anna Borgeson    
Bortle David Smith Oakwood Civil 5/27/1932      
Bortle William F. Mountain View WW I 6/13/1936 SD   5/16/1917 Ft Lawton, WA  
Bostoph William M. Tacoma not given 6/3/1935      
Bostowick Henry C. Tacoma Civil 2/1/1916 PA   3/27/1862 Iola, KS  
Bottoms John Oakwood Civil 5/19/1913 England Mrs. James Baker 8/20/1862 Springfield, IL  
Boucher Arthur Tacoma not given 7/5/1921 Quebec, Canada     
Boughton Richard William Tacoma WW I 6/18/1937 Marcus, WA   5/25/1918 Tacoma, WA  
Bourdon Peter Oakwood Civil 11/6/1916 NY C.A. Bourdon 3/28/1865 Rochester, NY Jeffersonville, IN
Boushor Arthur Tacoma WW I 9/12/1925 Michigan   7/15/1917 Minot, ND Camp Dodge, IA
Bowers Edward Oakwood not given 4/6/1910 Indiana     
Bowers Lewis L. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/21/1929 OH Mrs. Minnie Bowers 9/24/1861 Ft Wayne, IN Nashville, TN
Bowler James Oakwood Civil not given      
Bowlin Clarence D. Mountain View Spanish-American 8/21/1935 OH Mrs. C.D. Bowlin    
Bowling George I. Tacoma Maus. Spanish-American 2/6/1937 Kentucky Mrs. Anna Bowling    
Bowlsby Warren C. Ft Lewis not given 7/24/1937 Canada Hattie Bowlsby    
Bowron Bertram Mountain View WW I 11/10/1917      Fell in France
Boyce G.W. Oakwood Civil 6/12/1893 PA    PA ?  
Boyd Bertie Ft Lewis WW I 12/10/1937 WY Mrs. Sona Boyd    
Boyd Henry Orting Soldiers Civil 10/6/1921 Lima, OH   9/27/1861 Larina, OH Columbus, OH
Boyd John J. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/23/1906 Maine   9/30/1862 Wash., DC Alexandria, VA
Boyes William Oakwood Civil 10/31/1917 NY Mrs. Emma Boyes 1/21/1864 Boscobel, WI  
Boyson Louis T. Mountain View Spanish-American 5/9/1936   Z.S. Starks    
Boyster H.C. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/6/1913 OH   3/8/1862 Keokuk, IA Louisville, KY
Bracken William W. Tacoma Maus. Civil 10/3/1923 PA Letha Bracken    
Brackett Charles T. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/25/1921 Maine Anna Brackett 7/10/8162 Mendota, IL  
Bradfield Benj. N. Tacoma Maus. Civil 7/6/1913 OH Mrs. Ellen Bradfield 8/26/1861 LaCrosse, WI Madison, WI
Bradford Ezra Orting Soldiers Civil 3/6/1910 OH   4/23/1861 Columbus, OH Columbus, OH
Bradford Sidney William Oakwood Crem. not given 3/29/1922 Bellingham, WA Mrs. Alice L. Bradford    
Bradford William J. Oakwood Crem. Spanish-American 10/30/1935   Mrs. Helen J. Bradford 7/1/1898 Portland, OR Vancouver, WA
Bradley James Orting Soldiers Civil 10/22/1908 NH   9/23/1861   Camp Winfield, NV
Bradley Joseph G. Orting City Civil 11/18/1926   Mrs. L Schrock 9/2/1861 Erie, PA Alexandria, VA
Bradley Luther P. Tacoma not given 3/13/1910 CT Mrs. L.P. Bradley    
Bradley Ralph D. Oakwood not given 4/16/1932 Tacoma, WA Ina Bradley    
Bradshaw Thomas Orting Soldiers Civil 5/25/1923 Scotland   10/9/1861 Rainbow, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Brady Peter Orting Soldiers Civil 6/15/1861 Massachusetts   6/11/1861 Boston, MA Boston, MA
Braham John Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 6/12/1923 Chicago, IL   9/25/1899 Duluth, MN Presidio, CA
Brann Levi H. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/4/1918 Maine   5/1/1861 Augusta, ME Cold Harbor, ME
Brant Harry W. Longbranch WW I 4/26/1918 Tacoma, WA L.W. Brant 5/28/1918 Tacoma, WA Bremerton, WA
Brear, Jr. Samuel D. Tacoma not given 6/14/1897 Indiana     
Breckenridge H.C. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/20/1921 Camden, OH   2/13/1865 OH ?  
Brecount Francis M. Orting Soldiers Civil 7/29/1923 Indiana Gideon Brecount 8/5/1862 IN Indianapolis, IN
Brennan Audley Tacoma WW I 4/21/1939 Tacoma, WA Beth Brennan 8/8/1917   
Brennan Patrick Orting Soldiers Civil not given     PA ?  
Brent Jack Ft Lewis WW ? 12/19/1925 Warden, IL    IL ?  
Brewster Monroe R. Tacoma Maus. Civil 5/12/1913 NY     
Bridge Emerson J. Tacoma Maus. Spanish-American 10/1/1928 Indiana     
Bridgefarmer C. Orting Soldiers Indian 2/20/1909 Indiana   1855 Portland, OR Portland, OR
Bridges, Jr. John Mountain View WW I 10/20/1937 Excelsior, IA   11/14/1917 Ft Geo. Wright, WA  
Briggs Adolphus E. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/12/1919 PA   11/20/1861 Huntington, PA  
Briggs Bernie Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 1/13/1930 Alexander, MN Mrs. Briggs 4/27/1898 Jamestown, ND Presidio, CA
Briggs George W. Oakwood Civil 5/12/1914 PA Kate A. Briggs 5/21/1861 Cedar Falls, IA  
Bright Jesse Oakwood Civil 8/8/1911    2/11/1864 Fondulac, WI Mobile, AL
Brightman William W. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    8/29/1861 Erie, PA Wash., DC
Brines Herman Buckley Civil ? 5/25/1923 Illinois Mrs. Minnie Robertson    
Brings William Oakwood Civil 9/20/1915 Germany Mrs. Geo. Heagerty 7/22/1862 Jubilee, IL Wash., DC
Brink Joseph J. Ft Lewis Indian 4/8/1936 Baltimore, MD Mamie Breen Brink    
Brockmann William H. Sumner Spanish-American 9/16/1936 WI     
Brooklhouser A.H. Oakwood Civil 7/26/1905    9/12/1862 Fairview, IA Davenport, IA
Brookls Alphonzo Oakwood Civil 7/7/1914 NY   11/3/1861 Winneshiek Co. Davenport, IA
Brooks Charles W. Oakwood Civil 7/21/1925 Michigan Mary E. Brooks 8/10/1862 Rochester, MN  
Brooks Joseph P. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/14/1927 PA   8/8/1864 Cat Head, PA Allentown, VA
Broughton Samuel Orting Soldiers Civil 1934    6/6/1861 Springfield, IL San Antonio, TX
Broughton Thomas Corwin Tacoma Civil 8/30/1918 Painesville, OH H.H. Edgar 10/20/1861 Camp Giddings, Jefferson, OH Louisville, KY
Brown A.J. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/25/1912 NY   9/5/1864   Alexandria, VA
Brown Albert Orting Soldiers Civil 2/8/1924 PA   8/17/1862 Ft Snelling, MN Charlotte, NC
Brown Ammi A. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/20/1899 Massachusetts   8/22/1862 Palmyra, WI Rodgers, VA
Brown Amos E. Tacoma Civil ? 7/16/1902 Massachusetts     
Brown Ansel H. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/31/1921    10/10/1863 Detroit, MI Memphis, TN
Brown Arch'd Orting Soldiers Civil 10/26/1909 Indiana   12/12/1861 Indianapolis, IN Montgomery, AL
Brown Charles I. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/2/1895 Massachusetts   5/14/1861   
Brown Charles N. Woodbine Civil ? 4/16/1913 NY     
Brown E.M. Oakwood Spanish-American 1/21/1900 WA   5/5/1898 Olympia, WA Presidio, CA
Brown Elmer M. Tacoma Spanish-American 5/12/1916 OR Mrs. Mary E. Brown 4/30/1898 Tacoma, WA Presidio, CA
Brown F.W. Oakwood Civil 6/11/1917 VT Leonard Brown 11/21/1864 OR  
Brown Frank A. Orting Soldiers Indian 9/1/1921 Milwaukee, WI   1/2/1871   Ft Benton, MT
Brown George A. Oakwood Civil 3/28/1927 Illinois Chas. J Hofwood    
Brown George M. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/18/1907 Arkansas   12/12/1863 Terre Haute, IN Murfreesboro, TN
Brown Harry Ft Lewis WW I 10/7/1918 TN     
Brown Harry J. Ft Lewis not given 2/24/1935   Mrs. Edna Brown   KS ?  
Brown Ira J. Oakwood Civil not given     NY ?  
Brown James W. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/17/1911 Indiana   1861 Niles, MI Plains Crossroads, TN
Brown John Orting Soldiers Civil 11/9/1922 NY   9/1/1864 Jefferson Co., NY Jefferson Co., NY
Brown John W. Mountain View WW I 9/16/1939 Coleman, SD Mrs. Clara Brown 11/17/1917   
Brown Renwick Tacoma Civil 12/21/1928 NY   8/20/1862 Bethel Alexandria, VA
Brown Stephen F. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/30/1916 VT   10/26/1863 Ft Snelling, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Brown Thomas J. Sumner Civil 1/7/1918 PA   12/14/1863 Ft Snelling, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Brown William Orting Soldiers Civil 10/1/1926 Ravenna, Portage Co, OH   10/16/1863 Chicago, IL  
Brown William Wheeler Buckley Civil 1/28/1927 Michigan Alan Brown    
Browning O.D. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/22/1919    9/8/1864 Columbus, OH Charlotte, NC
Bruce Robert Orting Soldiers Civil 12/21/1906 Scotland   12/19/1864 Portland, OR Vancouver, WA
Bruce Robert Orting Soldiers Civil 10/3/1918 England   1/20/1864 Elcorn, WI Louisville, KY
Brule Ross Harry Mountain View WW I 5/6/1939 Butte, MT Mrs. Flossie Brule 10/6/1917   
Brulot August Orting Soldiers Civil 2/14/1909 France Nicholas Brulot 9/1/1861 Dubuque, IA Little Rock, AK
Brumbaugh Daniel H. Tacoma Civil 1/18/1906 Indiana   8/13/1862 Panora, IA New Orleans, LA
Brumbaugh George Orting Soldiers Civil 11/15/1930 Elkhart Co., IN Wm. Brumbaugh 2/27/1864 Warsaw, IN Louisville, KY
Bruno John P. Ft Lewis WW I 11/2/1932 PA Frank M. Bruno   MI ?  
Brusseau Joseph A. Calvary WW I 6/23/1938      
Buchart Charles Orting Soldiers Civil 1/21/1914 Germany   8/26/1864 Dayton, OH Louisville, KY
Buck John Tacoma not given 9/29/1937 TX Anna Laura Buck    
Buckmaster Fred'k K. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/10/1914 OH   10/16/1862 Harting, IA Davenport, IA
Budie Frank Orting Soldiers not given 9/21/1937 Chicago, IL     
Bulen John H. Tacoma Civil ? 4/24/1896 NY    MN ?  
Bull Gilbert Corwin Mountain View Spanish-American 10/9/1926 Bunker Hill, IL Mrs. Coffee 10/4/1893 New York, NY Brooklyn, NY
Bullock W.H. Tacoma not given 1889     MN ?  
Bundy Ernest E. Mountain View not given 4/21/1933 Michigan Ruth Budy    
Bundy Orlando W. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/21/1923 NY State Rufus Bundy 9/15/1864 PA Wash., DC
Bunn G.W. Oakwood Civil 4/8/1893     MO ?  
Burdick Henry Peleg Tacoma Maus. Civil 5/12/1933 NY State Mrs. G.S. Bell    
Burg Lelan L. Anderson Is. WW I 5/29/1918      
Burger Charles K. Mountain View Spanish-American 6/28/1925 Nebraska Mrs. Burger    
Burgess Alfred Orting Soldiers Civil 3/8/1910 NY   8/21/1862 IL Camp Haskin, TN
Burgess Ithamar E. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/12/1921 Maine   8/2/1862 Prairie Duchane, WI Louisville, KY
Burhart Ziba P. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/16/1922 NY   9/10/1863 Rochester, NY VA
Burke Henry Orting Soldiers Civil 2/5/1905 Ireland   8/6/1862 Deansville Raleigh, NC
Burkholder Henry Woodlawn Abby Civil ? 7/1/1926 PA     
Burlingame A.K. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/14/1901 NY   8/29/1862 Augusta, NY Syracuse, NY
Burnham Alfred M. Gig Harbor Civil ? 7/11/1896 NY     
Burnham August C. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/10/1901 NY   4/29/1861 Savannah, GA  
Burns Francis Orting Soldiers Civil 10/23/1919 Ireland   Aug 1861 Springfield, IL In the field, GA
Burr Charles M. Sumner not given 2/26/1922 Auburn, WA Lynas Burr    
Burroughs W.M. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/19/1907 OH   6/23/1863 Cleveland, OH Cleveland, OH
Burroughs B.F. Oakwood Civil ? 2/6/1900     PA ?  
Burrows Robert (Bures) Orting Soldiers Civil 3/31/1909 Flintshire, North Wales, England    PA ?  
Burt T.E. Oakwood Civil ? not given     CT ?  
Burton David R. Tacoma Maus. Civil ? 12/23/1926      
Busch William Orting Soldiers Civil not given     IN ?  
Bush George H. Ft Lewis Civil ? 5/2/1937 Michigan    MN ?  
Bush Henry B. Sumner Civil 7/29/1931 Illinois Nancy Bush 3/21/1865 St Paul, MN Louisville, KY
Bushby Asa Tacoma Civil 1/31/1897 Massachusetts   7/5/1861 MA ?  
Buster Levi Orting Soldiers not given not given      
Butler Jed C. Oakwood Civil not given    3/22/1862   
Butts Charles A. Mountain View Civil 3/10/1927 NY   10/1/1863 DeKalb, IL Ft Leavenworth, KS
Byrne Robert L. Tacoma WW I 6/5/1918      Fell in France
Last Name First & Middle Cemetery War Death or Burial Birthplace Next of Kin Enlisted Enlistment Place Discharge Place
Caines Daniel Orting Soldiers Civil 5/12/1925 Michigan Mrs. R.E. Caines 8/27/1864 Jackson, MI Detroit, MI
Cairns John M. Mountain View not given 1/8/1924 Illinois     
Caldwell George Henry Tacoma WW I 8/10/1930 WA Mrs. Frances Caldwell    
Caldwell John W. Oakwood Crem. not given 1/10/9124 Iowa Minerva A. Caldwell    
Calender Joseph Orting Soldiers Civil not given    8/13/1861 Greenfield, OH Louisville, KY
Calkins William Henry Tacoma Civil 1/29/1894      
Call Charles A. Oakwood not given 8/27/1918 WI     
Callendar Elisha S. Tacoma Civil 11/6/1911 OH     
Callvert Stephen A. Tacoma Civil 11/15/1910 Illinois     
Cameron Alexander Oakwood Civil 10/13/1895 Scotland   11/28/1863 Kimball, MI Edgefield, TN
Cameron Laughlan Orting Soldiers Civil 11/28/1907 Nova Scotia   Sept 1861 East Saginaw, MI Little Rock, AR
Cameron Roderick A. Oakwood ? Civil 7/16/1911 Scotland     
Camp Alfred F. Tacoma Spanish-American 5/9/1928 PA Ruby Camp   PA ?  
Campbell Charles Oakwood Civil 9/14/1906 Ireland     
Campbell J.S. Oakwood ? Civil 10/21/1904 PA     
Campbell James F. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/10/1916 Logan Co., OH   1862 Independence, IN Independence, IN
Campbell John Orting Soldiers Civil 10/21/1904 Canada   4/13/1865 Carlisle, PA Cumberland, MD
Campbell William Clifford Mountain View WW I 11/18/1918    5/4/1917 Mare Island, CA NTC San Diego, CA
Canady William F. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    Aug 1861 Detroit, MI Jackson, MI
Canedy Ralburn Sumner Civil 6/19/1916     PA ?  
Canning Margaret E. Calvary not given 6/11/1936 Nova Scotia David Canning    Registered Nurse
Caple Samuel H. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/6/1920 Mt Vernon, OH   9/1/1863 Vicksburg, MS Edgefield, TN
Cardinell Francis Orting Soldiers Civil 10/16/1931    9/30/1863 Burlington, VT Burlington, VT
Cargill Edward Orting Soldiers Civil not given    9/7/1861 MI ? San Antonio, TX
Cariveau Felix Orting Soldiers Civil 5/2/1919 Canada   7/5/1861 St Paul , MN Chattanooga, TN
Carlson Andrew G. Ft Lewis ? WW 10/24/1918 Sweden Carl Carlson    
Carlton Henry Orting Soldiers Civil 7/11/1909 WI   Apr 1863 Berlin, WI Alexandria, VA
Carner Stephen Orting City Civil 7/2/1898     PA ?  
Carney John J. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 9/13/1934 Portland, ME Mrs. Walter Millikin 6/19/1898 Portland, OR Presidio, CA
Carney Williard Vaughn Bay View Civil 5/4/1912 NY   9/28/1863 Lockport, NY Petersburg, VA
Carpenter C.M. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    5/1/1861 Brattleboro, VT  
Carpenter Jesse N. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/10/1861 Constantine, St Joseph Co., MI   8/24/1861 Centerville, MI Sturgis, MI
Carr Anthony Pitman Steilacoom Masonic Civil 4/11/1933 Camden, MI Howard Carr   IN ?  
Carr Howard Tacoma not given 12/15/1891      
Carr Job Tacoma Civil 8/10/1887 NJ   9/16/1861 Richmond  
Carr John E. Ft Lewis not given 8/11/1923 NH     
Carrick William Henry Mountain View not given 9/3/1933 Kansas     
Carroll Cecil Mountain View WW I 3/22/1938 Sumner, WA Neil Carroll    
Carroll James Orting Soldiers Civil 9/3/1905    12/18/1861 New York, NY Harts Island, NY
Carroll Thomas T. Oakwood Civil 10/28/1918    9/11/1861 Waupaca, WI Memphis, TN
Carry Philander Orting Soldiers Civil not given     OH ?  
Carsley John Orting Soldiers Civil 4/18/1908 Springfield, ME   6/17/1861 Wausau, WI Jeffersonville, IN
Carson Theo Orting Soldiers Civil 2/22/1915    1/4/1864 Bangor, MI Raleigh, NC
Carter Charles H. Oakwood Civil not given    8/24/1863 Presidio, CA Santa Fe, MN
Carter H.C. Oakwood Civil not given    4/30/1861 Augusta, ME Augusta, ME
Carter Jeboam Orting Soldiers Civil not given    12/10/1863 New York, NY Victoria, TX
Case John R. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/23/1908 Wayne Co., IN   8/13/1862 Monore, WI Louisville, KY
Casey Patrick Orting Soldiers Civil 7/10/1900 Ireland   6/10/1861 East New York East New York
Casey Thomas Orting Soldiers Civil 1/29/1925    3/1/1864 Portland, MI Wash., DC
Cashion Michael J. Ft Lewis not given 3/21/1932 NY Mrs. Cashion   CA ?  
Cashman William Calvary not given 12/5/1935      
Casida James Orting Soldiers Civil 6/26/1914 Iowa   11/26/1861 Jacksonville, OR Vancouver, WA
Catalano Vito Calvary WW I 4/27/1930 Italy Mrs. Tamburello    
Cater John R. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/10/1929 LaPierce Co., MI   9/3/1864 Wales, MI Detroit, MI
Catley George Orting Soldiers Civil 12/10/1902 Maine   3/18/1891 Boston, MA Portsmouth, NH
Catlin M.D. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/16/1899 NY   4/24/1861 Owego, NY Orting, WA
Cavanough Thomas H. Tacoma Civil 8/31/1909 Indiana Thos. H. Cavanough 8/28/1861 IL ?  
Cavendar Charles A. Oakwood Crem. Civil 12/21/1931 OH Mrs. Jennie Cavendar    
Chabot Charles William Tacoma WW I 3/20/1918      
Chalfant Evan Orting Soldiers Civil 6/29/1920 Indiana   4/11/1865 Michigan City, IN Wash., DC
Chamberlin Charles L. Mountain View ? Civil 2/26/1926 West Stockbridge, MA Dr. Maude Chamberlin   WI ?  
Chamberlin Harrison D. Mountain View Civil 11/5/1920    1/24/1865 Berlin, WI Nashville, TN
Chambers David Glenn Roy WW I not given    12/14/1917 Seattle, WA Puget Sound, WA
Chambers J.G. Oakwood Civil 8/11/1899 NY   9/14/1861   
Champenios Arthur Orting Soldiers Civil 3/17/1925 Michigan   3/3/1862 Sylvania, OH Goldsboro, NC
Chandler Charles Oakwood Civil 9/5/1910 Elsworth, ME Samuel Chandler 2/26/1864 Leavenworth, KS Ft Leavenworth, KS
Chandler Hirma G. Tacoma Civil 4/21/1903 NY   9/20/1861 Potsdam, NY Near Hall's Hill, VA
Chandler Luther Orting Soldiers Civil 12/9/1929 PA   11/21/1861 Camp Harland, IA Atlanta, GA
Charnock Richard Oakwood not given 1886     60th Royal Rifles  
Chase Ichabod Sumner Civil not given    8/25/1861 Detroit, MI  
Cheney Omar K. Mountain View Civil 8/3/1927 Iowa Susan Cheney    
Chenoweth William S. Tacoma Civil 11/1/1910 Indiana   1/17/1865 LaFayette, IN Stevenson Sta., VA
Cherney Anthony J. Ft Lewis ? WW 7/16/1921 NY     
Chesney Abraham M. Oakwood Civil not given    10/12/1863 Abingdon, IL New Braunfels, TX
Chessman Charles A. Oakwood Civil 7/20/1916 Indiana   5/2/1864 Appanoose, IA Davenport, IA
Chester William E. Mountain View WW I 2/2/1936 Warrensburg, MO   6/29/1917 Wenatchee, WA  
Chilberg Isaac Oakwood not given 2/14/1923 Sweden     
Christensen Edward J. Eatonville WW I 1921   N.P.Christensen 4/21/1917 Tacoma, WA  
Christenson Sven Tacoma Maus. not given 9/7/1837      
Christiansen Phillip A. Oakwood WW I 7/18/1931 Norway Ida Christiansen    
Christopher J.L. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/1/1908 Florida   5/22/1863 Buford, SC Hilton Head
Church Eli E. Oakwood Civil 5/7/1914 Indiana Henry C. Church 7/6/1861 Bowling Green Baton Rouge, LA
Churchill Oliver Oakwood Civil 10/10/1912 VT Mrs. S Churchill 8/6/1862 Lane Depot  
Churchman George H. Mountain View Spanish-American 8/1/1938 Argentina Mrs. Grace Churchman    
Clancey William H. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/30/1897 CT   9/3/1864 Guilford, CT Richmond, VA
Clancy John C. Tacoma not given 8/7/1891 Idaho C.C. Clancy    
Clark Byron T. Oakwood Civil 11/7/1932 Naperville, IL     
Clark Charles Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 8/23/1927 Chicago, IL   7/5/1900 Seattle, WA Manila, P. Is.
Clark David E. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/26/1900 Michigan   10/14/1863 Kalamazoo, MI Jackson, MI
Clark Eugene Tacoma Civil 10/19/1913 OH     
Clark Geo. Washington Tacoma Civil 8/20/1912 PA    PA  
Clark Henry E. Woodbine ? Civil 1/26/1911 Auburn, NY     
Clark John Orting Soldiers Civil not given    8/9/1864 Saratoga Sp., NY Wash., DC
Clark John K. Mountain View WW I 10/26/1925 Illinois     
Clark Joseph E. Mountain View Spanish-American 9/27/1932   Litta Clark    
Clark Marshall Orting Soldiers Civil 10/17/1913 Illinois   9/11/1861 Santa Cruz, CA Salt Lake City, UT
Clark Sidney Oakwood Civil 9/22/1909 NY Mrs. Ruth Clark 10/15/1861 Potsdam, NY Ft Monroe, NY
Clark Thomas Orting Soldiers Civil 8/11/1912 Michigan   8/24/1861 Butler, MI White Pigeon, MI
Clark William Mountain View Indian 8/10/1938 Ireland     
Clark William P. Calvary WW I 7/17/1918      
Class Frank J.W. Orting Soldiers Indian 9/10/1926 PA Violet Class 3/27/1876 Pittsburg, PA MD
Clay George Orting Soldiers Civil 12/18/1907 England   6/3/1863   
Clay John Orting Soldiers Civil not given      
Claywell Theodore F. Orting Soldiers WW I 6/17/1834 Kentucky    AR ?  
Claywood W.W. Orting Soldiers Mexican 5/28/1912 Kentucky     
Cleary Veachel Orting Soldiers Civil 8/25/1908 Indiana   7/4/1861 Polk Co., IA Vicksburg, MS
Clegg William Woodlawn Abby ? Civil 5/31/1921 Ontario, Canada     
Clemans Louis L. Oakwood Spanish-American 1/4/1931 Indiana Mrs. Clemans 4/26/1898 Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN
Clifford Grove Orting Soldiers Civil 6/16/1904 OH   6/24/1864 Wellington, OH Knoxville, TN
Clifford Samuel K. Mountain View Civil 7/14/1925 Fairview, IN Mrs. Ada Clifford 12/31/1863 Farmington Atlanta, GA
Clift John B. Tacoma not given 8/26/1913 CT     
Cloyes Melvin L. Orting Soldiers Indian 1/3/1924 WI   11/10/1875 San Francisco, CA Ft Mohave, AZ
Clymer Harry Sumner WW I 10/1/1929      died at Camp Dix, NY
Coats Charles E. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 1/21/1929 Iowa   5/11/1898 Sioux Falls, SD Sioux Falls, SD
Coby Eddie R. Mountain View not given 4/26/1938 Sheffield, PA     
Cochrane Allan Harper Tacoma not given 11/6/1924      
Cochrane Thomas Orting Soldiers Civil 3/17/1906 NY   5/4/1861 NY ?  
Coddington Benjamin W. Mountain View ? WW 2/28/1919    not given   
Coe Benjamin Orting Soldiers Civil 11/27/1915 PA   1862 Grand Rapids, MI Brooklyn, NY
Coffman Greenbery Oakwood Civil not given    11/1/1863 Stockton, MO Springfield, MO
Coffman J.H. Tacoma Maus. Civil 1/8/1927 Illinois Geo. W. Coffman not given   
Coheen Clyde L. Woodlawn Abby WW I 2/13/1929      
Coiner Beverly W. Tacoma Spanish-American 7/4/1932 Leon, IA B.W. Coiner Jr. not given   
Colby Frederick J. Oakwood Civil 3/28/1925 NY Anna E. Colby 12/25/1862 Ft Snelling, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Colby James H. Woodlawn Abby Civil 5/9/1932 Maine Mrs. Emma Snow not given   
Colby Wilson C. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/28/1903 NY   8/9/1862 Ionia, MI Nashville, TN
Cole Charles M. Tacoma not given 6/1/1928 Illinois   not given   
Cole George Orting Soldiers Civil 8/15/1925 Canada Myrtle Eastman 1864 Appleton, WI Madison, WI
Cole George H. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/7/1904 RI   5/26/1862 RI ?  
Cole James Artondale Civil 11/23/1893    1/30/1862 Worthvill  
Cole John Sumner Civil 8/7/1909    not given MO ?  
Cole Samuel L. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/22/1863 NY   12/7/1863 Rochester, NY Wash., DC
Collins Harry Tacoma WW I 1/4/1935 Seattle, WA Mrs. Hazel Collins 10/15/1914 Chicago, IL Quantico, VA
Collins James Oakwood Civil 1/15/1934 Missouri   8/11/1864 Chillicothe, MO  
Collins John M. Mountain View not given 12/28/1937    not given   
Compton Marcus D.L. Buckley Civil 4/10/1916 Wabash Co., IL   9/1/1861 IL ?  
Concoran John D. Tacoma ? Civil 5/27/1907 NY   not given   
Conger John R.D. Oakwood Civil 3/31/1912 NY State   5/24/1861 Freeport, IL Tipton, MO
Conklin Thomas Orting Soldiers Civil 3/19/1902 NY   12/18/1863 Schenectady, NY Syracuse, NY
Conn Albert Ft Lewis not given 10/23/1918 New Zealand   not given   
Conn James L. Oakwood Civil 7/28/1915    not given PA ?  
Conner Robert T. K.P. Wilkeson WW I 8/22/1919    not given   
Conner Thomas Tacoma Spanish-American 3/30/1902 Boston, MA   not given   Died in Manila
Conroy Peter Orting Soldiers Civil 10/23/1914 Co. Galway, Ireland   4/10/1860 New York, NY San Francisco, CA
Conroy Thomas Orting Soldiers WW I 8/21/1933 Ireland   not given MT ?  
Converse Waldo Mountain View WW I 9/22/1923    10/1/1917 Camp Murray, WA  
Cook Arthur Boynton Mountain View not given 11/15/1930   Mrs. Francis Cook not given   
Cook Arthur C. Sumner WW I 7/3/1921    not given   
Cook Frank Orting Soldiers Civil 1/18/1916 Illinois   Sept 1861 San Francisco, CA Salt Lake City, UT
Cook L. Harvey Orting Soldiers Civil 7/20/1915 PA   5/11/1863 Cincinnati, OH New Orleans, LA
Cook Monterville B. Mountain View WW I 9/24/1921 Utica, IL   6/1/1918 Seattle, WA Puget Sound, WA
Cook Uriah Orting Soldiers Civil 8/18/1923 Indiana   not given Adel, IA Wash., DC
Cook Wilbur Lewis Tacoma WW I 4/19/1918 St Paul Park, WI   4/4/1917 Tacoma, WA Ft Warden, WA
Cook William Mountain View Spanish-American 8/29/1939 Bay City, MI Inez Ruby Cook 5/2/1898   
Coolidge James M. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/15/1927 Howard, IL   5/24/1861 Freeport, IL Huntsville, AL
Coombs James C. Tacoma ? Civil 10/27/1929 Patterson, NJ R.W. Coombs not given   
Coombs Robert William Tacoma Civil 6/30/1923 Patterson, NJ   6/17/1864 Trenton, NJ Trenton, NJ
Cooper Benjamin Oakwood Civil 3/8/1919 Missouri   8/19/1862 Canaan, MO St Louis, MO
Cooper Reuben C. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/26/1915 New York, NY   1863 Newton, WI Newton, WI
Cope James Orting Soldiers Civil 6/24/1928 Cincinnati, OH   6/15/1861 Cincinnati, OH Little Rock, AR
Corbin Alexander C. Sumner Civil 10/19/1920 OH Mary Corbin 10/17/1864 Homer, IA Louisville, KY
Corbin Joshua M. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/25/1915 OH   11/30/1861 Boone, IA Keokuk, IA
Cordray William F. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 8/2/1935    5/1/1896 Mare Island, CA Mare Island, CA
Cornell Enos A. Orting Soldiers Civil 7/25/1910 NY   5/15/1861 Brookville, PA Pittsburg, PA
Cornell William H. Sumner Civil 8/6/1929 Cincinnati, OH   8/10/1862 Moore's Hill Nashville, TN
Coryll Michael Orting Soldiers Civil 2/13/1915 Indiana   2/24/1864 Indianola, IA Raleigh, NC
Cotterill Joseph Buckley not given not given    not given   
Coughran Josephus D. Tacoma not given 5/29/1896 Iowa   not given IA ?  
Countryman John S. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/24/1914 NY   1861 Ft Snelling, MN Jacksonport, AR
Courtney Theodore Sumner not given 1/1/1926 Switzerland Co., IL   not given IN ?  
Courtwright Edgar Tacoma Civil 11/30/1908 NY E. Courtwright 8/14/1861 Owasso, MI  
Cover Vincent T. Tacoma Civil 3/23/1905 Missouri   8/13/1862 Ft Snelling, MN Charlotte, NC
Covert Alonzo W. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    3/25/1864 Crawfordville, IA Louisville, KY
Covert John J. Oakwood Spanish-American not given    not given WA ?  
Covill Wilson S. Tacoma Civil 11/6/1931 Chagria Falls, OH   10/19/1961 Black River Falls, WI Mobile, AL
Covington William Archa Tacoma not given 1/5/1934 Kentucky Mrs. Wm. Covington not given   
Cowan Frank C. Mountain View not given 4/21/1938 Kansas Mrs. Lou Cowan not given   
Cowan George W. Tacoma ? Civil 6/19/1907 PA   not given   
Cowan Thomas Orting Soldiers Civil 12/8/1912 Brunswick, Cananda   6/8/1860   Petersburg, VA
Cowen Benjamin Tacoma not given 11/15/1901 NY   not given   
Cowgill Timothy F. Artondale WW I 6/28/1939 Lincoln, NE Clair Cowgill 9/11/1917   
Cowhig Jeremiah Orting Soldiers Civil 12/26/1923 Ireland   4/1/1864 Richmond, IN Indianapolis, IN
Cowsill Frederick W. Ft Lewis not given 10/10/1917 England   not given   
Cox James H. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/7/1907 VA   8/10/1861 Leavenworth, KS Leavenworth, KS
Cox Roscoe C. Ft Lewis not given 12/26/1934 NC Mrs. Ida Cox not given ND ?  
Crafts William G. Orting Soldiers Indian 3/16/1929 Massachusetts   not given   
Craig Clarence W. Woodbine WW I 3/15/1923   Mrs. Molly Craig 6/8/1917 Ft Geo. Wright, WA  
Craig H.J. Tacoma Maus. WW I 1/29/1933 Wheatland, WY   8/29/1917 San Francisco, CA  
Cramer Andrew J. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/22/1915 Illinois   5/14/1864 Wappello Co., IA Davenport, IA
Cramer H.W. Sumner Civil 3/29/1908 PA   not given   
Crandall William H. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/10/1926 Crocker, MI   4/16/1864 Battlecreek, MI Wash., DC
Crane George W. Tacoma Maus. Spanish-American 5/3/1924 Brownsville, OR   not given   
Crane Richard E. Woodbine Civil 8/28/1920   Mrs. Lew Crane not given   
Crawford Abner S. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/16/1909 NY   3/6/1862 Horseheads, NY Ft McHenry, MD
Crawford not given Buckley not given not given    not given   
Creamer Henry V. Tacoma Civil 5/15/1905 OH   9/5/1864 Cincinnati, OH New Orleans, LA
Creighton John Charles Tacoma Maus. not given 1/30/1935 Massolin, OH   not given   
Criswell William A. Tacoma Spanish-American 2/14/1915 Nebraska R.F. Criswell not given   
Crittenden Frederick E. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/15/1923 Buffalo, NY   9/27/1864 Davenport, IA Montgomery, AL
Crocker Homer Oakwood Civil 11/21/1925 Shalverville, OH   9/13/1864 Madison, WI  
Crockett Joseph F. Woodbine Civil 6/9/1928 Maine Lucy Dolly Crockett 3/31/1865 Portland, ME Gallops Isl., MA
Crodle George N. Sumner Civil 4/18/1922 Baltimore, MD   not given PA ?  
Croker F.M. Oakwood Civil not given    9/11/1861 San Francisco, CA Camp Lincoln, CA
Croman John W. Tacoma Civil 5/12/1926    not given   
Croman Thomas W. Tacoma Civil 8/31/1902 Michigan   3/15/1864 Ash, MI Louisville, KY
Cromwell Alfred E. Tacoma WW I 10/29/1930 Tacoma, WA Lora Cromwell 10/21/1918 Tacoma, WA  
Cromwell Charles Walsh Tacoma not given 6/30/1890    not given MN ?  
Cronmiller John H. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 6/7/1927 Mifflinburg, PA   4/17/1898 Mt Gretna, PA Clearfield, PA
Crooks John D. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/17/1921 Allen Co., OH   10/7/1861 Peru, IN Peru, IN
Crosier James Orting Soldiers Civil 1/23/1911 Ireland   May 1862 New York, NY Harts Island, NY
Crosswait Perry R. Tacoma Civil 9/6/1907 TN   6/13/1861 Indianola, IA Davenport, IA
Croteau Arthur Joseph Calvary WW I 11/21/1929 Michigan Flora G. Croteau not given   
Cuba John Orting Soldiers Civil 6/3/1913 Prussia Poland   10/4/1864 New York, NY Alexandria, VA
Culbertson Andrew J. Orting Soldiers Indian 10/17/1930 Terre Haute, IN   Sept 1855 Portland, OR Portland, OR
Culligan Dennis Orting Soldiers Civil 9/9/1905 Ireland   6/27/1861 Brooklyn, NY  
Cullings Charles E. Oakwood not given 12/12/1925 Green Lake, WI   not given   
Cullison William R. Tacoma not given 5/21/1931 Maryland   not given PA ?  
Culp Michael Orting Soldiers Civil 2/21/1911 PA   10/1/1861 Clearfield, PA Wash., DC
Culver Albert G. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/12/1909    8/28/1864 Pontiac, MI Chattanooga, TN
Culver W.H. Woodbine Civil 8/14/1908      
Cummins J.C. Woodbine Civil 1/12/1927 NY State   9/19/1861 Madison, WI Frederick, MD
Cummins U.S. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 11/23/1938 Lincoln, IL   5/8/1898 Los Angeles, CA Presidio, CA
Cummins W.H. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/27/1904    9/21/1861 Oskaloosa, IA Selma, AL
Cumstock Charles W. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/26/1914 NY   2/25/1864 Springport, NY VA
Cunningham N. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/24/1905 VA   12/8/1863 Charlotte, NC Charlotte, NC
Cunnington William Oakwood Civil 3/24/1913 England Mrs. Mary Cunnington 8/27/1862 Buffalo, NY Memphis, TN
Curl Edmund N. Tacoma ? Civil 4/23/1910 OH     
Currant Alpheus Orting Soldiers Civil not given      
Currey Eastman G. Tacoma WW I 10/18/1930 GA   7/24/1917 Vancouver B'cks, WA  
Curry John Joseph Mountain View WW I 2/4/1935 Montana Mary Curry 7/4/1918   
Curtis Frank Tacoma Civil 3/22/1927 Waterbury, CT Mrs. Ida Curtis 9/30/1861 Hartford, CT Richmond, VA
Curtis George C. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/27/1927    4/22/1861 Brockport, NY Rochester, NY
Curtiss E.T. Woodbine Civil 8/31/1902 Michigan   7/30/1862 Camp Giddens, Jefferson, OH Louisville, KY
Custard Richard G. Orting Soldiers Civil 7/9/1902 PA   10/3/1861 Ft Snelling, MN  
Custer William A. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 12/29/1931 Nebraska   5/12/1898 Tacoma, WA San Francisco, CA
Last Name First & Middle Cemetery War Death or Burial Birthplace Next of Kin Enlisted Enlistment Place Discharge Place
Dailey Kenneth L. Mountain View WW I 5/17/1938 Butte, MT Villa Della Dailey    
Dallam Samuel W. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/22/1918 OH   9/1/1862 Macomb, IL Chicago, IL
Dalton John Orting City Civil not given    3/7/1864 St Louis, MO  
Dalton Robert H. Tacoma Civil 1/21/1900 NC   not given Confederate  
Daly John Orting Soldiers Civil 1/5/1928 Canada   9/17/1864 Rochester, NY Cloud Mills, VA
Dameron Warren P. Mountain View Spanish-American 7/29/1928 Plate City, MO Arinda Belle Dameron 5/23/1898 St Louis, MO  
Damon Riley W. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/25/1902    9/12/1861 Davenport, IA Little Rock, AR
Daniels L.M. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    10/14/1861 LeRoy, NY Albany, NY
Darr Conrad M. Sumner Civil 8/29/1925 Lynn Co., IA Mrs. Alice Carr 5/7/1864 Muscatine, IA Davenport, IA
Darrah J.H. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/7/1907 OH   June 1861 Cincinnati, OH Winchester, WI
Darwin Edwin E. Ft Lewis ? WW 12/15/1918 California     
Dash Edward Orting Soldiers Spanish-American not given     NY ?  
Dashiell John M. Tacoma ? Civil 3/5/1930 Dearborn, IN Chas. E. Dashiell    
Datson Garfield B. Mountain View Mexican (border war) 7/20/1937 Stanton, MI   6/11/1915 Portland, OR Portland, OR
Dauphin T.A. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/4/1928 NY Carol Dauphin 7/27/1864 Utica, NY Wash., DC
Davenport James S. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/23/1908    Aug 1862 DeKalb, IL Springfield, IL
Davidson James Mountain View ? Civil 2/28/1918 Indiana Mrs. Cora Medlicott   WI ?  
Davidson John A. Orting Soldiers WW I 12/1/1933 Newark, NJ   1/2/1918 Denver, CO Newport News, VA
Davidson John H. Sumner WW I 2/7/1927 Des Moines, IA     
Davidson P.M. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/19/1917 Nashville, TN   2/8/1864 Indianapolis, IN Vicksburg, MS
Davie Horace H. Mountain View WW I 8/19/1925 VT Ada M. Davie 9/23/1914   
Davie Thomas A. Tacoma ? Civil 9/3/1889 NY     
Davies Alex Orting Soldiers Indian 1/16/1910 Scotland   10/27/1855   
Davis A.F. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/16/1910 Scotland   1862 IA Atlanta, GA
Davis Charles B. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/30/1917 NY   8/14/1862 Norwich, NY Wash., DC
Davis Charles J. Tacoma Civil 12/16/1920 NY   2/22/1862 Friendship St Louis, MO
Davis Frank N. Orting Soldiers not given 10/20/1938 OH     
Davis James M. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/12/1912 Massachusetts   4/28/1863 Janesville, WI Harpers Ferry, VA
Davis Oliver W. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/18/1917    8/25/1862 Prattsboro, VT  
Davis Roy Ft Lewis not given 9/6/1935     PA ?  
Davis Theodore W. Oakwood Civil 2/21/1920 Maine   4/27/1861 Potsdam Point Lookout, MD
Davis Walter P. Tacoma Civil 5/8/1913 Indiana Dennis D. Davis 9/23/1861 Prairie City, IL Vicksburg, MS
Davis William Orting Soldiers Civil 7/23/1935 Nashville, TN   1/27/1864 Denver City, Colorado Terr. Ft Leavenworth, KS
Davis William B. Orting Soldiers Indian 2/7/1919 Ireland    TN ?  
Dawson William H. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 12/7/1928 Atlanta, GA   5/16/1898 St Louis, MO Harrisville, AL
Deal J.H. Bay View (Vaughn WA) not given not given     PA ?  
Dean Ezra Oakwood Civil 2/12/1913 Canada   8/21/1862 Tuscola, MI Baton Rouge, LA
Deardorff George Oakwood Civil not given    5/6/1861 Warsaw, IN Wash., DC
Decker Herbert N. Tacoma Maus. WW I 8/5/1918    11/2/1917 Tacoma, WA  
Deckman Peter Oakwood Civil not given    2/11/1864 Brooklyn, NY  
DeFord Dennis Oakwood Civil 10/13/1897    5/10/1864 Waterford, NY Wash., DC
Dehart Dewitt C. Oakwood Civil 4/24/1912 OH   2/2/1864 Camp Jackson, OH Columbus, OH
DeHuff John Q.A. Oakwood Civil 5/24/1915 OH   8/23/1861 Primrose, IA  
Deitrich J.C. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/1/1901    8/1/1864 New York, NY Wash., DC
DeLacey Steve Walter Calvary Civil 1/6/1911 Ireland Mrs. DeLacey not given Confederate  
DeLacey Walter H. Tacoma Spanish-American 1/1/1902 California   5/11/1899 Tacoma, WA San Francisco, CA
Delaney Bernard Orting Soldiers Civil 5/26/1902    10/10/1864 Joliet, IL New Orleans, LA
DeLangevine Joseph B. Tacoma Civil 7/30/1923 Kingston, NY     
Delano Daniel H. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/27/1936 Parish, NY   10/5/1861 Barrington, IL St Louis, MO
Delano James H. Oakwood Civil 4/8/1919 Michigan   4/17/1861 Niles, MI Upton's Hill, VA
Delano Loring G. Oakwood Civil 1/14/1932 NY   3/14/1862 Ft Snelling, MN Demopolis, AL
DeLeMatter Clifford S. Oakwood not given 2/5/1920 St Paul, MN   10/29/1919 Tacoma, WA  
Deming Friend A. Oakwood ? Civil 1/9/1920     MO ?  
Denechie William F. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    5/14/1864 Rosedale, IN Indianapolis, IN
Dennis Benjamin F. Oakwood Civil 6/9/1910 OH   8/7/1862 Solon, IA Savannah, GA
Dent A.B. Oakwood Civil 9/9/1890    9/3/1861 Canal Dover, OH  
Derby Albert Oakwood Civil 12/1/1917 Huron, NY B.E.Derby 1/4/1964 Huron, NY Philadelphia, PA
Derickson E.S. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/3/1912 OH   8/2/1862 Polk City, IA Harrisburg, KY
Derickson Richard Wood Tacoma not given 11/5/1912    not given   
Deuel John N. Oakwood not given not given    not given   
Dewster Jacob Orting Soldiers Civil 2/13/1919 Germany   8/14/1862 Manila, IN New Orleans, LA
Dexter Miles Orting Soldiers Civil 6/30/1896 NY   9/12/1864 Luzerne, NY Delaney House, D.C.
Dial Claude H. Ft Lewis not given 9/21/1936 TX   not given   
Dickenson O.A. Orting Soldiers Civil 7/28/1911 West Indies   8/27/1861 New Bedford, MA Hampton Roads, VA
Dickinson Guy E. Mountain View WW I 8/14/1931 Plattsville, WI   12/4/1917 Ft Lawton, WA  
Dickinson John P. Oakwood Civil 8/28/1913 NY P.R.Dickinson 1/4/1864 New London, WI Leavenworth, KS
Dickson John A. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/29/1909 PA   Aug 1862 Winona, MN St Paul, MN
Diebert Jacob Orting Soldiers Civil 9/7/1918 Marion Co., OH   9/14/1864 Marion Co, OH Charlotte, NC
Dillion James W. Tacoma not given 6/7/1917 WV Carl Dillion not given   
Dillman Arthur Edgar Mountain View WW I 8/1/1920 Michigan   7/23/1918 Grays Harbor, WA  
Diny Peter Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 2/2/1905 Prussia   4/26/1898 Le Grande, OR  
Dipple B.C. Woodbine WW I 9/30/1929    not given   
Divine Samuel R. Orting Soldiers Civil 7/4/1932 Michigan   1862 Norage, NY PA
Dixson A.M. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/12/1911 OH   1/19/1864 Burlington, IA Devalls Bluff, AR
Doak Franklin A. Oakwood Civil not given    3/28/1864 Albion, MI New Orleans, LA
Dobler John J. Sumner Civil 8/20/1912 Germany   8/15/1862 Dubuque, IA Baton Rouge, LA
Dodd Charles Allen Tacoma WW I 10/5/1932    5/25/1918 Whatcom Co., WA  
Dodge Maurice M. Tacoma Civil 2/22/1908 OH Lucy H.Dodge 6/3/1864 Portage, WI Madison, WI
Dolan Patrick H. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/4/1917    10/1/1862 New Orleans, LA New Orleans, LA
Dollarhide Ira F. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/29/1910 Indiana   7/1/1863 Lafayette, IN Lafayette, IN
Doney David S. Tacoma not given 8/14/1891    not given   
Donley Peter (Donnelly) Orting Soldiers Civil 12/28/1924    2/4/1865 Trenton, NJ Trenton, NJ
Donley S.J. Woodbine Civil 5/12/1903    not given   
Donnell Azro G. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/1/1913 OH   5/14/1864 Monroe, IA Island, IA
Doolittle William Hall Tacoma not given 2/26/1914 PA   not given   
Dooyer Thomas Orting Soldiers Civil 1/11/1921    6/27/1861 Camp Chase, OH Columbus, OH
Dopps Eli P. Oakwood Civil 9/17/1920 Illinois Mrs. Elwell Hoyt 2/3/1865 Danville, IL Dalton, GA
Dorfner George Tacoma Civil 12/5/1907 Germany   3/12/1862 Chicago, IL  
Doty Hiram B. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/7/1911 OH   8/13/1862 Peoria, IL Mound City, IL
Dougherty Robert Orting Soldiers Civil 6/29/1903 NC   8/22/1862 Cape Giradeau, MO St Louis, MO
Dougherty William Orting City Civil 1/3/1937 Caledon, Canada G.M. Dougherty 3/24/1860 Milwaukee, WI Madison, WI
Dougherty William Orting Soldiers Civil 1/3/1937    9/28/1861 Annapolis, MD Annapolis, MD
Douglass James E. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/30/1923 Michigan   9/11/1863 Greenville, MI  
Douglass William F. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 4/18/1911 New York, NY   10/1/1898   Benicia, CA
Dow Edwin Artondale not given 4/22/1902    not given   
Dowden David Tacoma Civil 9/27/1906 Indiana   11/21/1863 Ironton, WI Louisville, KY
Dowling Charles E. Calvary Spanish-American 9/27/1939 Rutland, VT Anna M. Dowling 5/11/1898   
Downey Timothy Calvary not given 12/16/1927    not given   
Doyle John H. Parkland not given not given    not given   
Doyle Peter Orting Soldiers Civil 4/29/1913 London, England   11/19/1863 Prairie Du Chien, WI Edgefield, TN
Dozier Benjamin F. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/2/1907 Louisville, KY   10/24/1862   
Drake Frank Orting Soldiers Civil 4/23/1913 OH   3/25/1861   
Drake Orson A. Sumner Civil 3/26/1922 NY   9/24/1861 Colden Cloud Mills, VA
Draper Sylvester Ft Lewis not given 10/18/1933    not given   Benicia, CA
Drawing John H. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/20/1920 Hanover, Germany   5/20/1863   
Dreusike William Oakwood Civil not given    9/13/1862 LaCrosse, WI  
Driskell Jonathan Mays Tacoma Civil 12/20/1918 Illinois Ella E. Driskell not given   
Drum Otto Mountain View not given 1/24/1931    not given   
Drummond William E. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/1/1911 NY   08/15/1862 Preston, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Dryden John C. Oakwood Civil 6/25/1918 Illinois   8/7/1862 Greenfield, IL Mobile, AL
Duckwitz Wilhelm Calvary Civil 3/23/1918 Germany Vincent Duckwitz 9/12/1861 Sheboygan, WI Milwaukee, WI
Duffy George R. Tacoma Civil 7/20/1894 PA   not given   
Duffy Jacob Orting Soldiers Civil 4/14/1925 NY J.S. Duffy 7/26/1862 Grand Rapids, MI Leavenworth, KS
Duley William J. Artondale not given 3/5/1898    not given   
Dum Emanuel K. Tacoma not given 6/16/1924 PA   not given   
Dumm George H. Orting Soldiers WW I 9/15/1932    not given   
Duncan Alexander C. Tacoma Civil 5/12/1909 OH   09/12/1861 Kansas City, MI  
Duncanson James H. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 1/9/1936 Nebraska Julia Duncanson 5/11/1898 Lincoln, NE San Francisco, CA
Dunham Edward Orting Soldiers Civil 7/3/1911 NY   7/30/1862 Calidonia, MI Louisville, KY
Dunlap Oscar Mountain View Civil 12/29/1923    11/8/1861 Champaign, IL  
Dunn George T. Orting Soldiers Civil 7/26/1921 NY   8/15/1862 Hardin, IA Baton Rouge, LA
Dunn James Calvary not given 3/22/1925 Ireland   not given   
Dunn Thomas P. Calvary not given 1/4/1937    not given   
Dunning H.W. Oakwood Civil 1/29/1904 NY   9/30/1861 Prairie DuSac, WI Madison, WI
Dunton Charles L. Tacoma Civil 4/14/1918    7/10/1863   
Dunwell John N. Oakwood not given 4/7/1909    not given   
Durfey Asa A. Orting Soldiers Civil 7/28/1907 Essie Co., NY   7/16/1861 Madison, WI Alexandria, VA
Durkee Albert S. Oakwood Civil 10/28/1915 NY Elinor Durkee 8/11/1862 Grafton Alexandria, VA
Durond James Orting Soldiers Indian 8/14/1932 Philadelphia, PA   2/28/1888 Camden, NJ  
Duvall James Buckley not given 9/24/1923 Kentucky Mrs. George Pointer not given   
Dwigans William R. Orting City Civil 12/27/1928 OH Mrs. Wm Dwigans 8/1/1861 Tipton, IA Davenport, IA
Dybdahl Orrin H. Woodlawn not given not given    not given   
Dyer James D. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/8/1917 WI   1862 Marysville, KS Paola, KS
Dyslin Morris E. Mountain View Spanish-American 3/10/1938 Illinois Lottie B. Dyslin not given   
Last Name First & Middle Cemetery War Death or Burial Birthplace Next of Kin Enlisted Enlistment Place Discharge Place
Easterday Joseph H. Mountain View Spanish-American 4/24/1936 Illinois   4/30/1898 Tacoma, WA  
Eaton Andrew W. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/5/1934 Illinois   5/10/1864 Quincy, IL Baton Rouge, LA
Eaton Charles C. Orting Soldiers Indian 2/23/1911 New York, NY   3/17/1856 San Francisco, CA Mare Island, CA
Eberhart J.G.P. Woodbine Civil 8/3/1909    6/1/1861 Dallas, IL Springfield, IL
Eberle Christian Orting Soldiers Civil 8/16/1909 Germany   9/12/1861 Philadelphia, PA Wash., DC
Ebert Charles H. Tacoma Civil 5/18/1911 England C.E. Ebert 9/19/1861 Cincinnati, OH Little Rock, AR
Eccleston Isaiah not given not given 2/24/1915    not given   
Eckersley Arthur Mountain View WW I 2/23/1932 England Elsie Eckersley 6/7/1917 Vancouver B'cks, WA  
Edgill Noah I. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/15/1908 VA   2/14/1864 Wilmington, DE Munson Hill, VA
Edman Victor Tacoma WW I 7/22/1932 Montana Aileen Edman 5/25/1918 Ft Lawton, WA  
Edmonds John Orting Soldiers Civil 10/22/1910 Illinois   5/14/1864 Dixon, IL Sycamore, IL
Edwards Charles Joseph Mountain View not given 5/8/1832 Plato, MO   not given   
Edwards David Orting Soldiers Civil 8/18/1907 Illinois   1/2/1864 Calindia, IA Davenport, IA
Egerton John W. Woodbine Civil 4/19/1927 Indiana George Egerton not given   
Eggen William T. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/25/1934 Barbstown, KY Sina Eggen 7/24/1863 Albia, IA Clinton, IA
Einhaus Henry Jr Mountain View WW I 8/1/1930   H. Einhaus, Sr. 5/13/1913 Puget Sound, WA  
Elder Ferdinand A. Tacoma Civil 8/22/1915 Maine Carrie E. Elder 8/12/1862 Ft Snelling, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Elder John Orting Soldiers Civil 10/29/1907 Indiana   1862 Etney Green, IN Chicago, IL
Elder Samuel B. Tacoma not given 9/28/1916 Maine   not given   
Eldridge James R. Parkland Civil not given    8/3/1861 Waverly St Louis, MO
Elliott Abra'm(Abraham? Oakwood Civil 10/8/1909 Indiana   8/21/1861 Polk City, IA Kingston, GA
Elliott C. F. Oakwood not given not given    not given   
Elliott Harry C. Oakwood not given not given      
Elliott Henry Orting Soldiers Civil 12/17/1915 Green Co., NY   4/2/1862 Coventry, NY Key West, FL
Elliott Lewis W. Sumner Spanish-American 1/28/1932 OR James F. LeMar 5/10/1898 Portland, OR San Francisco, CA
Ellis Harvey Orting Soldiers Civil 4/4/1935 Orangeville, IL F. H. Ellis 2/15/1865 Philmore, MN Chattanooga, TN
Ellis Walter Mountain View WW I 10/4/1930    9/26/1917 Vancouver B'cks, WA Ft. Liscum, AK
Ellsworth J. B. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/3/1912 PA   9/25/1861 Fort Plain, NY Elmira, NY
Elms Horace W. Tacoma Civil 3/1/1891 NY   2/12/1864 Norfork, NC Raleigh, NC
Elwood Isaiah Oakwood Civil 4/23/1916 England   2/27/1865 Chicago, IL Ft Leavenworth, KS
Elyea Willard A. Tacoma Civil not given    8/12/1862 Chicago, IL Nashville, TN
Elzea T. L. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/26/1906    2/1/1863 Woodstock, NY Ft. Brady, VA
Embree William H. Woodbine Civil 4/1/1912 OH Bert. Embree    
Emerson William J. Woodbine Civil 8/2/1921   Mrs. W. J. Emerson 8/7/1862 Racine, WI Madison, WI
Emery Frank E. Orting Soldiers Indian 11/13/1938 PA   5/11/1876 Pittsburg, PA Walla Walla, WA
Emmett Louis C. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    12/9/1864 Salem, OR Vancouver, WA
Endres John J. Roy not given 8/13/1913 Germany Mrs. Mattie Endres    
Engell Henry L. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 10/22/1936 Denmark   11/1/1891 Tacoma, WA San Francisco, CA
Engle Wm. J. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/28/1930    6/3/1861 Chicago, IL St. Louis, MO
English Frank Emmett Tacoma Civil 12/23/1914 WI Mrs. Bell English 1/20/1865 Ripon, WI Madison, WI
Engoe Leo M. Tacoma WW I 12/26/1929 Mannutt, WI   4/5/1917 Tacoma, WA  
Engvall Mandus G. Anderson Is. WW I 6/9/1926 WA     
Epley Thomas Orting Soldiers Civil 7/18/1929 Hanover, IN   2/28/1864 Ottumwa, IA Atlanta, GA
Epperson Benjamin C. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/21/1907 Kentucky   8/16/1864 Denver, CO Denver, CO
Erdahl Lyder Tacoma not given 3/15/1924      
Erickson Matthew A. Mountain View WW I 12/19/1938 Tacoma, WA   6/28/1918   
Etzwiler Samuel Woodbine not given 10/18/1908 PA     
Evans Charles Tacoma not given 6/1/1919 Olympia, WA Mrs. Isabel E. Wilkeson    
Evans Evan Orting Soldiers WW I 9/7/1933 Hammertown, OH   12/7/1917 Ft Lawton, WA Presidio, CA
Evans Evan J. K.P. Wilkeson Civil 11/18/1909 Wales Charles Evans 4/27/1864   Johnson's Island, OH
Evans John J. Tacoma Civil 4/16/1911 New York, NY Daniel Evans 4/29/1861 Ft Snelling, MN Ft. McHenry
Evans Thomas W. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/9/1919    9/24/1861 Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN
Evenson John C. Tacoma not given 2/4/1923 Norway Anna Evenson    
Ewing Jas. M. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/18/1925 Beardstown, IL   2/4/1864 Beardstown, IL Leavenworth, KS
Last Name First & Middle Cemetery War Death or Burial Birthplace Next of Kin Enlisted Enlistment Place Discharge Place
Fail John J. Oakwood Civil 2/24/1898    6/1/1861 Sumner, IL  
Fairbairn Wm. B. Longbranch Civil 10/23/1919 St. Marys, Canada Mrs. Lula Reeves 8/21/1862 Mount Morris, WI Madison, WI
Fairbanks Geo. W. Oakwood Civil 8/4/1914 OH Mary E. Fairbanks 8/6/1862 Union Grove, IL Camp Harker, TN
Fairbanks Max Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 2/5/1939    5/24/1898 Evingston, WY Jacksonville, FL
Fairchild Alfred Orting Soldiers Civil 10/8/1916 NY   8/7/1862 Busti, NY Raleigh, NC
Fallis George B. Tacoma WW I 11/9/1927 ND   6/24/1918 Seattle, WA  
Falskow Ernest Tacoma WW I 8/1/1939 Minn., MN Mrs. Nellie Falskow 10/21/1918 Ft Worden, WA Ft Worden, WA
Fangsrud Amun S. Parkland WW I 4/9/1926 Norway   2/26/1917 Ft Logan, CO  
Farquharson A. S. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/20/1919 Boston, MA   8/28/1862 Boston, MA Boston, MA
Farr Frederick W. Oakwood Civil 1/26/1915 NY   12/20/1863 Ft Snelling, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Fassett Frank A. Oakwood Civil 10/7/1915 Michigan Mrs. Nettie Fassett 7/30/1862 Parma, MI Delaney House, D.C.
Faulkner David Lewis Spanaway WW I 12/21/1932 TN   10/9/1916 Puget Sound, WA Philadelphia, PA
Favor George Oakwood Civil 8/20/1910 NY   2/5/1862 Ft Snelling, MN  
Favy Z. R. Oakwood Civil 6/5/1903 Massachusetts   8/1/1862 Brandon St. Louis, MO
Fawcett Angelo Vance Tacoma Civil 1/22/1928 OH Mrs. Margarett Faucett 2/12/1864   
Fawcett Mahlon S. Woodlawn Abby Civil 3/20/1919 Indiana   3/8/1864 Marion, IN St. Paul, MN
Fay George M. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/12/1911 Massachusetts   7/?/1864 Boston, MA Boston, MA
Feldhousen Mathias Orting Soldiers Civil 9/24/1901 Germany   10/6/1864 Greenbay, WI Madison, WI
Felthousen Jos. D. Orting Soldiers Indian 10/29/1913    12/7/1877 Nashville, TN Vancouver, WA
Fenton C. J. Calvary WW I 1/29/1939 Ireland Mrs. Mary Fenton 6/3/1918   
Fenton Peter H. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/17/1917 Philadelphia, PA   1/23/1865 Wabash, MN Nashville, TN
Ferdon Thomas J. Woodbine Civil 12/30/1914   James Murow    
Ferguson G. S. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/11/1911 Missouri   8/10/1861 San Francisco, CA Ft. Craig, NM
Ferguson James Orting Soldiers Civil 4/12/1917 Indiana   2/27/1865 New York, NY Manchester, VA
Ferris Charles E. Tacoma not given 2/2/1937      
Fetterly James S. Tacoma Civil 7/26/1908 Canada   8/21/1864 Ft Snelling, MN Gallaten, TN
Field C. C. Woodbine not given 6/23/1903 VT     
Field Eugene Orting Soldiers Civil 7/6/1924 Ireland   9/27/1862 New York, NY New York, NY
Field Francis M. Orting Soldiers Civil 7/12/1929 Kalamazoo, MI   9/5/1861 Racine, WI St. Louis, MO
Filkins Llewelyn Tacoma Civil 6/1/1909 NY Miss Grace Filkins 1/3/1864 Pulaski, TN Louisville, KY
Finley Harold Mountain View not given 10/20/1930 SD Mrs. Marie Finley    
Fish Edison D. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/24/1922 NY Mrs. E. D. Fish 5/23/1863 NY  
Fish F. A. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/20/1904    5/24/1861   Tipton, MO
Fish Geo. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/20/1906 NY   4/11/1863 Oswego, NY Ft Yuma, CA
Fisher Burley Orting Soldiers Civil 4/9/1932 Alabama     
Fisk Francis Clinton Woodlawn Abby not given 10/18/1930 TX Mrs. O. R. Scheubert    
Fisk Suel Tyler Mountain View Civil 9/18/1918 PA Mrs. F. E. Packard 8/31/1864 Colesville Camp Piatt, WV
Fithian Job Sumner Civil 4/30/1924 Willow Hill, IL   2/29/1864   Victoria, TX
Fitsgerald Samuel Orting Soldiers Civil not given    1/5/1864 Prairie Du Chien, WI Brownsville, TX
Fitzpatrick Thomas Orting Soldiers Spanish-American not given    6/12/1895 Brooklyn, NY Charleston, SC
Fitzpatrick Wm. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/24/1903 OH   2/?/1862   Cincinnatti, OH
Fix Charles A. Orting City not given not given      
Fix Martin Orting Soldiers Civil not given    4/20/1861 Harrisburg, PA Harrisburg, PA
Fix Phillip W. Orting City Civil not given    9/3/1861 Ft Snelling, MN Louisville, KY
Flanagan Henry J. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 2/20/1928 Springville, NY   8/12/1899 Buffalo, NY Buffalo, NY
Flanders Clyde L. Ft Lewis WW I 2/17/1934    1/12/1914 Jefferson B'cks, MO Chicago, IL
Flannagan Patrick K. Oakwood not given 3/24/1899 Ireland     
Flannery Joseph Oakwood Civil 5/14/1893 Ireland   8/14/1861 Providence, RI  
Fleming Edward M. Mountain View WW I 7/13/1934 Port Orchard, WA Rachel Fleming 9/19/1917 Tacoma, WA  
Fleming Lawrence Orting Soldiers Civil 9/10/1907 Ireland Michael Fleming 10/?/1863 New York, NY Elmira, NY
Fleming William F. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    12/25/1863 Durand, IL Columbus, OH
Fletcher Gardner B. Tacoma Maus. not given 12/6/1923 Canada     
Fletcher Lyman Orting Soldiers Civil 2/5/1932 NY   2/2/1864 Detroit, MI Detroit, MI
Flinn Robert Oakwood Civil 3/23/1915 Indiana Mrs. J. M. Flinn 12/19/1863 LaFayette, IN Ft Leavenworth, KS
Flint Henry W. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/31/1921 VT   8/26/1862 Beathel, VT  
Flowers Edward Orting Soldiers Civil 10/7/1924 OH   11/13/1862 Janesville, OH Lexington, NC
Flynn John Orting Soldiers Civil 11/23/1932 Iowa     
Flynn Peter Joseph Calvary Spanish-American 11/21/1931 Ireland Mrs. Edna Grubb    
Fogg George W. Tacoma Civil 4/10/1906 Maine   10/18/1862   
Foley David Calvary Civil 8/3/1913 PA Carrielines Foley 8/15/1862 Ft Snelling, MN St. Louis, MO
Foley J. C. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    7/10/1862 Troy, NY Richmond, VA
Foley Oswald D. Calvary Spanish-American 10/23/1933 Minnesota   4/26/1898 Grafton, ND San Francisco, CA
Forbes John Wylie Tacoma not given 7/20/1908 PA     
Ford Abraham Orting Soldiers Civil 9/11/1918 VT   7/2/1863 Boston, MA Boston, MA
Foreman Gerald Mitchell Mountain View Nicaragua 5/27/1930 Chattanooga, OH A. L. Foreman 4/26/1927 San Diego, CA  
Forman William H. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/9/1916 Moncton, VT   10/20/1864 Joliet, IL Louisville, KY
Forsyth Robert J. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/27/1924 NY   8/26/1861 Ripon, WI Chicago, IL
Fortune Arthur Tacoma not given 5/9/1939 St. Paul, MN Caroline J. Eastman 6/25/1917 Palida, CO Palida, CO
Foss Louis Tacoma not given 6/12/1934 LaCrosse, WI     
Foss Ole J. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/2/1927 Norway   12/10/1863 Vicksburg, MS Austin, TX
Foss Oswald J. Tacoma WW I 11/22/1918    6/7/1917 Ft Geo. Wright, WA  
Foster Andrew J. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/12/1928 TN   8/19/1862 Ft Scott, KS Ft Leavenworth, KS
Foster Charles E. Mountain View Civil 7/13/1913 Maine Mrs. El L Clough 11/6/1861   
Foster Stephen Orting Soldiers Indian 10/2/1911 Canada   11/1/1855 Seattle, WA Seattle, WA
Foster J. S. M. Orting Soldiers not given 8/9/1900 NY     
Foster Jr. Phineas Tacoma Civil 5/18/1911 Maine Miss Foster 9/26/1861 Augusta, ME Augusta, ME
Fothergill Lancelot Mountain View WW I 9/23/1925 England   9/19/1917 Seattle, WA American Lake, WA
Fox Charles W. Oakwood not given 7/27/1928 NY Maggie Fox    
Fox John F. Mountain View not given 4/5/1937 Louisiana     
Foye James N. Oakwood Civil 1/1/1919    5/4/1864 Dubuque, IA Davenport, IA
Frace James A. Oakwood WW I 3/5/1937 Iowa Doris Frace 5/7/1917   
France S. D. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/18/1901 OH   3/17/1864 St Paul, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Franklin David Oakwood not given 3/16/1920 NY John A. Thompson    
Franz Orville E. Mountain View WW I 7/3/1928 Kansas     
Frazier George Orting Soldiers Civil 5/14/1909 England   8/17/1862 Hudson, WI Louisville, KY
Frederickson Frederick C. Eatonville WW I 9/20/1921 WA McCutchion 10/4/1917 Yakima, WA Vancouver, WA
Freeburger George W. Oakwood Civil 1/25/1901 PA   5/24/1861 Quincy, IL  
Freeburn James Tacoma not given 1/18/1905 PA     
French Peter J. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/30/1922 OH   8/1/1862 Elizabethtown, IN  
Freudenstein Adam Orting Soldiers Civil 7/6/1929 Germany   6/14/1861 St. Louis, MO  
Fribley Abraham Orting Soldiers Civil not given    2/21/1865 Toledo, OH Camp Bradford, MD
Fries Chas. S. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/28/1926 NJ   4/25/1861 Salem, NJ Trenton, NJ
Fries Josiah W. Tacoma not given 7/14/1914 PA     
Frisbee William B. Oakwood Civil 12/31/1904 OH   7/2/1861 Indianapolis, IN  
Froggatt W.H. Mountain View not given 9/14/1936   Mr. W. H. Froggatt not given   
Frohman William M. Tacoma Civil 7/25/1897 PA   5/16/1863 Trenton, MO MO ?
Fry Frank Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 7/16/1933 PA   6/13/1899 Flatville, WI Anniston, AL
Fry Guthrie B. Ft Lewis WW I 10/16/1918 England   not given   
Fry Henry Artondale Civil 11/16/1908 Monroe Cty, IN   not given   
Fuhman Michael Orting Soldiers Civil 3/1/1920 Germany   4/1/1864 Boston, MA Wash., DC
Fuller Henry B. Mountain View not given 2/19/1920 Indiana Mary A. Fuller   IN ? IN?
Fuller Homer P. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/16/1919 Montpellier,VT   2/18/1865 Barry County, MI Madison, WI
Fuqua Robert D. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/10/1909 Kentucky   Aug 1862 Jasper Cty, IA Jasper Cty, IA
Last Name First & Middle Cemetery War Death or Burial Birthplace Next of Kin Enlisted Enlistment Place Discharge Place
Gable Uriah M. Woodbine not given 11/20/1906 Providence, RI     
Gabrielson Godfred E. Tacoma not given 8/27/1938      
Gagle John H. Orting Soldiers Civil 07/04/1840 PA   7/23/1861 Williamsport, MD Wash., DC
Gagnon Marcel Oakwood Civil 1/7/1910    7/22/1863 St. Paul, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Gale Joseph M. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/17/1913 Illinois   1/7/1865 Portland, OR Ft Vancouver, WA
Gallentine Ben Orting Soldiers Indian 5/21/1922 PA   2/12/1905 Wheeling, WV Camp Handcock, ND
Gamble John W. Tacoma WW I 5/13/1918   Mrs. Florence Gamble 10/3/1917 Tacoma, WA  
Gand Nathan L. Oakwood Civil not given    8/15/1862 Cherry Valley, NY?  
Gannon John Orting Soldiers Civil 1/1/1921 Indiana   6/7/1861 Terre Haute, IN  
Gano David M. Parkland Civil not given    8/29/1861 Waupaca, WI Menphis, TN
Gant Everett Ft Lewis WW I 10/31/1918 OH John Gant    
Gardeman Gustave Orting Soldiers Civil 9/3/1911 NJ   9/25/1863 Newark, NJ Alexandria, VA
Gardner Henry D. Tacoma Maus. Civil 12/16/1919 WI Arthur H. Gardner    
Gardner John W. Sumner Civil 10/24/1927 Middleburg, VT   2/14/1865 Marengo, IL Springfield, IL
Gardner W. W. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/3/1902 Massachusetts   9/9/1862 Grand Rapid, MI Camp Stoneman
Garlough B. W. Oakwood Civil not given    9/2/1861 Camp Clark, OH Columbus, OH
Garnahan E. Sumner Civil not given     IA ?  
Garrard Samuel Oakwood Civil 3/27/1930 Illinois Minnie Gerarad 8/6/1862 Pine Village Wash., DC
Garrett Caleb S. Oakwood Civil not given    4/18/1861 Richmond New Orleans, LA
Garrett John M. Tacoma Maus. Civil 2/8/1916 OH   9/21/1861 Anderson, IN Brownsville, TX
Garrigan Daniel A. Tacoma Spanish-American 3/27/1930 Iowa   4/25/1898 Sioux Falls, SD Manila, P. Is.
Garvey Thomas J. Tacoma Maus. not given 5/8/1922 VT Emily Garvey    
Gary Chas. R. Artondale not given 5/4/1899     WI?  
Gategast William Mountain View not given 5/13/1935 Germany     
Gatter Francis W. Tacoma not given 5/23/1903      
Gautermout Charles Sr. Tacoma Civil 6/9/1893 NY   8/15/1862 Calumet, WI  
Gaylord William N. Tacoma WW I 8/12/1936 WA Parmelee Gaylord 6/24/1918 Tacoma, WA  
Gehrke Wilhelm Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 4/19/1938 Germany   1/13/1899 Galveston, TX Baltimore, MD
Gejnoh Charles Ft Lewis not given 5/3/1925     IL ?  
Gelderman George Mountain View not given 4/13/1931 Minnesota Frances Gelderman    
George Francis P. Orting Soldiers Civil 7/31/1910 PA   9/20/1862 Gatesburg, IA Ft Gibson, I. T. (OK)
George Milton H. Mountain View not given 2/2/1931 PA Sarah Meyers   PA?  
George William Oakwood not given 4/8/1927 Niles, MI    IL ?  
Gerantis Mike Ft Lewis WW I 10/12/1918 Turkey     
Gerard William L. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/23/1911 Indiana   10/9/1864 Ft Wayne, IN Nashville, TN
Gerken Clement Orting Soldiers Civil 12/27/1911 Germany   5/1/1861 St. Louis, MO St. Louis, MO
Gerrard John L. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    2/4/1864 Quincy, IL Louisville, KY
Gerrard Thomas M. Oakwood Civil 3/4/1889    7/19/1861 Koszta, IA Louisville, KY
Getchell Darling H. Tacoma not given 5/4/1932 Maine Elva A. Getchell    
Getchell Edward Orting Soldiers Civil 6/26/1919 Washington Co., ME   2/17/1865 Elsworth, WI Madison, WI
Getchell William H. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/12/1909 Maine   5/11/1861 ME Brandy Station, VA
Gibbens George Tacoma Spanish-American 1/25/1929 Indiana Mary Gibbens   ME?  
Gibbons Oliver Orting Soldiers Civil 12/27/1921 NY   11/28/1863 Madison, WI  
Gibson George W. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/2/1922 OH   4/27/1864 Columbus, OH Gallipolis, OH
Giffin Harvey Orting Soldiers Spanish-American & WW 8/26/1939 OH   7/7/1896   
Gilbertson Gilbert Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 6/18/1929 Minnesota   5/3/1898 Fargo, ND Presidio, CA
Giles Melvine P. Woodbine not given 3/21/1908 Michigan     
Giles Thomas W. Tacoma not given 8/26/1908 OH R. P. Giles    
Gill Thomas J. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/13/1922 Peoria, IL   Apr 1861 Franklin Co., IN  
Gillen John Orting Soldiers Civil 1/14/1920 Ireland   9/23/1863 TN? Knoxville, TN
Gillerman John W. Artondale not given 4/21/1914 WI   8/15/1862 Portland, WI  
Gillespie Richmond T. Tacoma not given 05/25/1894 TN     
Gilliam Harold R. Mountain View not given 11/8/1931 TX Josephine Gilliam    
Gillick James B. Tacoma Spanish-American 2/3/1936 Massachusetts Peter Gillick    
Gillmette Joseph Woodlawn Abby not given 6/12/1921      
Gimmill John W. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 10/15/1938 PA   12/14/1898 Philadelphia, PA At Sea USS Kilpatrick
Given James H. Tacoma not given 01/11/1898 VA     
Glackin Raymond Woodlawn Abby WW I 4/12/1930 Kansas   7/20/1915 Ft Lawton, WA WA?
Gladwin Herman T. Ft Lewis not given 1/22/1937 Meridian, CT Mrs. H. T. Gladwin   CT ?  
Glasford J. P. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/6/1897 Canada   11/30/1863 Rossie  
Gleason James Oakwood Civil 5/9/1902 Ireland     
Glidden Charles A. Mountain View WW I 1/3/1932    3/24/1917 Tacoma, WA  
Glover Arthur E. Tacoma Maus. Spanish-American 10/17/1921 Michigan     
Golden W. N. Sumner Civil 8/4/1905    5/2/1864 Camp Cleveland, OH Dennison, OH
Goldthwaite Alfred Oakwood Crem. not given 12/20/1918 Maine Chas. Goldthwaite    
Gongwer Andrew Woodbine Civil 4/29/1923 PA Robert A. Gongwer not given   
Gonniea Lester A. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 11/11/1930 Dubuque, IA   4/29/1898 Winona, MN New Ulm, MN
Good Chas. E. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 7/1/1936    6/20/1898 Kansas City, MO San Juan, P.I.
Goodin John A. Calvary not given 7/6/1930 Dayton, MN   not given   
Goodman Joseph Gig Harbor Civil 10/9/1931 Probheim, Bohemia Mrs. John Wheeler (daughter) 10/28/1864 WI? Nashville, TN
Goodpastor Harry Mountain View not given 11/25/1937 Glasgow, MT   not given   
Goodrich Chas. H. Tacoma Civil 6/13/1898 New York   5/22/1861 South Poultney Albany, NY
Goodrich Chauncey Howard Tacoma WW I 8/11/1936 Tacoma, WA   5/11/1917 Tacoma, WA Quantico, VA
Goodwin Albert E. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/11/1910 Canada   8/30/1864 Port Huron, MI Victoria, TX
Goodwin Francis Powell Roy Indian 1/31/1919 Tennessee   2/1/1856 WA?  
Goodwin George W. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/24/1920 Logansport, IN   2/27/1865 Logansport, ME Louisville, KY
Gordon Darwin K. Oakwood Civil 3/30/1915 New York   12/13/1864 Rochester, MN Nashville, TN
Gordon Jesse B Orting City Civil 9/27/1913 Ohio   11/15/1864 IA ? Louisville, KY
Gordon Joseph A. Tacoma not given 2/21/1917 Illinois J.H. Gordon not given   
Gordon Thomas Orting Soldiers Civil 1/9/1924 Barnolas, Scotland   9/18/1861 Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN
Gorman Peter Orting Soldiers Civil 9/26/1900 Ireland   6/16/1861 New York, NY Wash., DC
Goss John B. Sumner Civil 5/22/1921 Washington Co., IN   2/13/1865 Salem, IN Stevenson, VA
Gossage Leroy Orting Soldiers Civil 8/11/1917 Ohio   5/1864 Madison, WI Madison, WI
Gould Edmund Orting Soldiers Civil 10/25/1911 New York   1/4/1864 Oswego Co., NY Harts Island, NY
Gould Jacob B. Tacoma not given 2/1/1926 Belvedere, NJ   not given   
Gould James L. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/16/1922 Maine   8/1/1861 Boston, MA Philadelphia, PA
Gow John Robinson Roy WW I 8/20/1937    10/3/1917 Tacoma, WA  
Graft William Orting Soldiers Civil 10/29/1924 PA   7/1864 Germantown, PA  
Graham Fred Mountain View not given 7/25/1932 England   not given   
Grande Tony Calvary not given 9/18/1928 Italy Maria Grandi not given WA?  
Grandholm John H. Oakwood Crem. WW I 1/5/1931 Idaho Mrs. J.H. Grandholm not given   
Grant Samuel Oakwood Civil 4/27/1911 Boston, MA   4/19/1861 MA ?  
Grate Fred W. Bethany, Muck Creek not given 5/16/1919    not given   
Gratton W. H. Tacoma not given 11/28/1907 New York Mrs. W. H. Gratton not given CT ?  
Graves Norris N. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/5/1923 New York   8/18/1862 Faribault, MN St. Paul, MN
Graves William H. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/3/1900 Illinois   8/29/1861 Sacramento, CA San Francisco, CA
Gray Perry O. Ft Lewis WW I 1/15/1918 New Mexico   not given   
Gray William F. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/1/1924 Floyd Co., KY   6/28/1862 Lawire, OH Cincinnatti, OH
Gray William W. Tacoma Civil 5/28/1910 Missouri A. R. Sachse not given   
Gray Reuben Orting Soldiers Civil 12/18/1900 Maine   5/7/1861 Hudson, WI  
Grayson John W. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/30/1912 Indiana   10/4/1864 Indianapolis, IN New Orleans, LA
Greaton William S. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/21/1920    4/6/1860 Boston, MA San Juan Island, WA
Greeley John F. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/14/1927 Maine   2/22/1865 Augusta, ME Darien, GA
Green Augustin Dey Calvary not given 11/25/1917 Wash., D.C.   not given   
Green Clayton F. Sumner Spanish-American 5/18/1932 Michigan   not given MI ?  
Green Frank Orting Soldiers Civil 2/4/1919 Germany   3/31/1862 Racine, WI Richmond, VA
Green Henry Woodlawn Abby not given 3/30/1921 Ontario, Canada   not given   
Green Herbert C. Tacoma Spanish-American 9/30/1936 Wisconsin Mrs. Sara Green not given WI?  
Green Thomas J. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/20/1898 New York   8/12/1862 Geneva Armory Square Hospital, Wash., D.C.
Green Thomas W. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/31/1908 Troy, NY   8/25/1863 Copenhagen, NY Portsmouth, VA
Green W. Y. Buckley not given 1904    not given   
Green William Tacoma Civil 4/12/1911 Ireland Wm. Geo. Green 10/23/1861 Ft Snelling, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Green William Oakwood Civil 4/28/1897 England   not given MN?  
Green William H. Tacoma not given 6/1/1936 Stanton, VA   not given   
Green Winfield S. Oakwood Civil 4/27/1916 New York   8/7/1862 Aurora, IL  
Greer B. F. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/21/1898 Illinois   7/25/1861 Cairo, IL Marshall, TN
Greer James Oakwood Civil 4/28/1913 Kentucky J. H. Greer 8/29/1861 Indianapolis, IN Nashville, TN
Greer Joseph D. Oakwood Civil 8/17/1911 Indiana   4/19/1864 Leavenworth, KS  
Greer R. A. Oakwood Crem. Spanish-American 7/21/1925    not given   
Greer William Tacoma not given 4/15/1911    not given   
Gribben Thomas Orting Soldiers Civil 12/17/1911    1/15/1862 Clyman, WI Madison, WI
Gribbin Patrick Old Calvary Civil 9/20/1901 Ireland   2/11/1865 St. Paul, MN Nashville, TN
Gribling William Bethany, Muck Creek Civil not given    not given   
Griffin George Buckley not given 1/8/1919 New York   not given   
Griffin Mart Tacoma Spanish-American 2/7/1929 Richardson Co., NE Mrs. Zed Riley (sister) 5/1/1898 Pensacola, FL Tallahassee, FL
Griffith Thomas R. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/19/1917 South Wales   8/11/1861 Pottsville, PA Nashville, TN
Griggs Chauncey W. Tacoma Civil 10/25/1910 Tolland, CT H. S. Griggs 11/7/1861 Ft Snelling, MN  
Grimes Peter Orting Soldiers Civil 11/4/1911 Ireland   Aug. 1863 New York, NY Philadelphia, PA
Grobey Augustus Orting Soldiers Civil 11/6/1926 Germany   8/13/1862 Freeport, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Gross Walter Glenn Tacoma Maus. WW I 2/27/1933 Minnesota Margaret Gross 12/14/1917   
Grossman Edward Orting Soldiers Civil 6/10/1911 Jacksonville, IL   4/1862 Jacksonville, IL Nashville, TN
Grove Chris Orting Soldiers Civil 3/19/1906 Illinois   4/19/1861 Mattoon, IL Springfield, IL
Grover Luke Orting Soldiers Civil 9/24/1919 Maine   8/16/1861 Augusta, ME  
Groves James L. Mountain View not given not given    not given   
Grow Edward Tacoma Civil 6/23/1910 Iowa Ethel Grow 8/24/1861 Aledo, IL Louisville, KY
Grubb Stephen G. Oakwood Civil not given    8/26/1861 Ottawa, IL Springfield, IL
Grumbling Christian Meyers Oakwood Civil 10/15/1913 PA Mrs. Grumbling not given PA?  
Guerrero Gabriel Ft Lewis not given 4/27/1921 Mexico   not given   
Guiley Daniel E. Oakwood Civil not given    8/22/1864 East Saginaw, MI Murfreesboro, TN
Guill Peter F. Sumner WW I 8/4/1918    7/12/1917 American Lake, WA  
Guinnup W. M. Tacoma Civil 1883-1888    8/6/1862 Marion Co., IN near Wash., D.C.
Gumberts Simon Orting Soldiers Civil not given    11/20/1863 Evansville, IN Vicksburg, MS
Gunder Don F. Woodbine WW I 6/20/1918   Mr. & Mrs. W.P. Gunder not given WA?  
Gunn Robert Woodbine not given 11/7/1918   Mrs. Mary A. Duvester (Daughter) not given   
Guyon John Oakwood Civil not given    8/21/1862 Highland, WI  
Last Name First & Middle Cemetery War Death or Burial Birthplace Next of Kin Enlisted Enlistment Place Discharge Place
Haas Henry Orting Soldiers Civil 10/25/1906 PA   not given IL ?  
Hacker Edward W. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    2/29/1864 Brooklyn, NY Alexandria, VA
Hackett Elymus Orting Soldiers Civil 8/2/1915 New York   not given PA?  
Hackett George L. Oakwood Civil 2/15/1910 Maine   8/9/1864 Oshkosh, WI Madison, WI
Hadley Lafayette Oakwood Civil 12/6/1895    3/28/1865 St. Paul, MN Jeffersonville, IN
Hadley O. F. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/28/1897 New York   not given MI ?  
Hagan G. W. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/3/1904 PA   10/21/1862 Harrisburg, PA Richmond, VA
Hagen John W. Calvary not given 8/15/1938 Pittsburg, PA Mrs. J.W. Hagen (wife) not given   
Haines Aaron S. Oakwood Civil 12/2/1908 New Jersey   3/1/1863 Denver City, Colorado Terr. Ft Leavenworth, KS
Haines Frank E. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/30/1911 New London, NH   8/11/1862 Concord, NH Concord, NH
Haines Moses M. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/4/1927 Illinois   2/10/1865 St. Paul, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Halfpenny W. Foster Tacoma Civil 1/1/1925 Louisburg, PA Mrs. Cora M. Halfpenny not given   
Hall Francis Tacoma not given 9/6/1903 New York   not given MN?  
Hall George Orting Soldiers Civil 1/28/1920 Manito, OH   9/16/1861 Chattanooga, TN Columbus, OH
Hall Henry C. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/17/1911 Iowa   10/31/1863 Louisa Co., IA Little Rock, AR
Hall Hiram Artondale not given not given    11/23/1861 Beaver Dam, WI Keokuk, IA
Hall Leroy G. Orting Soldiers not given not given    5/4/1901 Denver, CO Philadelphia, PA
Hall Rilea Orting Soldiers Civil not given    9/1/1864 Evansville, IN Mound City, IL
Hall Samuel L. Sumner Civil not given    not given   
Hall Thomas Mountain View Boxer Rebellion 12/31/1937 Concordville, PA Mrs. Christian H. Shirk (sister) 9/19/1899 San Francisco, CA  
Hall William Oakwood Civil 9/28/1933 LaFayetta, OH   not given   
Halligan Anthony C. Calvary WW I 6/16/1939 Mooreland, IA Mrs. A.C. Halligan 1919   
Halstead Frank M. Mountain View Spanish-American 4/3/1937 Fox Lake, WI Mrs. Frances Halstead 5/19/1898 Madison, SD  
Halverson Raymond M. Oakwood not given 10/27/1934    not given   
Hamburgh Clinton G. Tacoma Civil 12/12/1902 Maryland   not given PA ?  
Hamel Charles A. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/8/1908 Canada   9/19/1864 Chicago, IL Mound City, IL
Hamilton John W. Tacoma Civil 2/14/1912 OH   12/16/1863 Crawfordsville, IN Ft Leavenworth, KS
Hamilton T.J. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/29/1930 Toronto, Canada Mrs. Ida Hamilton 6/16/1864 Chambersburg, PA Harrisburg, PA
Hamilton Thomas J. Oakwood WW I 5/14/1939 Watertown, WI Mrs. Dorothy Hartley 6/1/1918   
Hamlin Monroe C. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/17/1915 Indiana   May 1864 Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN
Hammer John Albert Mountain View WW I 12/4/1936 Sweden Mrs. Grace E. Hammer 9/5/1918 Tacoma, WA  
Hammon Henry C Oakwood Civil 2/19/1911 Maine   8/25/1862 Indianola Memphis, TN
Hampton James W. Orting Soldiers Mexican 11/5/1914 OH   4/7/1847 Clark Co, OH Mexico City
Hand James Orting Soldiers Civil 1/26/1911 NY   2/15/1865 Madison, WI Benton B'cks, MO
Haney William Orting Soldiers Civil 11/16/1917 WI   10/1/1864 St Paul, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Hanks Henry Mountain View Civil 5/18/1932 OH Mary Hanks 5/12/1864 Davenport, IA Davenport, IA
Hanley John Orting Soldiers Civil 2/18/1906 Ireland   10/19/1864 Cleveland, OH Gainseville, FL
Hanna William H. Oakwood Civil 1/31/1915   Mrs. L.C. Philips not given PA ?  
Hanselman John Peter Mountain View WW I 2/26/1932 Sumner, WA John Philip Hanselman 6/18/1917 Tacoma, WA  
Hansen Arnold L. Tacoma Maus. WW I 1/16/1938 Tacoma, WA   10/31917 Tacoma, WA  
Hansen Frank Ft Lewis WW I 8/29/1926 NY   not given   
Hansen John Mountain View Civil 12/5/1923 Denmark Mrs. Jennie Spencer not given   
Hanshaw John W. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/7/1925 Reed House, VA   4/20/1861 LaPorte, IN Bridgeport, AL
Hanson August W. Ft Lewis WW I 10/24/1918 WI   not given   
Hanson Hans A. Orting Soldiers Indian 10/13/1931 Norway   8/6/1883 Chicago, IL Vancouver, WA
Hanson Odin M. Oakwood not given 6/5/1937    not given   
Haptonstall Jesse B. Orting Soldiers Indian 4/27/1917    6/3/1856 Portland, OR Portland, OR
Haptonstall Samuel W. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/11/1918 Illinois   3/20/1861 Chicago, IL Bristol, VA
Harbin Charles Tacoma not given 4/2/1935    not given   
Harbine Thomas Tacoma not given 1/16/1902 PA   not given   
Hard Gideon Hawley Tacoma ? Civil 6/12/1915 NY Mrs. W.E. Dickson not given   
Harding Ezra R. Orting Soldiers Civil 7/27/1863 Michigan Frank E. Harding 10/3/1863 Leodinas, MI  
Hardy Fred P. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/18/1928 Wentworth, NH   10/29/1861 Thebram, NH Alexandria, VA
Harm Albert Woodbine WW I 8/6/1937 Germany Mrs. Emma Harm 11/27/1917 Ft Lawton, WA  
Harper Henry Orting Soldiers Civil 2/14/1914 England   10/21/1861 Ft Collins, MN Vixby, MS
Harpham Henry Orting Soldiers Civil 6/13/1916 Indiana   2/20/1864 Ft Snelling, MN  
Harralson Arthur C. Mountain View WW I 11/9/1927 Atlanta, GA   not given   
Harrington Harry Mountain View not given 11/17/1920 Lowell, MA   not given   
Harris George Oakwood not given 11/13/1919 NY   not given   
Harris Joseph Orting Soldiers Civil 4/14/1912 NY   Nov 1863 Green Bay, WI Madison, WI
Harris S.S. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/3/1905 OH   9/14/1864 Indianapolis, IN New Orleans, LA
Harris T.H. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/24/1899    8/27/1864 Waynesville, MO  
Harris William A. Tacoma Civil 1/17/1890 Rochester, NY   9/16/1862   Springfield, IL
Harrison Albert Orting Soldiers Civil 1/25/1926 Canada   8/1/1864 St Paul, MN St Paul, MN
Harrison Jefferson New Tacoma Spanish-American 3/10/1932    not given   
Harrison Robert Orting Soldiers Civil 5/9/1908 Ireland   4/23/1861 New York, NY New York, NY
Hart Loring Franklin Mountain View Civil 4/17/1934 Bath, ME Margaret Hart not given   
Hart Martin Orting Soldiers Civil 3/9/1920 NY   5/15/1861 Philadelphia, PA Detroit, MI
Hartman Aaron B. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/8/1921 NJ   10/11/1862 Bushradle, IL Memphis, TN
Hartsell William Orting Soldiers Civil not given    8/10/1863 Sedalia St Louis, MO
Hartshorn Joseph E. Oakwood Civil 9/22/1915 NH Mrs. Hartshorn 6/2/1862   
Harvey George E. Mountain View Spanish-American 5/27/1927 Iowa   6/18/18998 Lincoln, NE Presidio, CA
Haskell William W. Orting Soldiers Civil 21/1/1922 Maine   9/4/1863 Portland, ME Charleston, SC
Haskin George Tacoma Civil 11/26/1900 OH   9/3/1862 Columbus & Chilicote Louisville, KY
Hass Dryden Mountain View not given not given    not given   
Hastings Robert Tacoma Civil 6/19/1918 Ireland   not given   
Hastings William T. Oakwood Civil 3/18/1918 NY B.W. Hastings 2/17/1864 Fond du Lac, WI Brownsville, TX
Hatch James K.P. Tacoma Civil 8/7/1889    8/6/1864 Dell Prairie, WI  
Havner Henry C. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/18/1923 NC   6/7/1864 Uniontown, IA Davenport, IA
Hawes William Tacoma Civil 8/13/1908 Potsdam, NY   2/13/1865 Potsdam, NY Harpers Ferry, WV
Hayes Chester C. Calvary Spanish-American 4/27/1930 Michigan Mrs. Elsie Hayes not given   
Hayes Louis Ft Lewis WW I 6/20/1918 OH   not given   
Hays Alonzo W. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/30/1922 PA   8/16/1862 Whitewater, WI Wash., DC
Hays Eugene W. Mountain View ? WW 8/25/1917    not given   
Healy Thomas P. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 4/4/1934 San Jose, CA   3/4/1897 Mare Island, CA Mare Island, CA
Heaton John Calvary Spanish-American 5/14/1927    7/1/1898 Island Lake, MI Augusta, GA
Hedges Merritt J. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/25/1926 NY   2/3/1864 Quincy, IL Louisville, KY
Hefflefinger William Oakwood ? Civil 9/21/1913 PA   not given PA ?  
Heffner David Orting Soldiers Civil 5/17/1909 PA   8/30/1862 Pegraff, OH Camp Tesher, TN
Heilig George W. Mountain View Civil 11/2/1918 PA Mrs. S.F. Bullard not given PA ?  
Hemmings Milton M. Mountain View Spanish-American 7/28/1939 Wood Co., OH Cora Z. Hemmings 1/27/1900   
Hendrick John Oakwood Civil 12/21/1917 NY Mrs. Mary E. Hendrick 1/12/1864 Madison, WI Madison, WI
Henn Alfred A. Tacoma not given 9/21/1937   Hattie Henn not given   
Hennessey Martin F. Tacoma Maus. WW I 9/5/1918 SD L.G. Hennessey not given   Battle of Argonne
Hennessy John J. Calvary Spanish-American 9/2/1938 Boston, MA Thos. F. Hennessy not given   
Hennessy Thomas J. Mountain View WW I 11/11/1929    7/20/1917 Ft McDowell, CA  
Hennessy William Thomas Calvary not given 5/9/1937 Newfoundland Mrs. Thos. F. Hennessy not given   
Henry Arthur L. Ft Lewis WW I 10/15/1918 Iowa   not given   
Hensel Leroy Tacoma Maus. ? WW 6/4/1921 ND Mrs. Claudia Hensel not given   
Herberling George A. Ft Lewis WW I 10/19/1918 Idaho Gut H. Herberling not given   
Herbold Philip Tacoma Civil 3/4/1914 Germany   10/5/1864 Buffalo, NY Arlington Hts., VA
Herman Orren H. Mountain View not given 10/21/1936    not given ND ?  
Hermanson Hans Woodbine WW I 11/2/1934 Norway Louisa Hermanson 7/23/1917 Tacoma, WA  
Hernandez Pedro R. Ft Lewis not given 1/28/1921 Central America   not given   
Hess Stanley Buckley WW I 8/6/1921 Illinois John Hess 7/22/1918 Tacoma, WA  
Hessey Randolph Tacoma Civil 1/1/1910 OH   7/18/1861 Koszta, IA  
Hester Richard C. Woodbine WW I 10/23/1932   Mrs. Agnes Hester not given   
Hewitt Johnson C. Tacoma ? Civil 4/26/1910    not given   
Hiatt Lewis O. Mountain View Civil 10/27/1921 Indiana R.E. Thayer 12/19/1863 Kokomo, IN Indianapolis, IN
Hice Samuel Tacoma not given 9/6/1922 PA   not given   
Hicker Daniel L. Tacoma Civil 2/3/1918 NY Mrs. H. Jennie Hicker 9/1/1861 Nicholasville, KY Louisville, KY
Hickman Orville M. Woodbine WW I 11/7/1920 OH   10/21/1918 Puyallup, WA  
Hicks Alfred B. Tacoma Civil 11/19/1913 NY Mrs. Harriet C. Hicks 12/24/1863 Syracuse, NY Winchester, VA
Hicks Alonzo B. Oakwood Civil 8/23/1889    3/10/1864 Fond du Lac, WI Wash., DC
Hicks Benjamin C. Oakwood Civil 6/4/1925    8/21/1862 Augusta, ME  
Hicks John Orting Soldiers Civil 6/11/1920 OH   9/30/1864 Cincinnati, OH Camp Dennison, OH
Higgins Thomas Oakwood Civil 11/23/1903 Ireland   not given CT ?  
Hildom E. Oakwood Civil 9/1/1923 NY Clarence Hildom 11/2/1861 Genesee, NY Elmira, NY
Hildreth S.A. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/18/1904 NY   4/20/1861 Toledo Louisville, KY
Hill Andrew Jackson K.P.Wilkeson ? Civil 1905    not given   
Hill Charles H. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/11/1919 Weston, VT   12/15/1864 Portland, OR Portland, OR
Hill David W. Oakwood Civil 7/27/1910 Illinois Frank E. Hill 12/16/1861 Hillsboro, WI  
Hill Ernest C. Tacoma not given 5/15/1936 Excelsior Spr., MO Mrs. Urban Berry    
Hill Frank S. Buckley not given not given      
Hill George M. Tacoma Spanish-American 2/24/1908 Iowa John Hill 7/1/1898   
Hill George T. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/6/1920 NY   9/1/1861 Madison, WI Madison, WI
Hill Holly V. Tacoma Maus. Spanish-American 7/25/1928 Lincoln, NE Mrs. Benette Hill    
Hill John Tacoma Civil 2/11/1901 Ireland Mrs. H. Giba    
Hill John E. Tacoma not given 4/29/1901 OH     
Hill Lewis S. Woodbine not given 4/11/1909 Kentucky     
Hiller Chas. Woodbine Civil 2/9/1919   Herman Hiller    
Hilliker William F. Tacoma Spanish-American 3/29/1927 PA Mrs. W.F. Hilliker    
Hills Henry H. Oakwood not given 1/27/1913 PA   12/27/1893 Pueblo, CO  
Hillyard Wilfred J. Tacoma Maus. WW I 3/22/1921 Hamilton, Ont W. J. Hillyard 4/26/1918 Tacoma, WA  
Hine Hoyt W. Mountain View WW I 4/16/1924 Sedan, IN   4/5/1917 Tacoma, WA  
Hineline William Orting Soldiers Civil 1/1/1899 PA   4/24/1861 Trenton, NJ Trenton, NJ
Hines David C. Oakwood Civil 8/4/1919 Cartridge, TN Mrs. Matilda Hines    
Hinson Joseph Tacoma Civil 12/2/1904 OH   8/17/1861 Columbus, OH Louisville, KY
Hinton Thomas W. Orting City Civil 1/12/1920 NJ Mrs. T. W. Hinton 3/9/1864 Trenton, NJ Greensboro, NC
Hipkins William Tacoma Civil 4/26/1901 England   10/1/1861 Mt Vernon, OH Louisville, KY
Hise Clarence Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 10/6/1937 Indiana Mary Hise    
Hitter Leonard A. Mountain View WW I 10/4/1918    10/27/1916 Mare Island, CA  
Hixon Lewis E. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/5/1917 OH   12/25/1863 Burlingham, IA Selma, AL
Hoadley Calvin B. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    8/10/1861 Springfield, IL Louisville, KY
Hobart Charles W. Tacoma Civil 1/6/1902 NY   8/2/1862 Newton, IA Davenport, IA
Hodge Sidney J. Sumner Civil 10/21/1914 NY   9/9/1861 Waupun, WI Nashville, TN
Hofer Johannes Artondale Civil 5/29/1895      
Hoffman Charles E. Mountain View not given 7/12/1936 Campbellsburg, IN     
Hoffman John Orting Soldiers Civil 1/14/1911 PA   7/8/1861   Springfield, IL
Hoffman Samuel Oakwood Civil 2/7/1929   Warren Hoffman    
Hoflin Henry G. Oakwood Civil 9/2/1936 Stockholm, Swe. Arthur J. Quabius    
Hofstede Edward G. Oakwood Crem. Spanish-American 11/2/1928 Holland Yonema Hofstede    
Hoge Romeo G. Oakwood Civil 9/21/1924 OH Milo O. Hoge    
Holden Claude O. Mountain View WW I 10/31/1931 Kansas   6/6/1918 Ft Lawton, WA  
Holdren Cornelius M. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 10/5/1936    5/10/1898 Springfield, IL Joliet, IL
Holesapple Elery H. Mountain View WW I 2/19/1934 Sinks Grove, WV Wm. H. Holesapple    
Holgate Benjamin H. Tacoma Civil 1/28/1894    5/23/1864 Marengo, IL Chicago, IL
Holland Earl E. Ft Lewis WW I 10/22/1918 OR     
Hollenbeck John Woodbine Civil 12/17/1901      
Hollingsworth W. N. Oakwood Crem. not given 2/24/1933      
Hollins Columbus Orting Soldiers Civil 8/30/1919    9/28/1863 Vicksburg, MS Wash., DC
Holman Daniel J. Tacoma not given 4/15/1922 Dixfield, ME Mrs. Chas. Holman    
Holmes Arthur W. Calvary not given 12/22/1909 Iowa     
Holmes C. Hiram Tacoma not given 3/1/1905      
Holmes Robert P. Tacoma WW I 2/27/1929 Tacoma, WA   5/8/1918 Seattle, WA  
Holms William Orting Soldiers not given 6/16/1928 Nebraska     
Holstin Lewis T. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/26/1917 VA   9/18/1861 Oxford, IN  
Holt Andrew Orting Soldiers Civil 7/8/1930 NY   Apr 1864 Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn, NY
Holt Joseph D. Oakwood Civil 1/14/1914 Kentucky Mary Ellen Holt    
Holtman Frederick Orting Soldiers Civil 4/16/1898 Germany   12/19/1861 Jacksonville, IL  
Honey Emil P. Tacoma not given 12/22/1923 Chicago, IL     
Hopkins Charles M. Tacoma Civil 8/12/1911 NY R. I. James Hopkins 12/16/1862 Milwaukee, WI Louisville, KY
Hopkins Elmer E. Tacoma not given 9/23/1937 WI     
Hopkins Martin C. Oakwood Civil 1/25/1925 NY Mrs. U. Hopkins 10/15/1862 Lenox Falmouth, VA
Hopkinson William Ft Lewis not given 1/22/1930      
Hoppe Robert Tacoma not given 5/6/1913 Germany     
Horn George Oakwood Civil 10/12/1916 Germany Mrs. Adelle Borcher    
Horn John Orting Soldiers Civil 10/14/1931 Switzerland George Horn 8/20/1862 Chicago, IL Chicago, IL
Horne C. H. Oakwood not given not given      
Horne Taylor Orting Soldiers Civil 1/1/1908 VT   2/22/1864 Leavenworth, KS Leavenworth, KS
Hoseth John E. Tacoma WW I 2/27/1926 Norway   3/29/1918 Tacoma, WA  
Hoskins John Woodbine Civil 2/8/1912 OH   8/4/1862 Hardin Co., IA Davenport, IA
Houghton Edgar P. Tacoma Maus. Civil 9/15/1925 NY     
Houghton George L. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/25/1917 Canada   8/12/1862 Ottawa, IL Nashville, TN
Houghwout Charles G. Oakwood Civil 4/3/1914 NJ   9/5/1863 Jersey City, NJ Alexandria, VA
House Wm. N. Tacoma Civil 10/5/1893 NY   8/26/1864 Lodi Fort Barry, VA
Houston Albert A. Oakwood Indian 7/11/1916 OH Mrs. Ella Houston 4/30/1856   
Houston Edward W.S. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/3/1937 Kentucky   3/30/1864 Lawrence, KS  
Houtz Edwin C. Oakwood Civil 5/30/1917 PA Lester L. Houtz 8/2/1862 Vinton, IA Davenport, IA
Houx John P. Tacoma WW I 1/10/1937 TX Mrs. Genevieve Houx 6/29/1918 La Grande  
Hove Edward Ft Lewis WW I 10/30/1918 WI     
Hovey Alvin E. Sumner WW I 4/13/1905    9/7/1917 Puyallup, WA  
Howard Arthur T. Orting Soldiers WW I 10/18/1933 PA   7/27/1917 Seattle, WA Camp Lewis, WA
Howard B. F. Oakwood Civil not given    7/31/1861 Kenasaw, IA Little Rock, AR
Howard Perry Woodbine WW I 10/2/1933   Mrs. Perry Howard 12/13/1917   
Howard Pontius Woodbine Civil 3/3/1909 Rochester, NY   12/2/1864 Corvallis, OR  
Howe Benjamin F. Oakwood Civil not given    4/19/1861 Terre Haute, IN Indianapolis, IN
Howe J. W. Oakwood Civil 3/4/1900 Germany   11/25/1861 Marysville, CA Mesilla, NM
Howe Myron W. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/2/1927 VT   12/5/1862 Lake Geneva, WI New York, NY
Howell Senior B. Oakwood Civil not given    8/22/1862 Smithtown  
Howes Alfred B. Oakwood Civil 9/6/1919 Brighton, NY   8/24/1861 Cambridge, MI Sturgis, MI
Howett Charles P. Mountain View WW I 11/5/1936 Kent, England     
Howie James L. Tacoma not given 4/6/1917 Scotland     
Hoyt Homer Woodbine Civil 10/18/1922      
Huckaba John A. Mountain View not given not given      
Huddleston Henry A. Ft Lewis WW I 7/3/1920 Kentucky     
Hudson John Buckley Civil 1/9/1915 England   2/2/1865 Baraboo, WI Nashville, TN
Hudson Leland C. Tacoma Maus. not given 2/24/1921      
Huff Harry A. Woodlawn Abby WW I 1/15/1925 Tacoma, WA Henry Huff 4/8/1917 Tacoma, WA  
Huffman James F. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 9/11/1931 Paris, IL   4/26/1898 Springfield, IL  
Hughes Asa Oakwood Civil 4/26/1904 OH   12/7/1863 Columbus, OH Wash., DC
Hughes Young S. Oakwood Civil not given    5/24/1861 Quincy, IL Keokuk, IA
Hull James D. Buckley not given 1/18/1928 NY Mrs. Steve Powers    
Hulse E. M. Sumner Civil not given    9/5/1864 Green Bay, WI Madison, WI
Hume Andrew Orting Soldiers Civil 12/25/1916 Kentucky   3/22/1865 Chicago, IL Gainsville AL
Humes Samuel Orting Soldiers Civil 4/5/1915 Indiana   11/14/1861 Ft Leavenworth, KS Ft Leavenworth, KS
Hummon David Sumner Civil 4/7/1907    2/23/1864 Madison Cty Little Rock AR
Humphrey Allie Mountain View not given 1936      
Humphrey George R. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/20/1926 Peoria Cty, IL   8/22/1862 Decorah, IA  
Humphreys Jonathan Tacoma not given 8/23/1907 PA Mrs. Eliz. Savage    
Hunt Harmon D. Oakwood Civil 1/29/1910 OH Mrs. H. D. Hunt 10/21/1861 Elwood, KS  
Hunt Miles B. Artondale Civil 7/22/1922    8/15/1862 Grand Rapid, MI  
Hunt Peter Orting Soldiers Civil 3/31/1916 Missouri   5/10/1862 Lebanon, MO St. Louis, MO
Hunt Raymond Mountain View WW I 11/21/1932 Tacoma, WA Leo L. Hunt 4/8/1917 Tacoma, WA  
Hunter Claude H. Mountain View Crem. WW I 1/14/1938 Cincinnati, OH Mrs. Elsie Hunter 2/4/1918   
Huntington Clark G. Orting Soldiers WW I 8/15/1933 Santa Rosa, CA   4/10/1917 Ft Geo. Wright, WA Ft Worden, WA
Hurd Ray C. Sumner WW I 9/4/1937    4/7/1917 American Lake, WA  
Hurley Llewellyn Orting Soldiers Civil 3/10/1917 Indiana   9/22/1861 Dubuque, IA  
Hurlurt Joseph G. Woodbine not given 9/4/1905 Indiana     
Hurst George W. Calvary not given 3/18/1928 VA Mrs. G. W. Hurst    
Hussey George G. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/12/1910 Maine   7/18/1861 Ripon WI Edgefield, TN
Huston Clive Oakwood not given 8/28/1905      
Huston J. M. Oakwood Civil 4/26/1909    8/11/1862 Linn Cty IA Mobile AL
Huston Richard Oakwood Civil 11/1/1920    8/21/1862 Camp Zanesville, OH Wash., DC
Huston Thaddeus Tacoma Civil 6/24/1907 Indiana   5/2/1864 Macomb Springfield, IL
Hutchason W. W. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/20/1902 Maine   9/??/1861   Milwaukee WI
Hutchings Jas. M. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/14/1917 Illinois   3/1/1864 Palestine IL Memphis, TN
Hutchins Leonard Orting Soldiers Civil 1/10/1924 NY   3/8/1862 Madison WI Madison, WI
Hutchinson Frank Orting Soldiers Indian 11/14/1932 Minnesota   6/21/1900 LeRoy MN Ft Clark TX
Hyde Abel Reynolds Oakwood Civil 3/2/1917 Canada W. R. Hyde 11/18/1863 Fond du Lac ,WI Madison, WI
Hyde Dearborn F. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/20/1915 NH   5/??/1861 Salem MA Chattanooga, TN
Hyde George W. Oakwood Civil 5/30/1912 NY Mrs. Sarah Hyde 8/4/1862 Port Huron MI Nashville, TN
Last Name First & Middle Cemetery War Death or Burial Birthplace Next of Kin Enlisted Enlistment Place Discharge Place
Ignatz Frank Ft Lewis not given 7/8/1929 Chanoff, Austria     
Igo Daniel Woodbine Civil 5/2/1915      
Ingalls Eden G. Tacoma not given 5/7/1882      
Ingersoll Carlos Orting Soldiers Civil 2/20/1861 Careyville, NY   5/??/1861 Laken MI Wash., DC
Ingersoll Jacob M. New Tacoma WW I 2/21/1939 UT Mrs. Hattie Ingersoll 9/18/1917   
Ingham William H. Tacoma not given 6/14/1891      
Irby James Orting Soldiers Civil 2/5/1925 Missouri   8/18/1862 Springfield MO Fayetteville AR
Irving James Tacoma Spanish-American 11/9/1925 Minnesota Mrs. Irving 4/29/1898 Blue Earth, MN New Ulm, MN
Isenberg S. V. Oakwood Civil 10/17/1916 PA     
Isrealson Axel Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 12/25/1934    5/?/1898 Marionette, WI Marionette WI
Italouma John N. Ft Lewis WW I 10/6/1918 Dura, Finland Albertina Nurmi 8/26/1918 Seattle WA Camp Lewis WA
Ives William H. Oakwood Civil 5/13/1906 Connecticut   10/21/1861 Meriden CT  
Last Name First & Middle Cemetery War Death or Burial Birthplace Next of Kin Enlisted Enlistment Place Discharge Place
Jackson A. H. Oakwood Civil 9/22/1916 OH   7/2/1863 Valparaiso Austin, TX
Jacobs Sumner W. Sumner Civil 6/1/1916 Maine   3/7/1865 Hudson WI Sioux City, IA
Jacobsen Peter Orting Soldiers Civil 6/26/1912 Norway   3/4/1864   Louisville, KY
Jacobson Jacob Orting Soldiers Boxer Reb. 9/17/1929 Finland   5/18/1881 Portsmouth VA U.S.S. Vermont
Jacoby Frederick F. Bay View (Vaughn WA) Civil 5/5/1922 Liberty, NY Chas. Jacoby 4/23/1861 New York, NY New York, NY
Jacoby Joseph Orting Soldiers Civil 12/10/1913 Belgium   6/4/1859 Leavenworth, KS San Francisco, CA
Jacox George W. Mountain View WW I 3/11/1935 Brookville PA     
Jacques Johnson C. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/4/1925 Maine Dora R Hughes 8/12/1864 Minneapolis, MN Gallaten, TN
James John T. Tacoma not given 1/16/1924 NH Herbert Malley    
James Josiah Oakwood Civil 2/17/1932 OH Edger E. James 7/17/1861 Trenton Austin, TX
James O. A. Sumner Civil 2/25/1903    8/12/1862 Irving WI  
Jameson Arthur P. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 3/16/1932 Scotland   10/21/1898 Buffalo, NY  
Janes Seth Orting Soldiers Civil 4/28/1911 PA   8/12/1864 Erie, IL Cairo IL
Jaques Matthew Orting Soldiers Civil 9/5/1910 OH   7/27/1861   Chattanooga, TN
Jasmer Fred A. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 10/29/1934 Minnesota Norman Jasmer 5/8/1898 Winona MN St. Paul, MN
Jenkins Charles E. Oakwood Civil 12/11/1903 Massachusetts   12/16/1863 Ft Snelling, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Jenks Earl E. Mountain View WW I 6/4/1933    9/21/1917 Yakima, WA  
Jennings Earl Mountain View not given 3/20/1934 OH Madge Jennings    
Jennings Wallace H. Tacoma not given 11/21/1911 OH H. R. Jennings    
Jensen Jesse L. Bethany, Muck Creek not given 9/30/1918      
Jensen Ness Orting Soldiers Civil not given    ?/?/1865 New York, NY Ft Boise
Jensen William Tacoma not given 12/12/1929 Germany Alice Jensen    
Jesson William E. Tacoma Maus. WW I 11/8/1918    3/11/1918 Ft Lawton, WA  
Jewell Thomas Orting Soldiers Civil 1/11/1914 England   4/22/1865 Boscabel, WI Madison, WI
Jewett Charles A. Mountain View WW I 6/1/1937   Helen K. Jewett    
Jinkens S. Earl Woodlawn Abby WW I 4/2/1926      
Joab Albert E. Tacoma not given 1/2/1930      
John W. H. Tacoma not given 5/10/1909      
Johnson A. August Tacoma not given 4/21/1898 Sweden     
Johnson Albert J. Tacoma not given 3/8/1918      
Johnson Alfred Tacoma Maus. WW I 5/11/1937 Tacoma, WA Hans Johnson 7/24/1918 Tacoma, WA  
Johnson Allen S. Tacoma Civil 9/7/1916 WI Mrs. Marion Johnson 11/18/1861 Geneva WI Madison, WI
Johnson Andrew Orting Soldiers Civil 5/12/1906 VA   6/3/1861 Leavenworth, KS Trenton TN
Johnson Carl Andrew Mountain View WW I 2/21/1934    9/6/1918 Seattle WA  
Johnson Charles S. Oakwood not given 2/17/1918 Norway Mrs. G. Johnson    
Johnson D. W. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/9/1898 Michigan     
Johnson Frederick W. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/10/1921 Sweden   8/1/1862 Goshen, IN Indianapolis IN
Johnson George H. Tacoma Civil 8/22/1902 NY     
Johnson George W. Tacoma WW I 1/13/1936 Tacoma, WA Frances Johnson    
Johnson Grant Oakwood WW I 2/4/1930 Eatonville, WA Marguerite Johnson 9/18/1918 #2 Pierce Co., WA  
Johnson Henry Orting Soldiers Civil 12/3/1897      
Johnson James Ft Lewis not given 6/13/1919 Ireland     
Johnson James Hungerford Mountain View Spanish-American 4/8/1930   Bertha M. Johnson    
Johnson John H. Ft Lewis WW I 1/15/1918 Sweden     
Johnson Martin L. Tacoma Spanish-American 4/8/1929 Norway Mrs. Belle Johnson    
Johnson Nicholas Orting Soldiers Civil 7/4/1934 Kentucky Mrs. Alice Johnson ?/?/1865 Lexington KY Ft Bliss
Johnson Peter Orting Soldiers Civil 2/28/1915 Denmark   3/31/1862 Boston, MA Munson's Hill VA
Johnson Stephen Oakwood Civil 4/5/1921 England   8/11/1862 Polo, IL Danville KY
Johnson Thomas R. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/29/1905 NY   6/?/1862 Trenton, NJ Trenton, NJ
Johnson William H. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/4/1910 Michigan   6/21/1863   
Johnston Herbert B. Gig Harbor WW I 6/19/1939 Enumclaw, WA Mable Johnston 7/31/1918 Tacoma, WA Camp Lewis WA
Johnston Richard M. Oakwood Civil 10/8/1914    2/21/1865 LaCrosse, WI Nashville, TN
Johnston Walter L. Calvary WW I 10/24/1929 Tacoma, WA Dr. Flynn 5/25/1918 Tacoma, WA  
Joles Charles N. Tacoma not given 1/2/1913 Illinois Helen Joles    
Jones C. H. Tacoma Maus. Civil 11/29/1922    8/23/1864 Menasha WI Camp Washburn WI
Jones Cassius M. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/2/1929 Highgate, VT   9/15/1861 Madison WI Madison, WI
Jones Charles Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 10/5/1922 Maine   5/8/1898 Princeton MN St. Paul, MN
Jones Charles F. Tacoma Spanish-American 9/26/1917 Michigan Leona Jones    
Jones Charles H. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/26/1918 Massachusetts   7/8/1862 Boston, MA Philadelphia, PA
Jones Edgar H. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/9/1911 OH   11/20/1863 Evansville, IN Vicksburg, MS
Jones George L. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/1/1931 WI   8/?/1862 Chippewa Falls, WI Madison, WI
Jones Henry Orting Soldiers Civil not given    6/15/1859 Boston, MA Portsmouth
Jones Herbert Walter Tacoma Spanish-American 5/21/1925 OH Dorothy Jones 6/20/1898 Dayton, OH  
Jones John Orting Soldiers Civil 8/12/1912 Ireland   1/11/1864 New York, NY New York, NY
Jones Louis Mountain View not given 6/19/1937 Middleview, MI     
Jones Mahlon E. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/3/1910 Indiana   8/27/1861 Plymouth, IN Camp Stone TX
Jones Vistor V. Mountain View Spanish-American 10/23/1936 Mansing, MI Wm. Jones    
Jones William Orting Soldiers Civil 9/23/1919 Pottsville, PA   4/19/1864 Wash., DC  
Jordan William Orting Soldiers Civil 10/23/1906 OH     
Jume Charles W. Tacoma Civil 10/11/1911 Fremont, OH   5/2/1864 Camp Cleveland, OH Camp Cleveland, OH
Junett James M. Tacoma Civil 8/31/1915 NY   3/10/1864 Chicago, IL Vicksburg, MS
Jurin Edward M. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/29/1918    4/27/1861 New York, NY New York, NY
Last Name First & Middle Cemetery War Death or Burial Birthplace Next of Kin Enlisted Enlistment Place Discharge Place
Kain John Calvary Civil ? not given Austria     
Kaiser John C. Woodbine Civil 1/4/1921 Germany Emma Miner    
Kals Rudolph Orting Soldiers Civil 4/2/1865 Germany   3/4/1865 Janesville, WI Milwaukee, WI
Kanavan Thomas Calvary Civil ? 1/9/1826 Co. Tyrone, Ireland     
Kanode John Tacoma Civil 10/25/1917 OH   10/14/1861 Camp Chase, OH Camp Chase, OH
Karlson Johan E.A. Ft Lewis not given 6/8/1918 Sweden     
Kasson James L. Oakwood Civil 12/23/1922 NY Elizabeth Kasson 2/12/1862 Menekaune, WI Chicago, IL
Kean D.L. Oakwood Civil 1908     IL ?  
Kean Isaac H. Tacoma Civil 11/28/1909 OH   9/4/1861 Monroe, WI Racine, WI
Keating Patrick Tacoma Civil ? 11/11/1909 Ireland Paul Keating    
Keefe Patrick Oakwood Civil 4/13/1894 Minnesota   8/14/1862 Ft Snelling, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Keeley William H. Tacoma not given 10/27/1899 NY     
Kegg Benjamin F. Tacoma not given 7/20/1925 OH     
Keith Richard H. Woodbine Civil 11/11/1897 Maine Sidney Keith    
Keller S.T. Oakwood Civil 12/17/1921    2/1/1865 Madison, WI  
Kelley Eli Orting Soldiers Civil 3/12/1922 Randolph Co., VA Mrs. Mary M. Kelley 3/26/1863 Philadelphia, PA City Point, VA
Kelley Michael Orting Soldiers Civil 4/10/1906 Canada   8/11/1863 Frankfort, PA Philadelphia, PA
Kelley Roswell W. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/9/1937 OH Mrs. R.W. Kelley 8/16/1862 Independence, IA Austin, TX
Kellogg Milo B. Orting Soldiers Civil Oct-18 NY   9/9/1861 Marion, NY Wash., DC
Kellum Ephraim Orting Soldiers Civil 11/30/1911 Michigan   9/9/1861 Grand Rapids, MI Jackson, MI
Kelly Daniel Orting Soldiers Civil 1/24/1899    7/16/1863 Philadelphia, PA Munson's Hill, VA
Kelly Edward G. Calvary WW I 9/21/1939 Buffalo, NY Miss Alice Kelly 4/26/1917   
Kelly James F. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/27/1906    8/22/1864 Ft Snelling, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Kelly James F. Orting City Civil 6/25/190    8/22/1864 Ft Snelling, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Kelly Orville J. Ft Lewis WW I 10/21/1931 NY James R. Kelly    
Kelly Thomas W. Calvary not given 8/12/1934 Iowa Mrs. W.A. Avery    
Kelly W.Q. Oakwood Spanish-American 7/13/1936 Illinois Maude Kelly 4/25/1898 Spokane, WA Angel Is., CA
Kelly William Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 2/25/1931 TN     
Kemp C.N. Oakwood Civil not given     PA ?  
Kennedy Fred Mountain View Spanish-American 5/15/1937 Knoxville, TN   7/13/1898 Knoxville, TN Savannah, GA
Kennedy John James Ft Lewis not given not given     SD ?  
Kennedy Patrick Orting Soldiers Indian 2/13/1924 Canada   Aug 1876 Omaha, NE Ft Custer, WY
Kennell Alexander Tacoma Civil 2/17/1906 Ireland   9/26/1862 OH ?  
Kennison Sheridan H. Oakwood Civil 1/20/1912 NY   8/22/1862 Bangor, ME Ft Monroe, NY
Kenoyer Elmer B. Sumner Spanish-American 5/30/1930 Missouri Dora Kenoyer 12/10/1898 Hutchinson, KS Ft Leavenworth, KS
Kenrick George A. Tacoma not given 8/27/1932 Arlington, MA Mrs. G.A. Kenrick    
Kent Charles J. Ft Lewis WW I 1/1/1919 PA     
Kent Francis W. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/7/1906 Canada   8/2/1860 New York, NY City Point, VA
Kent Lymon B. Tacoma not given 5/10/1924 Massachusetts Cora Kent Welch    
Kenyon Delaney Oakwood Civil not given    8/29/1864 Dixon, IL Springfield, IL
Keoghan Matthew Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 4/27/1903 Ireland   1893 Newark, NJ Philipine Is.
Kerr Albert T. Sumner Civil 10/1/1924 Indiana   9/5/1861 Indianapolis, IN  
Kester William R. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    8/5/1862 New River, MI Salisbury, NC
Kettering Andrew Buckley Civil ? 1906      
Keutemeyer Frederick Orting Soldiers Civil 9/20/1896 Germany     
Keyes Lloyd Birkby Woodlawn Abby WW I 8/11/1929 Rockford, IL     
Keyser Walter S. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/2/1927 Wilmot, NH   5/7/1861 Boston, MA Philadelphia, PA
Kilgore James E. Tacoma WW I 7/12/1937 Delphi, IN Mrs. Jessie Kilgore 12/14/1917 Seattle, WA R.S. Puget Sound
Kilgore William C. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/15/1911 Missouri   1/25/1865 Mexico, MO Opelaka, AL
Kilgore William R. Tacoma Civil 11/22/1909      
Killeen William Orting Soldiers Civil 12/10/1925 Ireland   5/21/1861 New York, NY New York, NY
Killin James W. Tacoma WW I 6/19/1921 Minnesota John Killin 7/22/1918 Klatsop Co., OR  
Killin Oscar Joseph Tacoma WW I 10/2/1918 Minn., MN   4/11/1917 Minneapolis, MN Fell in France
Killoran William Anderson Tacoma not given 3/7/1924      
Kilpatrick Charles E. Mountain View not given 7/27/1935      
Kimball William H. Artondale not given 4/10/1923 Nebraska   4/18/1863 East Sagano Salt Lake City, UT
Kimes George W. Tacoma Civil 5/20/1912 PA   8/16/1862 Hamilton, IL Baton Rouge, LA
Kindig Jacob C. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/13/1906 PA   8/11/1862 South Bend, IN Vicksburg, MS
king Ira G. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/2/1861 Indiana   4/22/1861 Columbus, IN  
King John W. Ft Lewis WW I 11/16/1918 Minnesota     
king Peter F. Old Calvary Civil 6/14/1902 Maine   4/10/1865   
King Samuel S. Eatonville Civil 2/13/1924 England E.P. King    
King Selah S. Oakwood not given 9/25/1919 Michigan Mrs. Anna J. King    
King Thomas E. Tacoma Civil 3/9/1894 Hudson, OH   6/3/1863 CT ?  
King Thomas J. Woodbine not given 7/10/1910 OH     
King William Orting Soldiers Civil 2/19/1903 Massachusetts   8/14/1862 Redwing, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Kinney Cassius E. Tacoma Maus. Civil 12/20/1925 OH     
Kinney Martin Orting Soldiers Civil 2/5/1907 NY     
Kirsch John R. Ft Lewis not given 1/29/1922 Iowa     
Kirtley J.L. Buckley Civil ? 6/22/1909      
Kirtley Milton Orting Soldiers Indian 3/14/1909 Indiana   11/1/1855   
Klapp Oro O. Mountain View WW I 11/10/1918 Frankford, KS   10/21/1918 Tacoma, WA  
Klein Barnhardt Orting Soldiers Civil 9/13/1910    2/14/1855 Ft Mason, TX Camp Mc Daniel
Klenick Herman A. Tacoma not given 5/10/1913     PA ?  
Kletsch J.F. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/16/1902 Germany   7/3/1863 Erie, PA City Point, VA
Kliemand George Mountain View not given 3/12/1933      
Kliemand John G. Mountain View WW I 6/28/1924      
Klock George Orting Soldiers Civil 12/15/1932 NY Mrs. Dora Klock 9/6/1861 Fondulac, WI Augusta, ME
Knaggs George Oakwood Civil 4/6/1926 England     
Knapp Horace Artondale Civil 2/1/1913 PA    PA ?  
Knapp J.W. Buckley not given 11/6/1916 Canada     
Knapp Nathan Tacoma Civil 5/28/1904 Michigan   9/16/1861   Chatanooga, TN
Knaur William Frederick Tacoma Civil 4/29/1925 PA Margaret Poinees 5/26/1863 Camp Tupper, Marietta, OH Brownsville, TX
Knight H.S. Oakwood Civil 4/24/1905 England   4/14/1864 Pope Co., IL  
Knight James H. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/2/1923 Iowa   10/12/1864 Rochester, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Knoble Edward Tacoma Civil 8/11/1916 Kentucky W.B. Knoble 10/27/1862 Murfreesboro, TN  
Knopr Leon Sr. Mountain View not given 1/31/1934 Barnville, SC Grace Knopf    
Knowles Charles Orting Soldiers Civil 10/27/1907 Michigan   9/12/1863 Brooklyn, MI Jackson, MI
Knowlton Charles Orting Soldiers Civil 3/24/1925 Evans Mills, NY   8/13/1861 New Brunswick, NJ Alexandria, VA
Kohler John C. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/19/1911 Germany   1/4/1858 San Francisco, CA Wash., DC
Konkle Josiah Woodbine Civil 4/15/1910 PA    PA ?  
Korslin John R. Ft Lewis not given 9/15/1938     ND ?  
Kough G.L. Sumner Civil not given     PA ?  
Kreitzer Aaron Oakwood not given 4/2/1918 PA Mrs. C Kreitzer    
Kretcham Henry Oakwood Crem. not given 11/9/1917 Brooklyn, N Y     
Kriegel Reinhart Buckley WW ? 8/27/1918      
Kroeger Carl K Woodbine WW I 2/18/1930 OR Bertha Kroeger 5/14/1917 Vancouver, WA  
Kryger Major L Woodbine WW I 9/20/1926 SD   5/14/1917 Tacoma, WA  
Krysh John L Mountain View not given 5/31/1921 WI Mrs. John L Krysh    
Kuhn George A Tacoma Civil 1/13/1919 Germany Mathew Kuhn 3/23/1864 St Paul, MN Jeffersonville, IN
Kuhn Robert Orting Soldiers Civil 11/23/1913    10/1861 Springfield, IL  
Kunz Charles Ft Lewis not given 2/5/1925 Delaware John Kunz    
Kyle Chas W Orting Soldiers Civil 2/11/1904 NY   6/19/1863 New York, NY New York, NY
Last Name First & Middle Cemetery War Death or Burial Birthplace Next of Kin Enlisted Enlistment Place Discharge Place
LaBounty F.C. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/30/1911 OH   7/14/1862 Massillon, OH Camp Chase, OH
LaBow Augustus Orting Soldiers Civil 3/27/1929 Joliette, Canada   11/20/1861 New York, NY  
Lacey Clarence D Tacoma not given 5/31/1938 Chicago, IL Esther M Lacey    
LaDuke Lewis Orting Soldiers Civil 1/6/1921 NY   12/19/1863 Potsdam, NY Ft Federal, MD
LaFavor Charles V. Mountain View not given 1/11/1932 Nebraska Mrs. LaFavor    
Lake J.N. Oakwood Civil not given    8/2/1862 Dayton, OH Nashville, TN
Lamb John A. Oakwood Civil 3/14/1918 Indiana Geo. O. Lamb 12/31/1863 Culpepper, VA Jeffersonville, IN
Lamb Thomas Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 8/29/1934 Glasgow, Scotland Sarah Downs 8/1/1898 Seattle, WA Seattle, WA
Lamkin Leory S. Orting Soldiers Civil 7/23/1927 VT   8/23/1862 Burlington, IA Selma, AL
Lammey William H. Tacoma Civil 6/24/1901 PA   1/16/1901 Ottawa, IL  
Lamoreaux Aaron Orting Soldiers Civil 2/8/1924 NY   9/4/1861 Rushville, NY Rochester, NY
Lamott Oscar B. Tacoma Civil 12/10/1888 OH   7/24/1862 Camp Piqua, OH Wash., DC
Lance Henry C. Calvary Civil 7/12/1930 Illinois Mrs. Lena Zender 3/22/1864 Marshall Co., IA Selma, AL
Landers Louis F. Mountain View WW I 9/26/1935 Canada Melissa Landers 12/15/1917 Ft McDowell, CA  
Landis John A. Oakwood Civil 4/26/1915 OH Clara L. Landis 6/13/1861 Martinsburg, ?IA St Louis, MO
Landon Lewis Oakwood Civil 12/15/1915 NY Fred M. Landon 12/12/1861 Cataract, WI Louisville, KY
Lane M.J. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/18/1913    2/22/1865 Astoria, IL Murfreesboro, TN
Langdon Charles Woodbine Spanish-American 7/31/1920   Mrs. Elizabeth Langdon    
Langdon Edgar C. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/7/1933 NY   2/4/1864 Galena, IL Camp Stanley, TX
Langdon Joseph Woodbine Civil 9/17/1905 NY     
Lankford James W. Orting Soldiers Civil 7/22/1921 Indiana O.M. Lankford 9/13/1861 Jefferson, IN Indianola, TX
Lapham John Buckley Civil ? 8/27/1897      
LaPlant Dolar Woodbine Spanish-American 9/5/1925 Kansas Mary LaPlant 5/1/1898 Denver, CO San Francisco, CA
LaPlante Elmer Woodbine Civil 5/24/1897 Kansas Joseph LaPlant    
Laprell Gregory Orting Soldiers Civil not given    8/3/1861 Ft Wayne Petersburg, VA
Larkins Samuel Orting Soldiers Civil 3/13/1910 Kentucky   1/16/1865 Pottsville, TN Nashville, TN
LaRoe William Orting Soldiers Civil 6/23/1922 Potsdam, NY   5/23/1863 Potsdam, NY Montgomery, AL
Larson Andres W. Tacoma Civil ? 4/30/1890      
Larson Nels Woodbine WW I 1/5/1925 Norway Lotm Knickerbocker 6/29/1918 Nenana, AK Camp Lewis, WA
Larson Richard E. Ft Lewis WW I 10/22/1918 Denmark     
Laudy John Orting Soldiers Civil 2/26/1909    3/31/1864 Mahancy City, PA Harrisburg, PA
Lauger Elliot Woodlawn Abby WW I 10/3/1922 PA   5/16/1917 Tacoma, WA  
Laughlin Robert M. Oakwood Civil 5/24/1913    6/16/1861 Fairmont, MO  
Lavanway Charles S. Sumner Civil 11/7/1923    9/10/1862 VT ?  
Lavine Louis B. Tacoma Civil 10/2/1907    2/13/1865 Marcellon, WI  
Lawler Michael J. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    9/10/1861 Wilmington, IL  
Lawrence Antone Tacoma Civil 2/26/1925 Switzerland     
Lawrence Francis Orting Soldiers Civil 1/23/1900 Ireland   12/10/1863 Dubuque, IA Austin, TX
Lawrence Joel Tacoma Civil 3/22/1910 NY Mrs. Mary T. Wilcox 2/16/1864 Auburn, NY McDougal Gen. Hosp., NY Harbor
Lawrence Morris S. Oakwood Civil 3/17/1905 VT   12/18/1863 VT ?  
Lawrence William Raymond Tacoma WW I 5/31/1934 Tacoma, WA   3/27/1917 Seattle, WA  
Layton W.H. Oakwood not given 8/20/1894 Nova Scotia     
Leabo Carl C. Ft Lewis WW I 9/1/1922 OR Joseph Leabo 2/13/1918 Ft Lawton, WA  
Leach Moses W. Oakwood Civil 1/27/1914 VT   2/14/1863   
Leader Ray B. Mountain View not given 9/8/1936 Plattsville     
Leak William Oakwood Civil 1/4/1920    8/11/1862 Camp Monresville, OH Camp Harker, TN
Lee Charles T. Tacoma not given 1895      
Lee Edwin P. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/3/1921 NY   1/1/1861 WI ?  
Lee Herbert W. Oakwood Spanish-American 2/114/1914 WI Chas. E. Lee 6/25/1898 Neillsville, WI Neillsville, WI
Lee Howard D. Oakwood WW I 5/6/1939 Montague, MI Mrs. Flossie Lee 1/14/1917 not given  
Lee Martin D. Oakwood Civil 4/29/1918 NY Ralph Lee 12/23/1861 Eagle, WI Madison, WI
Leftwick C.B. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/27/1906 Iowa   3/24/1864 IA Louisville, KY
Legg Peter Orting Soldiers Civil 7/8/1911 NY   5/7/1861 Albany, NY Talladega, AL
Lehon Alex Ft Lewis WW I 7/5/1924 Russia    WI ?  
Leickem Peter Orting Soldiers Civil 4/28/1925 WI S. Leickem 9/24/1861 Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee, WI
Lemon John E. Woodbine not given 2/12/1936 Louisville, CO Mrs. Irene Lemon    
Lemon John J. Tacoma Civil ? 5/8/1913 OH     
Lengel George W. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/28/1929 PA Mrs. G.W. Lengel 8/15/1862 Harrisburg, PA Richmond, VA
Lengert Charles Orting Soldiers Indian 12/7/1929 France   4/7/1873 New York, NY New York, NY
Leonard Charles H. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/21/1915 Canada   8/29/1863 Bay City, MI Murfreesboro, TN
Leonard J.N. Tacoma Civil ? 3/28/1906 CT     
Leonard William P. Mountain View Civil 12/25/1927 Iowa    IA ?  
Leones Cirilo Ft Lewis not given 9/29/1918 Philippine Is.     
Levangie Thomas J. Ft Lewis not given 8/6/1935     WA ?  
Levene Walter M. Sumner WW I 7/10/1935    7/25/1918 Seattle, WA  
Levy Theo Orting Soldiers Civil 11/10/1912 St. Louis, MO John M. Levy 10/1/1861 LaCrosse, WI KY
Lewis Charles A. Oakwood Civil 3/19/1926 Indiana Mrs. Helen Lewis 8/10/1862 Vermillion Co., IL Nashville, TN
Lewis Clifford C. Sumner WW I 9/28/1918    9/19/1917 Puyallup, WA Fell in France
Lewis Mortimer Oakwood Civil 4/22/1892 NY   6/1/1863 NT Camp Barry, D.C.
Lewis Richard Tacoma Civil ? 5/31/1903 Wales    PA ?  
Lewis Robert B. Sumner WW I 3/27/1932    3/30/1917 Tacoma, WA  
Libby Samuel M. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/18/1911 Massachusetts   8/6/1862 Port Byron, IL Pine Bluff, AR
Liddle Charles M. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/6/1929 Michigan    MI  
Lieben J.H. Orting Soldiers Civil not given      
Lierman Carl Orting Soldiers Civil 9/30/1931    6/1/1864 New York, NY Norfolk, VA
Liesner Herman Mountain View WW I 9/4/1934 Germany Mrs. Louise Hall    
Light Forrest D. Tacoma WW ? 10/25/1918      
Lillie Charles B. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/6/1897 Massachusetts   2/22/1862 LaCrosse, WI Madison, WI
Limstrang Henry Orting Soldiers Spanish-American Aug-39 Finland Mrs. Henry Limstrang 5/4/1898 Diamondville, WY Jacksonville, FL
Lind Ivan C. Mountain View WW I 2/27/1928 Indiana     
Lindquist Carl E. Tacoma WW I 9/27/1935 Tacoma, WA Lenore L. Lindquist    
Lindquist Gustav F. Oakwood Civil 1/23/1912 Sweden   4/25/1861 New York, NY  
Lindsay Edward B. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 7/18/1935 Charleston, SC   4/25/1897 Atlanta, GA Ft McHenry, MD
Lindsey John Orting Soldiers Civil 12/27/1908 Pittsburg, PA   7/15/1864 Pittsburg, PA Pittsburg, PA
Linville John F. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/22/1913 Indiana   9/21/1863 Big Springs, KS Ft Leavenworth, KS
Lippincott C.F. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/18/1898 PA   8/4/1861 Rock Island, IL Chicago, IL
Litherland George W. Buckley Civil ? not given      
Litherland James A. Tacoma Civil ? Oct. 1906      
Lithgow Henry S. Oakwood WW I 2/19/1918 PA     
Little Clinton Mountain View not given 3/23/1925   Clift. F. Little    
Little George Tacoma Civil 7/31/1914 Augusta, ME   12/1/1863 Ft Snelling, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Little John Orting Soldiers Civil 4/3/1925 PA   1/25/1864 Gallops Is., MA Wash., DC
Livingston William Cooper Ft Lewis Spanish-American 7/5/1930 Spencer, IN Mrs. Livingston   IN ?  
Lochead William Buckley not given 3/19/1900      
Lockard Isreal Orting Soldiers Civil 3/26/1900 Ireland   8/12/1863 Buffalo, NY  
Lockridge Benjamin C. Buckley Civil not given    8/21/1862 Clayton Co., IA Philadelphia, PA
Lockwood Willaim Orting Soldiers Civil 6/3/1920 NY   8/14/1862 Long Island, NY Bladenburg, MD
Loeser Joseph Calvary not given 12/3/1936 Austria A.H. Wallace    
Logan D.A. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    11/22/1862 not given  
Lomax Fred H. Mountain View WW I 5/21/1935 Marysville, MO Mrs. Jane Lomax    
Long Jacob B. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/6/1925 Indiana Mrs. S. Walsmith 8/3/1861 Pattonsburg, MO St. Louis, MO
Long Solomon B. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/27/1926 Smithfield, IN   8/9/1862 Laporte, IN Davenport, IA
Long Stephen W. Tacoma Civil 9/7/1911 OH Wm. S. Long 5/23/1864 Tamaroa, IL Springfield, IL
Longfellow Charles F. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/12/1909 Bangor, ME   2/14/1865 Minneapolis, MN St Paul, MO
Longgrain Frank Orting City Civil 2/11/1922 Gutenburg, Sweden   9/23/1862 Whitman, MA Whitman, MA
Loomis Maynard Orting Soldiers Civil 8/16/1931 NY   7/7/1862 Chicago, IL Chicago, IL
Lopp John F. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/23/1911 Indiana   Sept. 1861 Logansport, IN Louisville, KY
Lord Charles Orting Soldiers Civil 10/9/1905    2/8/1865 Berlin, WI Benton B'cks, MO
Lord Robert A. Mountain View not given 3/8/1937 PA D.E. Lord    
Loring Alfred B. Mountain View WW I 11/12/1931      
Lotz John Joseph Mountain View not given 5/3/1934      
Lovell Don G. Tacoma Civil 10/25/1907 Michigan F.P. Hoskill 5/13/1861 Grand Rapids, MI  
Loving Royal S. Ft Lewis not given 1/22/1936 TX Starly Loving    
Luce John Mountain View not given 6/8/1925 PA John Luce, Jr.    
Lucy Samuel C. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/16/1921 Massachusetts   4/23/1861 Boston, MA Boston, MA
Ludlow Oliver C. Parkland not given not given      
Lundberg Hans C. Tacoma not given 11/5/1918 Norway     
Luzader Perry G. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    8/9/1862 Appanoose, IA Davenport, IA
Lyman Robert Woodbine Civil 4/21/1909 Davenport, IA   8/4/1861 Carrollton, IA Texas
Lyon John J.M. Oakwood Spanish-American 8/17/1919 Dayton, WA   4/26/1898 Dayton, WA San Francisco, CA
Lyons Hiram W. Ft Lewis not given 6/2/1937      
Lyons John E. Woodbine Civil 11/29/1895 OH   9/25/1861 Athens, OH  
Last Name First & Middle Cemetery War Death or Burial Birthplace Next of Kin Enlisted Enlistment Place Discharge Place
Mabile Cornelius Tacoma WW I 10/2/1924 Cico, TX Mrs. Kate Mabile    
Macauley Hugh Orting Soldiers Civil 4/18/1911    9/9/1861 Madison, WI New Orleans, LA
MacDonald Alex D Ft Lewis WW I 11/16/1918 Scotland Norman MacDonald    
Mack William M. Tacoma Maus. Civil 4/24/1914 OH Mrs. Eliz. J. Mack 9/7/1864 Toledo, OH Nashville, TN
Macke Samuel Mountain View Spanish-American 3/10/1938 Finland   7/7/1898 Duluth, MN Camp McKensie
Macomber C.F. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/13/1899 NY   12/27/1861 Canadaiqua, NY Elmira, NY
MacPherson George R. Tacoma not given 12/8/1936 Scotland Grace MacPherson    
Madden Andrew J. Oakwood Civil 5/1/1913 TN Frank Madden 8/22/1864 Oakhurst, MO  
Maddock Leandrec Oakwood not given 2/9/1925      
Magill Gilbert T. Tacoma Civil 3/27/1913 Indiana Arthur Magill 5/14/1864 Mt. Vernon  
Magoon George A. Tacoma Civil ? Dec. 1926      
Magoon William Buried on his farm Civil 1907      
Maine John A. Calvary Civil ? 3/20/1926 NY Hattie Maine   WI ?  
Major Samuel Orting Soldiers Civil 12/31/1897 Ireland    MD ?  
Malervy James Tacoma not given not given      
Malone John J. Calvary Civil ? 1/31/1911 Ireland Mrs. Malone    
Maloy James Orting Soldiers Civil 1/16/1911 OH   10/17/1861 LaCrosse, WI Red Bare, MA
Manchester T.J. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/7/1910 OH   10/20/1861 Princeton, IL Louisville, KY
Mandenhall Charles H. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/22/1925 Illinois Mrs. E.H. Madenhall 7/13/1863 Jasper Co., IA Little Rock, AR
Mangold Frederick S. Tacoma Civil ? 4/10/1910 Germany     
Mann John Bradish Woodbine WW I 8/4/1925   Marie C. Mann 9/22/1917 Great Falls, MN  
Mann Theodore P. Mountain View Civil 11/14/1918 Indiana A.F. Mann 11/19/1864 Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN
Mannering Patrick Orting Soldiers Civil not given    10/17/1862 Troy, NY Greensboro, GA
Manning Guy Joseph Mountain View not given not given     SD ?  
Manning Joseph H. Mountain View not given 7/31/1918 Kentucky     
Manoque Thomas Orting Soldiers Civil 1/1/1909 Canada   3/6/1865   
Mansfield Harry Jr. Mountain View not given 6/27/1929   Sylvia E. Mansfield    
Manthou Chris M. Tacoma WW I 8/5/1937 Greece Irene Manthou 9/17/1918   
Mapes Rufus Orting Soldiers Civil 12/17/1923 Indianapolis, IN   1/1/1864 Springfield, IL  
Marek Charles E. Alder WW I 4/10/1905 Alder, WA Emil Marek    
Margum E.R. Oakwood Civil 11/9/1892    8/19/1864 Gallipolis, OH Nashville, TN
Marheney Stephen P. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/11/1925 Danville, MO   6/1/1863 St Louis, MO Benton B'cks, MO
Marker Gottfried Orting Soldiers Civil not given    6/14/1861 NE ?  
Markeson Martin Mountain View not given 11/27/1928 Russia     
Markham William E. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/25/1915 WI   3/7/1865 Milwaukee, WI Madison, WI
Markin Charles Orting Soldiers Civil not given    9/14/1861 Ceredo, WV Charleston, WV
Markkanen John O. Mountain View WW I 4/11/1936 Finland     
Markle William Orting Soldiers Civil 4/6/1909 NY   8/27/1864 Janesville, WI Shreveport, LA
Marsh Thaddeus Tacoma Civil 2/29/1911 OH Hannah J. Marsh 2/15/1865 Wheeling, WV Wheeling, WV
Marshall A.J. Orting Soldiers Civil 7/26/1911 NY   8/18/1862   Ft Leavenworth, KS
Marshall John W. Tacoma Civil 11/13/1904 Missouri   7/1/1863 Ft Scott, KS Ft Leavenworth, KS
Marshall Thomas Orting Soldiers Civil 8/26/1909 Massachusetts   8/28/1861 San Francisco, CA NM
Martell Ambrose Orting Soldiers Civil 10/15/1927 Canada   8/21/1862 Hudson, WI Louisville, KY
Martin Alfred Oakwood Civil 3/21/1902 CT   8/18/1862 New Haven, CT Wash., DC
Martin Frank Roderick Mountain View WW I 1/3/1934    3/11/1918 Seattle, WA  
Martin John Tacoma Civil ? 8/13/1891      
Martin Louis Frank Tacoma not given 7/13/1926 Chicago, IL Louis Martin    
Martin M.W. Woodbine Civil 10/27/1904 NY     
Martin Marquis Orting Soldiers Civil not given    10/20/1861 Ilney, IL Selma, AL
Martin Medad W. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/27/1904 NY   9/15/1861 Ft Byron, IL Memphis, TN
Martin Rascelus Orting Soldiers Civil 10/24/1910 VT   2/11/1865 Kosknong, MO Benton, MO
Martin Ray Mountain View WW I 11/22/1935 Green Bay, WI Mrs. Ray Martin    
Martin Robert J. Oakwood Civil 9/14/1915 Illinois Mahala M. Martin 8/8/1862   
Martine John F. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/30/1907 NY   12/17/1861 Yorkville, WI Jefferson City, MO
Masburg Alexander Oakwood Civil not given    2/13/1865 Tarrytown, NY Philadelphia, PA
Mason Franklin S. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/11/1895 NY   3/5/1862 Ft Snelling, WI Spanish Fort, LA
Mason John Quincy Tacoma Civil ? 4/27/1920 Illinois Mrs. U. Mason    
Mather Frank L. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/22/1909 OH   9/2/1864 Melville, VA City Point, VA
Mathews Archbold Woodbine Civil ? 5/24/1900 PA     
Mathews Charles C. Tacoma not given 5/30/1934 Clinton, GA Mrs. Calle B. Mathews    
Mathews Francis Orting Soldiers Civil 11/13/1925 Scotland   5/12/1862 Buffalo, NY New York, NY
Mathews George Orting Soldiers Civil 8/26/1903 New Orleans   1862 Kansas City, KS Ft Leavenworth, KS
Mathieson Paul W. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 9/18/1936    6/25/1898 Yakima, WA Presidio, CA
Matteson Darrius Orting Soldiers Civil 11/3/1905 NY   8/2/1862 Castile, NY Cloud Mills, VA
Mattison George D. Tacoma Civil 10/20/1910 NY Mrs. C.D. Mattison 12/30/1863 Hoosick Wash., DC
Mattison Thomas Tacoma Civil 8/8/1915 OH Mrs. M. Mattison 1/5/1864 Iowa Co. Atlanta, GA
Mattson Rudolph T. Woodlawn Abby WW I 6/9/1924 Minn., MN     
Mattson Vernie Tacoma not given 4/12/1932      
Maurer Allen D. Oakwood Civil 3/29/1926 PA    IL ?  
Maxon Augustus E Woodlawn Abby not given 4/1/1924      
Maxwell Volney H Oakwood not given 7/30/1909      
Maxwell William Ft Lewis not given 11/29/1923 Alleghany, PA     
May Frank P Calvary WW I 10/9/1918    9/18/1917 So Tacoma, WA  
May William N Mountain View WW I 5/18/1935 Sheffield, England Gordon May 3/21/1918 Jackson Bks, LA  
May Jas H Orting Soldiers Civil 9/29/1909    4/24/1861 Indianapolis, IN Ft Hall, ID
Maynard Thomas J Orting Soldiers Civil 2/7/1907 OH   1/20/1865   Salem, OH
McAllister Thomas Oakwood Civil 1/6/1919 Ireland     
McArthur John B Tacoma Civil 6/19/1918 OH Mrs. Inez Lyons 8/19/1861 Jefferson, OH Louisville, KY
McCant William Stanley Mountain View not given 4/16/1938 Old Louisville, AR     
McCarter William B Mountain View not given 5/4/1937 Boulder, CO Mrs. Mary McCarter    
McCarthy James W Orting Soldiers Civil 8/1/1911 Canada   7/22/1861 Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN
McCarty Geo M Orting Soldiers Civil 10/12/1916 OH   10/6/1861 Logansport, IN Louisville, KY
McCarver M M Tacoma not given 4/17/1875      
McCary Jas Orting Soldiers Civil 6/28/1903    1/22/1861 Staten Island, NY Elmira, NY
McCaustland Robert Orting Soldiers Civil 11/14/1864    11/14/1864 Madison, WI Madison, WI
McClanahan M R Orting Soldiers Civil 10/2/1908 Adams Co., OH   5/2/1864 Winchester, OH Gallipolis,OH
McClintock F T Orting Soldiers Indian 9/6/1908 TN    Dalles, OR  
McClintock William E Tacoma Spanish-American 12/4/1937 Mars Hill, MA Dora McClintock    
McClure Edward P Woodbine Civil 3/3/1911 PA   10/10/1861 Kossuth, IA Davenport, IA
McClure Francis Mountain View not given 3/3/1935 Pittsburg, PA     
McConnaughy W S Oakwood Civil 9/14/1925    2/16/1865 Camp Chase, OH Nashville, TN
McConnell Francis Charles Tacoma Civil 11/1/1915 OH Frank McConnell 8/1/1862 Nashua, IA Wash., DC
McCorkle William E Mountain View Spanish-American 10/15/1932      
McCormick William C Orting Soldiers Civil 4/5/1938 OH   8/10/1864 Cleveland, OH Louisville, KY
McCoy Chauncy Orting Soldiers Civil 4/21/1906 NY   6/8/1861 Keokuk, IA Davenport, IA
McCoy Chauncy D Tacoma Civil 4/21/1906 NY   5/22/1861 Elkader Davenport, IA
McCoy Edward Mountain View not given 2/4/1928 CT     
McCoy Edward C Mountain View WW I 6/2/1937 New York, NY     
McCoy J A Tacoma not given 4/2/1898 Indiana     
McCoy Lewis B Mountain View not given 6/19/1922 PA Mrs. A R Kelly    
McCoy William Orting Soldiers Civil 10/25/1926 Oregon, IL   2/2/1865 IL McCougal Hospital
McCreary Henry Orting Soldiers Civil 10/19/1908 PA   8/10/1862 Kalamazoo, MI Jackson, MI
McCulloch Oscar Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 1/13/1930 Kansas   7/7/1899 Winfield, KS Aparri Cagayan, P I
McCutcheon Joseph Oakwood not given 10/29/1936      
McDonald Albert Wallace Mountain View not given 9/27/1925 California     
McDonald Geo A Orting Soldiers Civil 3/12/1903 Maine   6/25/1862 St Paul, MN St Paul, MN
McDonald James S Wilkeson K P not given 5/16/1906 Kingsboro, PEI     
McDonough Eugene Orting Soldiers Civil 9/11/1912 New York, NY   8/19/1861 New York, NY Port Royal, SC
McDonough Michael Orting Soldiers Civil 12/30/1916 PA   1/21/1862 Surlville, PA Philadelphia, PA
McDougal F E Buckley not given 1909      
McDowell A Orting Soldiers Civil 11/18/1913 VA   8/20/1861 Columbus, IN Indianapolis, IN
McDowell George I Orting Soldiers Civil 1/26/1914 New Brunswick   9/10/1862 Harrington, MA Bangor, MA
McElhinny Mathew H C Mountain View Civil 11/9/1937 Alleghany, PA   8/8/1862 Richland Grove Wash., DC
McFarland Chesley Orting Soldiers Civil 4/18/1925 Blue Hill, MA   12/18/1863 Waukesha, WI VA
McFarland Fredrick Tacoma not given 1/27/1906 NY     
McFarland Jeremiah Orting Soldiers Civil 10/19/1927 OH   9/28/1861 Henry County, IL Corinth, MS
McFarland John Orting Soldiers Civil 7/18/1906 NY   7/21/1864   New Orleans, LA
McFarland M H Orting Soldiers Civil not given    9/11/1861 Corwin, OH Charlotte, NC
McFerrin Glenn H Mountain View WW I 11/13/1935 OR Mary McFerrin 4/29/1918 Morrow  
McGary James Tacoma Civil 1/25/1909    9/12/1863   Nashville, TN
McGeehan James Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 7/31/1937 Ireland   1896 Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn, NY
McGeever Thomas Orting Soldiers Civil 6/16/1928 Ireland   2/4/1865 Smithville Wash., DC
McGill Thomas Orting Soldiers Civil 12/28/1914 Philadelphia, PA   3/4/1864 New York, NY New York, NY
McGovern George Orting Soldiers Civil 7/4/1909 NY   11/21/1861   Saratoga Springs, NY
McGowan Thomas Orting Soldiers Civil 12/8/1898 Illinois   9/17/1862 Grand Rapids, MI Wash., DC
McGuire Alexander Orting Soldiers Civil 5/13/1909 NY   4/23/1861 Winchester, CT New Haven, CT
McHale Alexander U Orting Soldiers Civil 3/13/1911 Ireland   6/15/1862   Alexandria, VA
McHenry Benjamin F Oakwood Civil 4/16/1915 PA Mrs. M H McHenry 1/4/1864 Starkey Harewood Hospital, Wash. DC
McHoes John Orting Soldiers Civil 12/3/1909 PA   9/10/1861 Freeport, IL St Louis, MO
McIntyre Thomas Orting Soldiers Civil 5/3/1907 Scotland   7/19/1861 Madison, WI Reading, PA
McKay Freeborn Orting Soldiers Civil 10/22/1917 WI   10/8/1863 Darlington, WI Austin, TX
McKeen Donald Orting Soldiers Civil 2/25/1911 Iowa   9/28/1861 Clinton, IA Rianza, MS
McKenzie Fred N Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 5/12/1914 California   5/13/1898 Boise, ID San Francisco, CA
McKinney Horace A Oakwood Civil not given    5/13/1864 Madison, WI Madison, WI
McKinsey N Orting Soldiers Civil 11/27/1905 Indiana   5/5/1864   Baltimore, MD
McKinzie William Orting Soldiers Civil 1/26/1915 Illinois   3/2/1864 Salem, OR Vancouver, WA
McLain John C Orting Soldiers Civil 3/24/1910    5/29/1862 Warren, OH Camp Delaware, OH
McLaughlin D Orting Soldiers Civil 12/6/1907 PA   4/6/1864 LaCrosse, WI Memphis, TN
McLaughlin Thomas Orting Soldiers Civil 1/7/1902 Orting, WA   3/12/1860 New York, NY Cape Disappointment, NY
McLean Dan'l Rosedale not given not given      
McLean Hugh M Mountain View Spanish-American 9/10/1931      
McLean James Tacoma not given 1/29/1933 ND     
McLean John M Tacoma Spanish-American 8/25/1937   Mrs. Caroline McLean 4/26/1898 Grafton, ND San Francisco, CA
McLeod Thomas B Tacoma WW I 2/10/1934      
McMahn Thomas J Orting Soldiers Civil 9/26/1920 OH   9/16/1861 LaCrosse, WI Mound City, IL
McMillan William Orting Soldiers Civil 9/15/1930 Ontario, CN   12/1/1863 Ogdensburg, NY Albany, NY
McMindes Ira Buckley Civil 7/5/1905    10/28/1864 Jackson, CA San Francisco, CA
McMullen Albert Calvary not given 2/17/1920      
McMullen Thomas E Orting Soldiers Civil 6/29/1921 Chester Co., PA   7/18/1864 Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia, PA
McMurtrie Hugh Tacoma Maus. not given 11/11/1921 Milton, PA Miss Bertie McMurtrie    
McNaughton Charles H Orting Soldiers Civil 1/1/1923 NY    Howell, MI Newark, NJ
McNay James F Mountain View Spanish-American 3/30/1933    4/29/1898 Camp Saunders  
McNish William L Buckley not given 1910      
McPhaill Enos W Orting Soldiers Civil 12/25/1928 PA Ed McPhaill 8/12/1861 Warren, PA Petersburg, VA
McQuesten Orlando C Woodlawn Abby not given 1/31/1932 Galena, IL John McQuesten    
Mealco John Oakwood Spanish-American 9/2/1915 Austria Mrs. A Mealco    
Meddock Charles Orting Soldiers Civil 7/21/1922 PA   1861 Parkersburg, WV Richmond, VA
Meehan John Francis Ft Lewis Spanish-American 9/16/1937 Columbus, OH Mrs. Sarah Meehan    
Meers John H. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 12/10/1916 California   5/12/1898 Tacoma, WA  
Megie Samuel M. Oakwood not given 11/25/1922 NJ     
Mendenhall John A. Ft Lewis WW I 8/11/1937 Indiana Zelma L. Mendenhall    
Menzies Norman W. Mountain View WW ? 7/13/1938      
Mercer Thomas J. Tacoma Maus. not given 3/25/1932 Smith Co., VA     
Meredith Franklin Mountain View WW I 9/3/1935 Kansas Mary Meredith 11/6/1917 Ft Lawton, WA  
Mergel Edwin A. Tacoma Maus. Spanish-American 4/21/1927 Minnesota Mrs. Evelyn Mergel    
Merrick Isaiah B. Oakwood Civil 3/23/1900 Maine   5/28/1861 Rockland, ME Rockland, ME
Merrillees Percy R. Ft Lewis not given 7/15/1921      
Merritt Horation N. Orting Soldiers Civil 7/10/1920 NY   8/12/1861 Rime, Jones Co, IA Pacific Hosp., MO
Merritt William Nelson Mountain View not given 3/19/1932 Union Co., TN Clara Merritt    
Merwin Henry C. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/24/1925 OH   2/11/1864 Kansas Ft Leavenworth, KS
Messinger Elias Jay Oakwood WW I 12/26/1922 Waterloo, IA Martin P. Messinger 2/5/1918 Mare Island, CA Tacoma, WA
Messo Frank Calvary not given 2/20/1938 Iowa     
Metcalf William M. Mountain View Civil 11/29/1917 Illinois J.W. Metcalf 5/9/1864 Galena, IL Chicago, IL
Metschan Max Oakwood Civil 4/28/1913    8/8/1861 Belleville, IL  
Meyer Armin Mountain View WW I 12/31/1929 Zurich, Switz.     
Meyers August Orting Soldiers Civil 10/16/1917 Germany   9/9/1859 New York, NY Wash., DC
Michaels F.A. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/21/1909 Stillwater, ME   5/28/1861 Willets Point, NY Halls Hill, VA
Milam John Jr. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/11/1928 Norfolk, England   2/23/1863 Ft Ridgeley, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Milbee James Robert Mountain View Spanish-American 11/25/1935   Mrs. Ella Milbee    
Miles Robert Scott Tacoma Spanish-American 8/10/1936 Norwood, MN Mrs. R.S. Miles 4/29/1898 St Paul, MN San Francisco, CA
Milhoan Marion M. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/24/1927 Indiana   8/11/1862 Olathe, KS Ft Riley, KS
Millen Alvin W. Woodbine WW I 3/27/1936 Missouri Thos. H. Millen 9/19/1917 Puyallup, WA  
Miller Adolphus Orting Soldiers Civil 1/17/1906    9/24/1862 VT ?  
Miller Andrew Orting Soldiers not given not given      
Miller C.C. Oakwood Civil not given     PA ?  
Miller Charles H. Tacoma Maus. Civil 6/24/1925 New Brunswick, Canada     
Miller Christopher A. Mountain View not given 11/22/1933 Gordonville, MN     
Miller D.L. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/31/1904 PA   6/6/1861 Qunicy, IL Springfield, IL
Miller Daniel Tacoma Civil not given    2/8/1864 OH ?  
Miller David Mountain View not given 4/20/1922 Indiana     
Miller Edward L. Mountain View not given 11/15/1936 PA Martha E. Miller    
Miller Frank B. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/1/1911 Maine   4/15/1861 Bangor, ME Wash., DC
Miller Franklin Orting Soldiers Civil 9/19/1921 WI   1/23/1864 Madison, WI Mobile, AL
Miller I.T. Tacoma Civil 8/21/1895 OH   6/29/1863 IL ?  
Miller Robert Oakwood Civil not given    8/12/1862 MD ?  
Miller Samuel G. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/10/1921 PA   6/22/1863 Harrisburg, PA Chambersburg, PA
Miller Thomas Tacoma Civil ? 10/16/1906 England    PA ?  
Miller W.H. Oakwood Spanish-American 2/21/1932 San Antonio, TX   4/20/1898 Seattle, WA Manila, P. Is.
Miller W.P. Woodbine Civil 6/8/1904 NY   10/15/1864 Potosi, WI Prairie du Chein, WI
Miller William Orting Soldiers Civil 4/9/1909 PA   11/10/1862 Ft Halleck, KY Mobile, AL
Miller William W. Orting Soldiers Civil 7/1/1933 Kansas   9/19/1863 St Joseph, MO Ft Leavenworth, KS
Milliman Joel A. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/13/1932 Indiana   1/12/1864 Michigan City, KS Charlotte, NC
Mills Horatio Orting Soldiers Civil 10/5/1911 Quebec   9/1/1861 Sharon, NY Alexandria, VA
Mills Louis B. Mountain View not given 5/11/1933 Novar, ON     
Mills Robert Woodlawn Abby WW I 5/22/1921      
Mills Smith B. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/14/1911 NY   8/9/1862 La Peer Co., MI Nashville, TN
Miner Charles R. Woodbine Civil 9/3/1908 NY   8/20/1862 Ft Snelling, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Minor Irthamel Tacoma Civil ? 6/30/1905 NY     
Miskovich Chris N. Ft Lewis WW I 12/7/1918 Montenegro     
Mitchell James Calvary not given 1/25/1932 Alemeda, CA     
Mitchell Thomas J. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    10/13/1864 Quincy, IL Ft Snelling, MN
Mitchell W.K. Orting Soldiers Civil not given     PA ?  
Mitchell William Orting Soldiers Civil 8/7/1915 Ireland   2/29/1864 St Paul, MN Louisville, KY
Mock Jennings A. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/27/1910 PA   10/8/1864 Chambersburg, PA Philadelphia, PA
Molzen Edwin T.B. Mountain View not given 1/10/1933 Bryn Mawr, PA     
Monett John Orting Soldiers Civil not given    9/20/1861   
Monroe S.L. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/27/1905 NY   6/13/1861 Lyons, IA Davenport, IA
Montgomery James C. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/22/1913 Kentucky   4/27/1864 Kirkwood, IL Springfield, IL
Moody Alex Orting Soldiers Civil 5/22/1912    2/29/1862 McGregor, IA Sioux City, IA
Moody John Gillman Tacoma WW I 4/27/1926    12/14/1917 Seattle, WA Receiving Ship, Puget Sd., WA
Mooers Josiah P. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    2/7/1865 MN  
Mooney George A. Oakwood Civil 3/6/1933 NY Mrs. Mary Mooney 9/15/1864 Ellisburgh  
Moore C.H. Tacoma Civil 1/10/1919 WI Chas. E. Moore    
Moore Edwin W. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/3/1917 Indiana   8/21/1861 Oskaloosa, IA Selma, AL
Moore George K. Woodlawn Abby WW I 12/26/1930 Atwood, KS     
Moore M.T. Orting Soldiers not given not given      
Moore Nelson Orting Soldiers Civil 1/24/1923 Mt Clemens, MI   7/16/1861 WI Jeffersonville, IN
Moore Thomas A. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/14/1922 Kentucky   10/18/1862 Marshell, MO Clinton, MO
Moore William H. Mountain View Spanish-American 11/25/1931 TX Jesse P. Moore 6/29/1898 Dallas, TX Galveston, TX
Moran Irving L. Mountain View WW I 8/14/1930 Minn., MN   2/8/1918 Seattle, WA  
Moran Joseph W. Mountain View not given 6/25/1926      
Morey Austin L. Woodbine Civil 4/11/1914    1/1/1864 Rockford, IL Ft Leavenworth, KS
Morgan Alonzo Orting Soldiers Civil 4/8/1923    12/22/1862 Sacramento, CA San Francisco, CA
Morgan C.T. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/2/1906 PA   11/15/1862 Omaha, NE Omaha, NE
Morgan Chas. A. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/1/1903 OH   1864 WI Nashville, TN
Morgan E.F. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/29/1902 Illinois   6/11/1862 Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee, WI
Morgan Henry S. Tacoma not given 4/26/1890      
Morgan J.N. Oakwood not given 9/22/1930 NC     
Morgan James E. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/19/1913 PA   12/21/1863 PA Catlett Station
Morgan John E. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/12/1935 Carbondale, PA   8/15/1862 Hyde Park, PA Harts Island, NY
Morgan John Joseph Mountain View not given 12/1/1928   Mrs. Alice Morgan    
Morrill William H. Tacoma Civil 10/3/1903 VT Mrs. Morrill 2/14/1865 Rochester, MN Nashville, TN
Morris Andrew J. Oakwood Civil 8/30/1862    8/2/1862 Wapello (IA?) Mobile, AL
Morris Elihu J. Oakwood Civil 12/19/1914 TN Mrs. Elizabeth Morris 7/22/1861 LaFayette, IN Indianapolis, IN
Morris Henry J. Tacoma Civil 6/27/1918 Illinois   9/28/1864 Peoria, IL New Orleans, LA
Morris Nathan Orting Soldiers Civil 9/19/1921   Mrs. J Morris 2/11/1865 Madona, MO Benton, MO
Morris Thomas Tacoma not given 7/19/1883      
Morrison George Tacoma Civil 4/2/1894    8/9/1862 Shabbona, IL Wash., DC
Morrison H.H. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/4/1901 Scotland   9/19/1862 Cambridge, MA Boston, MA
Morrison J. Tacoma Civil 8/11/1907 PA   10/1/1861 IA ?  
Morrow Carr W. Mountain View not given 2/3/1935   Mrs. Carr W. Morrow    
Morse Jerome J. Sumner Civil 5/4/1920    8/13/1863 Cuyler (NY?) Louisville, KY
Mortensen Christian Orting Soldiers Civil not given    5/19/1864 Chicago, IL Chicago, IL
Morton A.L. Oakwood not given not given     Stofft's Indian Scouts  
Moses Henry D. Ft Lewis WW I 9/28/1918 Nebraska     
Mosher Geo. A. Oakwood Civil 10/18/1925 East Venice, NY   5/7/1861 East Venice, NY Auburn, NY
Mott Theodore Orting Soldiers Civil not given    12/4/1861 Sparling, WI Huntsville, AL
Mount James Orting Soldiers Civil 10/3/1924 NJ   4/15/1862 Cedar Rapids, IA Selma, AL
Mountain Charles N. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/27/1912 Maine   9/10/1862 Bangor, ME Bangor, ME
Moys John R. Oakwood Civil 6/9/1861 England   8/21/1861 Emporia, KS Ft Riley, KS
Mueler Frank Calvary not given 11/11/1918      
Muir George W. Mountain View WW I 10/6/1918 Washington     
Mulherin Isaac R. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/14/1930    2/1/1862 Clarkesville, MO Patterson, MO
Mullen Charles Calvary Civil 7/12/1919 Ireland     
Mullen Conner Orting Soldiers Civil not given    8/25/1864 Manistee, MI Victoria, TX
Mullens James Orting Soldiers Civil 4/22/1926 Ireland   12/13/1861 Coanan Falls, CT Richmond, VA
Munson Francis Marion Tacoma Civil 10/23/1909 Maine Ida M. Gunstone 10/8/1864 Dutch Flat, CA Presidio, CA
Munson John Orting Soldiers Civil 10/25/1921 Sweden Ralph Munson 2/1/1865 Sycamore, IL Savannah, GA
Murbarger G.W. Oakwood Civil 10/1/1906 OH     
Murphy Edward F. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/28/1908 Ireland   6/19/1862 VT ?  
Murphy John Oakwood Civil 3/23/1911 Illinois   9/16/1861 Princeton, IL Louisville, KY
Murphy M.J. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/21/1913 Indiana   11/9/1864 Walla Walla, WA Vancouver, WA
Murphy Timothy Old Calvary not given not given      
Murphy W.H. Tacoma not given not given      
Murray William F Orting Soldiers Civil 5/11/1861 Missouri   9/17/1861 Perryville, MO  
Myers Delano Orting Soldiers Civil 2/18/1920 Newark, OH     
Myers Edgar Oakwood Civil 8/14/1917 Kentucky Chas. R. Myers 8/10/1862 Covington, KY Maysville, KY
Myers Elwin M Mountain View WW I 4/29/1937 Sumas, WA   9/18/1917 Hoquiam, WA  
Myers George T Sumner Civil 5/3/1931 Louisville, KY   3/4/1865 Danville, IL  
Myers Thomas Orting City Civil 11/28/1912 OH   9/28/1861 Pomroy, OH Bridgeport, TN
Myers Thomas Orting Soldiers Civil 11/29/1912 OH   9/28/1861 Pomroy, OH Battle Creek, MI
Myers Thomas R. Oakwood Civil 2/23/1917 OH   1/5/1864 Athens, OH  
Myers Tobias Orting Soldiers Indian 9/7/1925 PA   8/29/1878   
Last Name First & Middle Cemetery War Death or Burial Birthplace Next of Kin Enlisted Enlistment Place Discharge Place
Nangle Thomas Orting Soldiers not given 3/19/1918 Dublin, Ireland     
Natucci Remy Artondale WW I 5/1/1931    12/9/1917 Seattle, WA Vancouver B'cks, WA
Naugle George W. Woodbine Civil 6/14/1919    8/22/1862   
Neal Charles W Oakwood Civil 9/22/1914 Maine F.C. Neal 2/16/1864 Augusta, ME Near Alexandria, VA
Neely Andrew Judson Woodlawn Abby Civil 1/12/1928 WV Andrew Neely    
Neely John Oakwood Civil 12/13/1925 PA Mrs. Alice Neely 10/2/1862 Knoxville, IA Alton, IL
Neff Rudolf Woodlawn Abby Civil 3/9/1917 OH   8/13/1862 Laurenceburg, IN? Per Terrel's printed report
Neiman B.F. Roy not given 9/13/1897      
Nelson Hans A. Mountain View WW I 4/18/1930    4/25/1918 Seattle, WA  
Nelson John Ft Lewis not given 2/11/1920 Sweden     
Nelson Marcus Orting Soldiers Civil 7/26/1902 Norway   8/12/1862 New York, NY Portsmouth, NH
Nelson William H. Oakwood Civil 7/6/1916 NY Harry Nelson 10/1/1864 Palmyra, NY In the field
Nemeyer William F Sumner Civil not given    8/11/1862 Trivoli, IL Wash., DC
Nestor David C Oakwood not given 1/24/1909 Illinois     
Nettleton Cyrus O Oakwood Civil 3/10/1910    10/19/1861 Black River Falls, WI  
Newberry Philo M Orting Soldiers Civil 9/18/1927    8/29/1864 Marshall, MI Jackson, MI
Newhouse Stephen Orting Soldiers Civil 1/25/1911 England   8/19/1863 On board Monitor "Lehigh" Philadelphia, PA
Newkirk William Orting Soldiers Civil 3/6/1907 NY   1/5/1864 Grand Rapids, MI Nashville, TN
Newman John T Tacoma Civil 1/7/18891      
Newman Paul R Mountain View Spanish-American 5/3/1935 New York, NY Mrs. Carrie Newman 1/17/18981   Presidio, CA
Newton Charles Gordon Tacoma not given 7/4/1900 WI     
Newton Edward O Orting Soldiers Civil 1/19/1916 Michigan   8/11/1862 Watervliet, MI Wash., DC
Nichols George B Orting Soldiers Civil 4/16/1907    3/3/1865 Pt Pleasant, IL? Jacksonville, TN
Nichols William H. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/4/1901 NY   7/12/1864 Ft Dalles, OR Dalles, OR
Nicholson Benjamin F Woodbine not given 8/9/1918 Indiana     
Nicholson Thomas Orting Soldiers Civil 3/5/1923 England Thos Nicholson 1/1/1862 St Joseph, MI St Louis, MO
Nickolas Achillas P Tacoma WW I 4/23/1939 Greece Mrs. Pauline Nickolas    
Nicoll Harry Elton Ft Lewis not given 11/2/1937 Ellesworth, IA Irene Nicoll    
Nightingale Jacob Eatonville WW I 6/1/1937 McPherson Co., KS Henry Nightingale Apr-17 Bremerton, WA Bremerton, WA
Noakes John J. Oakwood Civil 2/14/1912 Illinois     
Noel Jacob E. Oakwood Crem. Spanish-American 1/13/1918 PA Mrs. Noel    
Nokes Joseph Orting Soldiers Civil 4/2/1925    8/12/1862 Quincy, IL Chicago, IL
Nolan John T. Tacoma Civil 1/20/1914 Ireland     
Nolen James T. Tacoma not given 11/4/1911 TN     
Noll Bertram J. Calvary not given 7/23/1926 Milwaukee, WI     
Noll Christian Orting Soldiers Civil 9/6/1911 Germany   2/6/1862   Convalescent Camp, VA
Noquette Ervan J.R. Tacoma WW I 6/1/1934 Michigan Wesley Niquette 4/15/1917 Norfolk, VA New York, NY
Nordeck H.A. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/4/1904 Bavaria   9/19/1861 San Francisco, CA Ft. Craig
Norgaard Jesse J. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 8/15/1938 Denmark   4/28/1898 MT  
North Charles P. Mountain View Spanish-American 5/17/1934 NY Jennie E North 4/25/1898 Springfield, IL Ft Sheridan, IL
Norton Joseph E. Calvary not given 11/9/1937      
Noyes C. H. Oakwood Civil not given      
Nutting Daniel Chaplin Woodlawn Abby not given 10/26/1926 Kentucky     
Nuzman Charles Orting Soldiers Civil 6/22/1929 Germany Frederick Nuzman 8/4/1861 Ft Leavenworth, KS Ft Leavenworth, KS
Nylander Carl W. Mountain View not given 5/2/1920 Eatonville, WA Pete Nylander 6/26/1918 Eatonville, WA  
Ober Franklin H. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/4/1927 Springfield, MA   7/10/1864 Springfield, MA Readville, MA
Last Name First & Middle Cemetery War Death or Burial Birthplace Next of Kin Enlisted Enlistment Place Discharge Place
O'Brien   Orting Soldiers Civil 1/24/1931 Ireland   2/27/1864 Blair County, PA  
O'Connor Albert Orting Soldiers Civil not given    5/12/1861 Lodi, WI Jeffersonville, MD
O'Connor John Orting Soldiers Civil 5/15/1910 Ireland   5/15/1861 Ogdensburg, NY Wash., DC
O'Connor Michael A. Tacoma Civil 3/5/1917 Ireland     
O'Daniel James W. Tacoma Civil 10/21/1923 PA     
O'Donnell Maurice Orting Soldiers Civil 11/23/1909 Ireland   10/5/1861 New York, NY Alexandria, VA
Oeder Charles Mountain View Civil 7/7/1922 Germany Mrs. A.L. William 3/24/1864 New Beune, WI  
Ogle Daniel Orting Soldiers Civil 12/27/1916    2/18/1864 Stirling, IL Springfield, IL
O'Heron James E. Calvary not given 1/13/1938 Chilton, WI Mrs. Ellen O'Heron    
Oleson Ole Orting Soldiers Civil 4/19/1908 Norway   8/6/1862 Menasha, WI Milwaukee, WI
Olinger William Orting Soldiers Civil 1/18/1906 OH   10/22/1862 Omaha, NE Omaha, NE
Oliver Aaron P. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/2/1917 Canada   5/27/1864 Ft Snelling, MN Louisville, KY
Oliver Thomas O. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/8/1916 NY   8/16/1864 LaCrosse, WI LaCrosse, WI
Oliver William L. Tacoma not given 2/24/1896 Kentucky     
Olsen Olaf Sigvart Oakwood WW I 4/4/1918 Norway Nels Olsen 4/30/1917 Tacoma, WA  
Olson Harold O. Tacoma WW I 7/2/1928 ND Gust Olson    
Olson Harold W. A. Oakwood Crem. WW I 1/31/1923 Tacoma, WA Mrs. Anna Olson    
Olson Olof M. Tacoma Maus. Spanish-American 12/20/1928 Norway Mrs. Jean Olson    
O'Morrow Stephen Orting Soldiers Civil 2/12/1928 GA   5/15/1864 Lanark, IL Chicago, IL
O'Neal John A. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/20/1924 Maryland   2/13/1865 Frederick, MD Baltimore, MD
O'Neil Thomas H. Tacoma not given 10/2/1910 WI Mrs. Thomas O'Neil    
O'Neill John Orting Soldiers Civil 9/24/1901 Iowa   3/30/1863 Milwuakee, WI Ft Randall, IA
O'Rourke William Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 7/22/1918 Ireland   6/13/1898 Scranton, PA San Francisco, CA
Orr James Orting Soldiers Indian 5/21/1911 Detroit, MI   2/21/1852 Sachets Harbor, NY Vancouver, WA
Orselli Edward D. Oakwood Spanish-American 8/21/1913 WA Ethel Orselli 4/25/1898 Walla Walla, WA San Francisco, CA
Orwig W. P. Orting Soldiers Civil not given      
Osborn John Orting Soldiers Civil 7/6/1911 NY   1/5/1864 LaCrosse, WI Madison, WI
Osborne John Wright Tacoma not given not given      
O'Sullivan James Orting Soldiers Civil not given    10/30/1863 Milwaukee, WI Madison, WI
Otto Charles Orting Soldiers Indian 4/10/1932 Germany   8/20/1870   
Ovella Cesare Ft Lewis WW I 12/31/1917 Italy     
Owen Benjamin F. Oakwood Civil 10/7/1918 Maine Florence I. Owen 10/21/1861 Augusta, ME Charleston, SC
Owen John Oakwood Civil 12/6/1909 Wales   1/7/1864 Alliance, OH Louisville, KY
Owen Ora O. Oakwood Civil 5/13/1916 Indiana Roy Owen 8/11/1862 Knoxville, TN Ft Gibson, Cherokee Nation
Owens Hezekiah S. Oakwood Civil 2/17/1917 Maine Frank Owens 11/7/1861 Augusta, ME Charleston, SC
Owens John D. Buckley not given 8/22/1891 PA     
Oxley Pearl E. Mountain View Spanish-American 7/24/1938    7/18/1898 St Paul, MN Camp McKenzie
Last Name First & Middle Cemetery War Death or Burial Birthplace Next of Kin Enlisted Enlistment Place Discharge Place
Painter Elisha Orting Soldiers Civil 2/5/1920    8/8/1862 Springfield, MO Springfield, MO
Pallies H. W. Tacoma Maus. Civil 10/13/1918 Illinois J. H. Pallies    
Palmer George B. Mountain View Spanish-American not given      
Palmer Joseph S. Tacoma not given 12/8/1918 WI     
Palmer Luther H. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/13/1925 OH   1862   
Palmer Thomas A. Orting Soldiers Civil 7/29/1920 NY   8/9/1861 New York, NY Portsmouth Grove, RI
Palmos Peter Tacoma WW I 6/28/1926 Greece Bertha Palmos    
Panther Joseph Jr. Mountain View not given not given      
Papst Allison Mountain View not given 3/19/1921 WI     
Parchen Phillip F. Tacoma not given 11/5/1925 Minnesota     
Parent Arthur Ft Lewis WW I 11/9/1918 Canada     
Park Joseph Orting Soldiers Civil 12/1/1909 Liverpool, England   6/30/1863 Scranton, PA Harrisburg, PA
Parker Andrew S. Parkland Civil 8/10/1905    5/26/1864 Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN
Parker Gilman Woodbine Civil 5/29/1929 Indiana Mrs. Sophia Parker    
Parker Henry C. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/27/1918 Tippecanoe Co., IN   12/10/1861 Middleport, IL Hamburg, TN
Parker Joseph Orting Soldiers Civil 8/22/1918 England   9/3/1864 New York, NY New York, NY
Parker Judson Orting Soldiers not given 3/3/1902 Bohemia     
Parker Theodore Orting Soldiers not given 4/29/1900      
Parkhurst Charles G. Oakwood Civil 8/27/1897 NY   2/27/1864 Princeton, WI  
Parks Orin L. Oakwood Civil 4/12/1915    10/16/1861 Burlington, VT Talladega, AL
Parmeter Orville F. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/9/1930 China Sarah Parmeter 9/4/1861 Minonk, IL  
Parry James Sumner WW I 7/22/1933      
Parslow Peter Orting Soldiers Civil 9/25/1911 NY   5/4/1861 Hudson, WI Brownsville, TX
Parsons George Rodney Roy not given 2/25/1913 Monmouth, ME Mrs. America D. Parsons    
Partee Melvin Mountain View not given 4/3/1937 Bryan, OH     
Patrick Marcus C. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/30/1912 NY   5/9/1861 Brownsville, NY Wash., DC
Patterson Charles T. Oakwood Civil 4/22/1920 Grand Rapids, MI Mrs. C. T. Patterson 12/11/1862 Grand Rapids, MI Ft Leavenworth, KS
Patterson Jacob H. Oakwood Civil 4/27/1897    2/15/1864 Chenango Elmira, NY
Patterson W. A. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/29/1903 VT   3/31/1864 Des Moines, IA Des Moines, IA
Patton James R. Tacoma not given 8/6/1888      
Paugh Charles Hiram Calvary WW I 11/3/1932 OH Mrs. Mary Paugh 9/4/1918 Seattle, WA  
Paulding Hiram W. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/20/1920 Missouri   12/1863 Portland, OR Vancouver, WA
Paulsen Arnold Mountain View not given 3/1/1931      
Paulson Paul Oakwood Civil not given    10/3/1861 Ft Snelling, MN Devalls Bluff, AR
Pavia Joe Calvary not given 11/20/1927 Italy Tony Pavia    
Paxton Harold Hayden Mountain View WW I 7/4/1938 Oshkosh, WI Mrs. Gladys Paxton 1917   
Payette Joseph Orting Soldiers Civil 9/15/1900 Canada   10/25/1861 San Francisco, CA Camp Douglas, UT
Payne Robert C. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/18/1910 NY   4/6/1864 Ft Churchill, NJ Ft Churchill, NJ
Payton David H. Woodbine Civil 3/8/1909    8/9/1862 Cambridge, IL Greensboro, NC
Pea Claudius Orting Soldiers Civil 2/9/1924    8/14/1863 Vincennes, IN Nashville, TN
Peacock William S. Gig Harbor not given 1/2/1929      
Pearsall Ira F. Woodbine Civil 7/25/1906 NY     
Pearson William Ft Lewis WW I 10/17/1918 Sweden     
Pease John S. Oakwood Civil 5/5/1914 Maine M.W. Pease 10/24/1861 Augusta, ME Savannah, GA
Peck Charles J. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/22/1912 Hillsdale, MI   8/21/1864 Zeeland, MI San Antonio, TX
Pederson John Orting Soldiers Civil 9/20/1931 Norway     
Pehrson Albert B. Tacoma Spanish-American 1/24/1920 Sweden Mrs. Maria A. Pehrson    
Pennington Francis B. Tacoma Maus. WW I 7/6/1939 Minnesota Jennie Pennington 5/24/1918   
Peopels Fred Sumner WW I 1/5/1934 Gable, OR Beatrice Peopels    
Pepper Frank B. Oakwood Civil 3/3/1917 OH   8/30/1864 Cincinnati, OH Chattanooga, TN
Pepper Samuel G. Tacoma Civil 9/6/1907 OH   9/10/1861 Camp Dick, Corwin, OH Charlotte, NC
Percival William Parkland not given not given      
Perera Joseph T. Orting Soldiers not given not given      
Perkins Eben Orting Soldiers Civil 3/19/1909 VT   9/25/1861 Danville, VT Annapolis, MD
Perkins George H. Mountain View Civil 8/22/1928 WI   2/10/1865 Madison, WI Benton B'cks, MO
Perkins Richard Orting Soldiers Civil 2/15/1907 WI   4/7/1863 Calaveras Co., CA San Francisco, CA
Perrine Henry Orting City Civil 11/19/1929    1/31/1864 Brownsville, TX Indianapolis, IN
Last Name First & Middle Cemetery War Death or Burial Birthplace Next of Kin Enlisted Enlistment Place Discharge Place
Quick Marshall Orting Soldiers Spanish-American not given    5/5/1898 Utah Presidio, CA
Quilman Herman Ft Lewis WW I 12/6/1919 NY     
Quinn James Oakwood Civil 3/25/1907 Ireland     
Railsback Jahiel Orting Soldiers Civil 3/6/1910 Indiana   7/10/1863 Wayne Co, IN  
Rainwater Carl Alvin Mountain View WW I 6/26/1936 Idaho Clyde Rainwater    
Ralston Jos. R. Orting Soldiers not given 7/1/1908 Indiana     
Ranck Ephraim Roy Civil not given    5/2/1864 Camp Chase, OH Camp Chase, OH
Randall Abijah Orting Soldiers Civil 12/9/1916 NY   8/5/1862 Wellsville, NY Richmond, VA
Randall Hardin D. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/6/1921 NY   8/11/1862 Wellsville, NY Richmond, VA
Ranger Charles E. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 12/29/1938 Columbus, WI Viola Ranger 4/28/1898 Springfield, IL Springfield, IL
Rarey Raymond Harold Tacoma Maus. not given 7/8/1929 Noblesville, IN     
Raudebaugh P. F. Woodbine Civil 11/15/1927 OH   2/23/1865 Camp Chase, OH Winchester, VA
Rawley Jack W. Calvary not given 12/17/1936 Pana, IL James K. Rawley    
Rawlings Guy P. Woodbine WW I 2/23/1918   J.T. Rawlings    
Ray William A. Tacoma not given 6/19/1919 Iowa     
Rayner Charles A. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/24/1912 Detroit, MI   10/12/1864 Etria Green, IN Indianapolis, IN
Reddick Martin L. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/2/1914 TN   2/29/1864 Vancouver, WA Vancouver, WA
Redmon Isaac Orting Soldiers Civil 4/3/1921 Kentucky   11/28/1863 Mattoon, IL Little Rock, AR
Reed Loren A. Mountain View Civil 9/2/1918    10/12/1863 Pipestone, MI  
Reed Millard Irving Mountain View WW I 9/15/1920 Missouri Ivan Reed    
Reed William Hollis Mountain View WW I 2/6/1934 Little Rock, WA     
Reed William S. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/13/1925 WI   9/25/1861 Dodgeville, WI Madison, WI
Rees Isaac Tacoma Civil 6/18/1899 Canada     
Reese Richard H. Mountain View WW I 4/24/1938    4/9/1917 Seattle, WA  
Reid M. B. Tacoma Maus. not given 7/10/1924 OH     
Reid Philip Sumner not given 5/9/1887      
Reid/Reed Edward Orting Soldiers Civil 6/4/1908 Albany, NY   3/28/1864 Elizabethport, NJ Trenton, NJ
Reilly Frank R. Calvary not given 9/21/1936      
Reisch Matthias Orting Soldiers Civil 12/2/1933 Germany Mrs. M. Reisch 8/12/1862 Clinton, IA Wash., DC
Resso Alexander Ft Lewis WW I 10/23/1918 NY     
Reynolds John W. Mountain View not given 11/15/1922 Mt. Rose, PA E.N. Reynolds    
Reynolds Paul Bliss Orting City WW I 9/14/1933    5/30/1917 Seattle, WA Puget Sound, WA
Reynolds William H. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/3/1937 RI   2/17/1864 Lincoln, IL Pine Bluff, AR
Rhineberger George M. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/3/1914 Wheeling, VA   4/16/1861 Jacksonville, IL Ft Leavenworth, KS
Rhodes Edward Byron Tacoma Maus. WW I 10/10/1918 Winona, MN Eliz. R. Kennedy 1/5/1918 Pierce Co, WA  
Rhodes Seth Tacoma Civil 9/29/1887 OH   1/16/1862 Iola, KS DeValls Bluff, AR
Rice George S. Tacoma Civil 11/10/1902 NY   2/4/1865 Marengo, IL Savannah, GA
Rice Herbert L. Tacoma not given 1/24/1938      
Rice J. B. Oakwood not given 4/7/1899 PA     
Rice James D. Tacoma Civil 1/5/1928 Iowa     
Rice Stillman Tacoma not given 11/2/1890 PA     
Rice William Fred Tacoma Civil 10/3/1900 NY     
Rich Edward Antoine Tacoma Maus. WW I 3/22/1933 Saginaw, MI Ethelwyn Rich 4/ /1917 Tacoma, WA Ft Snelling, MN
Richards Hirman Woodbine WW I 8/24/1927   Rye Richards    
Richards Tilden Woodbine WW I 6/8/1932 Austeal, WV Martha Baumbach 6/24/1918   
Richardson M. B. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/6/1915 OH   8/27/1861 Newcastle, PA Harrisburg, PA
Richardson William H. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/16/1910 Lynn, MA   5/1/1861 Washington, D.C. Reidville, MA
Richmond George Nelson Tacoma not given 10/8/1934      
Richmond William D. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 7/9/1932 OH   5/10/1898 Hannibal, MO Ft Ethan Allen,VT
Riddell Oren B. Woodlawn Abby WW I 10/21/1918 Kentucky   8/14/1918 Tacoma, WA  
Ridout Isaac Orting Soldiers Civil 5/30/1934 Delaware Co, IN Charles Ridout 10/17/1864 Waterloo, IA Ft Leavenworth, KS
Riegger Emil Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 4/26/1909 Basle, Switz.   6/22/1898 Vancouver, WA Presidio, SF, CA
Riemel Wayne Mountain View WW I 4/5/1938 Montana     
Riggs A. S. Woodbine Civil 11/8/1903    9/15/1862 Salem, IA St. Louis, MO
Riggs James E. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/25/1917    8/14/1862 Syracuse, NY Norfolk, VA
Rigney Edwin Old Calvary WW I 2/8/1928    3/30/1918 Napa Co., CA  
Rigney John Sr. Old Calvary not given 1892 Kings Co., Ireland     
Riley Barnard Orting Soldiers Civil 1/21/1911 NY   10/5/1861 Neenah, WI Milwaukee, WI
Riley Elmer B. Mt. View WW I 11/25/1920 Hayti, SD   12/1/1917 Ft Lawton, WA  
Riley Robert Seward Mt. View not given 12/19/1937 Webster City, IA Florence Riley    
Ripley Joseph N. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/25/1920 Illinois   9/28/1861 St Paul, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Ripley Paul Milton Tacoma Civil 3/24/1924 VA Ernest Ripley    
Ritchie Charles A. Mt. View Spanish-American 10/13/1935 Columbia City, VA Gus Luhre    
Rivard Julian Edw. Oakwood Crem. not given 12/25/1937 Fall River, MA Mrs. Cora Rivard    
Roach William E. Oakwood Crem. Civil 2/20/1934      
Roark William A. Calvary WW I 7/17/1936 Illinois Mrs. M Roark 5/26/1918 Butte City, MT  
Robb James H. Tacoma Civil 1/2/1931    1/1/1864 Monroe Co. Davenport, IA
Robb Wm. O. Oakwood Civil 2/25/1913 OH Mrs. Rebecca Robb 2/25/1913 Camp Chase, OH Delaney House, DC
Robbins Asa Orting Soldiers Civil 12/28/1914 Maine   7/25/1862 Augusta, ME Philadelphia, PA
Robbins C.G. Tacoma not given 8/8/1905 NY     
Robbins Jeremia H Orting Soldiers Civil 10/23/1914 OH   1/28/1865 Platteville, WI Nashville, TN
Robbins Truman S Orting Soldiers Civil 5/17/1934 Maine Geo. Robbins 3/24/1865 Augusta, ME Charleston, SC
Robbins W.F. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/9/1902 Germany     
Robbins Zacchine H Tacoma Civil 2/24/1911 OH   7/18/1862 Cedar Rapids, IA Mobile, AL
Roberts Ansel A Oakwood Civil 2/4/1903    10/31/1861 MA ?  
Roberts C.H. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/1/1903 NY   9/1/1861 Ripon, WI Louisville, KY
Roberts Charles G. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/24/1916 OH   10/31/1862 Bolivar Hqts, VA Culpepper Courthouse
Roberts John Orting Soldiers Civil 1/29/1898 Ireland   10/7/1861 Indianapolis, IN San Antonio, TX
Roberts Joseph W Orting Soldiers Civil 5/20/1912 England   4/20/1861 Oshkosh, WI Milwaukee, WI
Roberts Ray Charles Tacoma WW I 8/6/1933 Nebraska Agnes Roberts    
Roberts Robert T Orting Soldiers Civil 9/14/1912 NC   9/14/1912 St Louis, MO Wash., DC
Robertson David C. Oakwood Spanish-American 4/2/1930 Missouri Mrs. Laura Robertson    
Robertson Elmer McDonald Mt. View not given 7/25/1935      
Robertson Henry K Sumner WW I 6/7/1934 Buckley, WA     
Robins Joseph Tacoma not given 3/3/1922 London, England     
Robinson Amasa J. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/26/1909 NY   8/23/1862 West Union, IA Houston, TX
Robinson Jahew Orting Soldiers Civil 5/22/1908 OH   1/25/1861 Jacksonville, OR Vancouver, WA
Robinson John R. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    10/1/1861 VT ?  
Robinson T.R. Tacoma Civil 4/28/1887     VT ?  
Robinson William Oakwood Civil not given    9/22/1861 Troy, NY Wash., DC
Robison William Henry Oakwood Civil 3/20/1921 Illinois R.M. Robison    Springfield, IL
Rock Charles H. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/25/1904    5/21/1861 Elmira, NY Elmira, NY
Rock William H. Oakwood Civil 2/22/1918 VT   6/1/1861 VT ?  
Roemer Bernard G. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 8/2/1924 WI    Grafton, ND Presidio, CA
Rogers Calvin D. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/23/1909 NY   3/15/1864 Madison, WI Delaney House, DC
Rogers Dewey Tacoma not given 1/26/1901      Fell in Battle of Tientsin, China
Rogers Dominick Thos. Calvary not given 4/18/1914 Ireland     
Rogers Edward J. Calvary not given 11/27/1905      
Rogers George A Tacoma Civil 12/16/1938 Hunderton, NJ     
Rogers L.F. Woodbine Civil 6/26/1906 TN     
Rogers Lorenzo Dow Tacoma not given 7/26/1909 Erie, PA     
Rogers Thomas A. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/26/1921 Iowa   3/18/1865 Jacksonville, OR  
Rogers Vertus Willliam Tacoma WW I 4/12/1930 Armour, SD   12/7/1917 Ft Omaha, NE Garden City, NY
Rogers William H. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/3/1927 Pope Co., IL   7/27/1861 Springfield, IL Natchez, MS
Rohrs Charles J. Tacoma WW I 6/20/1933 Glenco, MN Grace Erickson Rohrs 10/15/1918 Tacoma, WA Pullman, WA
Rolf Otis H Orting Soldiers Civil 11/14/1924 Michigan   3/31/1864 Arcade, MN DeValls Bluff, AR
Romas James H. Oakwood Civil 5/8/1897 France     
Ronayne Patrick Mt. View Spanish-American 7/16/1934      
Rooney John P Calvary not given 2/8/1928      
Rooney William Woodbine Civil 6/3/1923   James Rooney    
Root Amos Orting Soldiers Civil 3/22/1911 New York, NY   9/1/1863 Syracuse, NY Alexandria, VA
Rose Gustav Mt. View WW I 11/4/1937 Raumau, Finland     
Ross Archie Tacoma Spanish-American 10/15/1904      
Ross Franklin M Tacoma Civil 8/26/1917 OH J.C. Manley 11/13/1861 Janesville, WI Nashville, TN
Ross James Orting Soldiers Civil 10/20/1911 OH   7/13/1861 Decatur, IL Cairo, IL
Ross William H. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/4/1913 Illinois   8/13/1862 Springfield, IL Louisville, KY
Rossiter Samuel G Orting Soldiers Civil 9/11/1918 Oberlin   4/4/1861 Sandusky, OH Sandusky, OH
Rossow Reuben A. Tacoma WW I 1/6/1938 Alundee, IL   10/23/1918 Seattle, WA  
Rouse Samuel Tacoma Civil 6/1/1918 Watertwon, NY   9/2/1864 Kalamazoo, MI Wash., DC
Routh James K Tacoma Civil 2/15/1903 Indiana   2/8/1864 Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN
Rowley Burnham C. Oakwood Crem. not given 12/20/1918 CT Mrs. Ida Rowley    
Rowley William Orting Soldiers Civil 9/13/1933 Massachusetts Alice Rowley 9/14/1862 Wapello Co., IA Davenport, IA
Royce Garland Homer Tacoma not given 11.23.1929 Dayton, WA Frank B Royce    
Roys Lester Warren Tacoma Civil 1/1/1918 VT Mrs. L.W. Roys 8/15/1862 Adrian, MI  
Ruble Harry Mt. View Spanish-American 12/11/1935 Des Moines, IA Mrs. Betty Ruble    
Ruether Robert Charles Ft Lewis WW I 9/22/1939 Chicago, IL Mrs. Ida Reuther 5/24/1917 Chicago, IL Camp Grant
Rugg William H. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/4/1906 Massachusetts   7/8/1861 Ft Warren, MA Boston, MA
Rumbaugh Simeon Orting Soldiers Civil 4/14/1925 Indiana   2/27/1864 Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN
Rumbaugh William B. Tacoma not given 9/2/1911 PA E.S. Rumbaugh    
Rumming Frank Ernest Tacoma WW I 2/24/1931 Vancouver, BC Chas. H. Rumming 7/6/1917 Tacoma, WA HQ 13 Naval Dist.
Rumming William E. Tacoma WW I 5/12/1920 No. Field, BC Chas. H. Rumming 4/26/1918 Tacoma, WA  
Runnals Thomas Woodbine WW I 11/17/1935 England Mrs. Mary Runnals 8/29/1918 Puyallup, WA  
Runyan O.J. Oakwood Civil 9/9/1916 Indiana   8/12/1862 Des Moines, IA Wash., DC
Rupert J.D. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    9/22/1861   East Point, GA
Russell Edwin Samuel Tacoma Civil ? 12/31/1914      
Russell Norman C Orting Soldiers Civil 2/14/1919 NY   9/2/1861 IL Cain, IL
Rust Hiram H. Artondale Civil 12/14/1922 Quebec Prov., Canada Fred Sheldon    
Rust Samuel M. Tacoma Civil 8/18/1925 Illinois     
Ruter Louis Calvary not given 2/18/1925 Germany Mrs. Hannah Ruter    
Ryan John J. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 3/5/1935 Cincinnati, OH   6/18/1898 Evanston, IL Augusta, GA
Ryder Walter T. Tacoma Spanish-American 12/3/1901 Nebraska   July 1898 IN ?  
Last Name First & Middle Cemetery War Death or Burial Birthplace Next of Kin Enlisted Enlistment Place Discharge Place
Sachariason A. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/20/1904 France   12/18/1861 Madison, WI Chattanooga, TN
Sageser Francis M. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/11/1937 OH Sheldon Sageser 2/7/1865 Springfield, IL Nashville, TN
Salisbury Henry H. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/28/1919 NY   4/24/1861 Albany, NY Wash., DC
Salisbury William J. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/15/1921 Michigan   2/10/1862 Maston, WI Davenport, IA
Salter William H. Tacoma not given 8/27/1909      
Sampson Lammon E. Tacoma not given 3/5/1902 WI     
Samson Eli Sumner Civil 5/3/1923 OH   2/17/1863 NE  
Sanders Erling I. Tacoma not given 2/10/1935 Tacoma, WA Mrs. Alice Sanders    
Sanders Joseph R Tacoma Maus. Civil ? 1/13/1913 OH     
Sandrock Adolph Orting Soldiers not given not given     MO ?  
Sanford Alonzo L. Tacoma Civil 10/6/1926 Illinois Mrs. Alice Sanford 2/23/1864 Boosboro Little Rock, AR
Sanford Isreal L. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/26/1915 Indiana   8/15/1862 Xenia, IA Harrisburg, TX
Sanford Tilly G. Oakwood Civil 5/25/1927 Clarke Co., IL Dora Sanford 8/2/1861 Swede Point, IA Davenport, IA
Sauer John Orting Soldiers Civil 12/3/1924 Oak Creek, WI   8/8/1862 Milwaukee, WI Camp Washburn, WI
Seals Elmer Mountain View WW I 2/6/1938 Ft Scott, KS Ione Seals 10/3/1917 Tacoma, WA  
Seals Wilfred Orting Soldiers WW I 6/1/1938 Fayette, MO   not given   
Sebert Herman Orting Soldiers Civil 5/31/1920 PA   12/21/1864 Harrisburg, PA Alexandria, VA
See Samuel H. Oakwood WW I 3/5/1935 WI   not given   
Seeley Francis M. Woodbine Civil 10/26/1916   Mrs. Francis Seeley not given PA ?  
Seivert Mathias Calvary WW I 11/6/1937 Montana   8/29/1918 Butte City, MT  
Sekor Cecil F. New Tacoma WW I 3/10/1938 Tacoma, WA   4/21/1917 Tacoma, WA Bremerton, WA
Selleck Edgar A. Tacoma Civil 3/24/1930 NY   8/25/1864 Champion Alexandria, VA
Sellers J. D. Orting Soldiers Civil 7/10/1915 Indiana   7/8/1863 Lafayette, IN Lafayette, IN
Selzer J. Carl Tacoma Civil 6/13/1918 Germany George Selzer 2/3/1865 Milwaukee, WI Nashville, TN
Serfling Ernest Orting Soldiers Civil 3/14/1911 Minnesota   9/8/1864 Granger, MN Wash., DC
Sergent William Page Tacoma Civil 7/16/1911 NY Harriett I. Sergent 9/27/1861 Dansville, NY Rochester, NY
Severance JohnL. Mountain View Civil 2/24/1928 NH   not given   
Sexton W. L. Oakwood Civil 11/8/1896 NY   not given   
Shadle Daniel L. Woodbine Civil 2/28/1911 OH   5/12/1861 Camp Tippecanoe  
Shaeffer Daniel W. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/6/1918 WI   8/15/1862 Ft Snelling, MN Charlotte, NC
Shafer Elijah L. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/16/1920 NY   8/10/1864 Jackson, WI Delaney House, DC
Shampine William Lewis Mountain View WW I 3/25/1934    8/28/1918 Stillwater Co, MT  
Shannon Joseph Orting Soldiers Civil 7/7/1920 Ireland   1/16/1865 Portsmouth, NH Concord, NH
Sharp Edward L. Oakwood Civil not given    10/3/1861 Ft Snelling, MN Nashville, TN
Sharpe Edward Tacoma Civil 5/29/1910 CT Mrs. E. Sharpe 8/10/1862 Norwich Harpers Ferry, VA
Shaughnessy J. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/18/1912 NY Leila G. Shaw 10/21/1862 Boston, MA Readville, MA
Shaw Henry Oakwood Civil 7/21/1917 VT   9/10/1861 LaHarpe, IL  
Shaw Millard F. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/15/1912 OH   May 1864 Medina, OH Cleveland, OH
Shaw Samuel W. Tacoma Spanish-American 1/7/1907 Minnesota   not given   
Sheard George W. Tacoma WW I 4/18/1938    2/4/1918 Tacoma, WA  
Sheehan James J. Artondale Spanish-American 5/28/1934 Dorchester, MA   not given   
Sheeres Peter Tacoma not given not given    not given   
Shell Samuel Orting Soldiers Civil 1/27/1909 NY ?   5/1/1861 Albany, NY Albany, NY
Sheperd William R. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/2/1915 Indiana   8/6/1863 Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN
Shephard William R. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/12/1932 Maine Margaret Shephard 8/11/1862 Minneapolis, MN Minneapolis, MN
Shepherd Byron Orting Soldiers Civil 1/26/1909 Maine   2/18/1865 San Francisco, CA San Francisco, CA
Shepherd Francis J. Mountain View Civil 5/2/1925    not given   
Shepherd Marjorie B. Mountain View WW I 9/8/1939 Madison, OH Joseph M. Shepherd not given   
Sherman Adelbert Tacoma not given 6/1/1903 NY   not given WI  
Sherman Henry K. Oakwood Civil 4/17/1907 Indiana   9/12/1864 Milo Alexandria, VA
Sherman Roy L. Mountain View WW I 5/21/1934 Montana   not given   
Sherman S. D. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/21/1918 New Brunswick   8/9/1862 Caledonia, IL Keokuk, IA
Sherman Taber A. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/20/1895 NY   8/16/1861 Waterloo Madison, WI
Sherrill John N. Mountain View not given 4/25/1923    not given   
Sherwood Harley L. Sumner WW I 1/20/1931    4/13/1918 Baltimore, MD USS J Skinner
Shields H. Duane Tacoma WW I 1/22/1919 Michigan Mrs. E. B. Shields not given   
Shirley Vetus Woodlawn Abby WW I 10/1/1929 Libertyville, IN Thelma Shirley not given   
Shoemaker Joseph E. Tacoma WW I 6/24/1930 OH H. Leffler not given   
Shorthill Thomas A. Oakwood Civil 5/25/1918 OH Mrs. Shorthill 11/22/1861 Napoleon, OH Louisville, KY
Shoup George Russell Tacoma Spanish-American 12/6/1928 Champayne, IL Mrs. G. R. Shoup 4/26/1898 Dubuque, IA Savannah, GA
Shouse Marion Orting Soldiers Civil 4/29/1921   Marion, Shouse 1/19/1864 St Louis, MO New Orleans, LA
Showers Jacob Buckley Civil 12/3/1919 Indiana Mrs. M. E. Showers not given   
Shull Leonard Oakwood Civil 12/20/1925 Indiana   4/29/1864 Ft Wayne, IN Indianapolis, IN
Shultz Lawrence W. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/7/1924 OH   3/5/1864 Muscatine, IA Davenport, IA
Shupe Joseph Orting Soldiers Civil 12/7/1929 PA   2/6/1862 Harrisburg, PA Alexandria , PA
Sickles William H. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/26/1938 NY   12/28/1863 Culpepper, VA Jeffersonville, IN
Siegle JohnC. Mountain View WW I 4/12/1939 Tacoma, WA Susan P. Siegle 8/22/1918 Vancouver, WA  
Silliman J.W. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/8/1908 NY   9/23/1862   
Sillman Lawrence Orting Soldiers Civil 12/29/1917    3/31/1865 Vanango, PA  
Silvey James W. Oakwood Civil 9/28/1900 Kentucky   8/20/1862 Marion, KS Little Rock, AR
Simmons David E. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/17/1911 NY   7/2/1861 Whitewater, WI Baltimore, MD
Simmons Francis H. Woodbine Indian 1/10/1924 Missouri Helen Simmons 2/2/1856   
Simon Justenus German Lutheran Civil not given   Justenus Simon 12/26/1861   
Simonds Henry Curtis Tacoma not given 1/14/1934 Milwaukee, WI Helen C. Simonds not given   
Simonsen J. F. Orting Soldiers not given 6/11/1921 Denmark   not given   
Simpson James Tacoma not given 12/29/1920    not given   
Simpson John Oakwood Civil 6/28/1903 OH   7/26/1862 Allegan, MI Nashville, TN
Skeen James B. Woodbine Civil 5/27/1925 Indiana   not given   
Slack Gilson Oakwood Civil not given    7/14/1861 Vienna, IL St. Louis, MO
Slattery Basil Roy Mountain View WW I 4/26/1917    4/26/1917 Ft Lawton, WA  
Slaughter David S. Oakwood Civil 3/5/1910 Kentucky   not given   
Slyder Samuel L. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    12/26/1863 Chicago, IL New Orleans, LA
Smading Charles W. Woodbine not given 1/24/1909 Germany   not given   
Small Alberts Oakwood Civil 6/20/1927 New Brunswick Eleanor Small 8/22/1862 Augusta, ME  
Small B. F. Buckley not given 1/10/1893 Maine   not given   
Smith Abner P. Oakwood Civil 5/17/1902 CT   12/21/1863 Norwich Harpers Ferry, VA
Smith Alonzo Hunt Oakwood Civil 7/17/1926    not given   
Smith Andrew J. Tacoma not given 3/21/1930 NC Anvalara Smith not given   
Smith Anthony Oakwood Civil not given    10/8/1861 Chippewa, WI Louisville, KY
Smith Charles A. Oakwood not given 6/17/1928 Illinois   not given   
Smith Charles W. Sumner Civil 8/29/1924    9/3/1862 Paterson, NJ Beverly, NJ
Smith Chas. C. Oakwood Civil 6/4/1920   Mrs. Harris 8/1/1862 Middleburg Annapolis, MD
Smith Chas. L. Oakwood Civil 1/31/1921 Hudson, OH Mary M. Smith 8/27/1861 Laporte  
Smith Christopher H. Mountain View Spanish-American 3/14/1932 Germany Mrs. Mary Smith 6/18/1898 Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles, CA
Smith Clarence I. Mountain View WW I 1/26/1935 Iowa Grace Smith 7/30/1930 Ft Geo. Wright, WA  
Smith Curtis N. Oakwood Civil 12/13/1916 NY   9/30/1864 LaCrosse, WI Paducah, KY
Smith Edwin Orting Soldiers Civil 10/14/1906    8/20/1862   Rochester, NY
Smith George D. Orting Soldiers Civil 7/31/1918 NY   8/21/1862 Condon, NY Baltimore, MD
Smith H. E. Tacoma not given 8/29/1912    not given   
Smith Harold Bay View (Vaughn WA) WW I 12/10/1918 Allyn, WA Carl G. Smith not given Ft Lewis, WA  
Smith Henry C. Ft Lewis not given 9/8/1930 Missouri   not given   
Smith J. C. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/16/1904 Scotland   5/2/1861 Peoria, IL Wash., DC
Smith James B. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    8/30/1861 Savannah, IL Wash., DC
Smith James E. Orting Soldiers WW I 11/24/1938 Buffalo, NY   8/4/1918 Ft Logan, CO Camp Funston, KS
Smith Jas. H. Oakwood Civil 2/7/1919 Summit, WI   2/6/1864 Janesville, WI  
Smith Martin Hale Mountain View Civil 3/16/1919 Burlington, CT   8/11/1862 Southington, CT  
Smith Nathaniel Oakwood Civil 8/17/1914 OH   8/9/1861   
Smith Nathaniel Orting Soldiers Mexican 11/4/1936 Mayo, MD   4/15/1914 Galveston, TX Mare Island, CA
Smith Richard H. Ft Lewis WW I 10/29/1935    12/15/1917 Vancouver, WA  
Smith Ronulus B. Tacoma Civil 12/27/1917    6/5/1862 Sherman, IL  
Smith Samuel Woodbine Civil 12/26/1910 OH   not given   
Smith Samuel P. Eatonville Civil 3/22/1919 NC Larry Smith not given Confederate  
Smith Thomas A. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/28/1901 Ireland   not given   
Smith Thomas D. Oakwood Civil not given    11/7/1863 Camp Nelson, KY Lexington, KY
Smith Webster N. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/26/1911 Illinois   10/10/1861 Bushnell, IL Little Rock, AR
Smith William H. Bay View (Vaughn WA) not given 1/27/1907      
Smith William W. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/24/1921 Canada   7/7/1862 West Union, IA Little Rock, AR
Smith Winters Orting Soldiers Civil 5/30/1927 Detroit, MI   12/31/1863 Grand Rapids, MI Plum Creek, NE
Smith Wm. H. Oakwood Civil 3/29/1916    8/31/1864 Stevens Point, WI Halls Hill, VA
Smith Wm. S. Oakwood Civil 4/16/1914 Missouri A.B. Smith 12/5/1861 Osawatomie, KS Ft Leavenworth, KS
Snider Harry W. Mountain View not given 12/16/1936 Dayton, OH     
Snider James C. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 2/25/1937    7/6/1898 Omaha, NE Marcvelas, Ph.Is.
Snider John Orting Soldiers Civil 3/17/1923 PA   1862 Gallatin, MO MO
Snow William H. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/29/1920 Fitchburg, MA   11/17/1861 Jefferson, MI DeValls Bluff, AR
Snure John C. Oakwood Civil not given    3/13/1865 Chicago, IL Richmond, VA
Snyder Charles Orting Soldiers Civil 1/2/1912 PA   10/13/1864 New York, NY New York, NY
Snyder D. M. Woodbine Civil 9/22/1936 WV Fannie Snyder    
Snyder Eugene W. Mountain View WW I 2/5/1918 Kalispal, MT Joe Snyder 12/15/1917 Ft Lawton, WA  
Soderstrom Carl W. Bethany, Mack Creek not given 1935      
Soles J. W. Scott Woodbine Civil 5/21/1930 Allen Co, IN     
Soper William H. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/10/1919 OH   8/15/1861 Madison, WI Demopolis, AL
Sorensen Percy S. Tacoma Maus. WW I 4/13/1925    4/7/1917 Tacoma, WA  
Sorenson Thomas Tacoma WW I 6/3/1935    9/25/1913 Ft McDowell, CA  
Southard Warren A. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/27/1923    7/18/1865 Augusta, ME Augusta, ME
Sowders James E. Tacoma not given 1/23/1900      
Sowers Beverly R. Mountain View Spanish-American 8/9/1931 VA Mrs. Sowers    
Spader Walter John Mountain View not given 7/24/1936 Kansas City, KS     
Spangler Geroge Mountain View WW I 3/21/1938 Chicago, IL     
Spear Frank C. Oakwood Crem. not given 12/6/1928 Cleveland, OH Jean W. Spear    
Spearin Charles W. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/1/1913 Maine   9/2/1863 Bangor, ME Providence, RI
Spence James Henry Mountain View Civil 4/7/1933 Delaware J. E. Spence    
Spencer James Mountain View Spanish-American 12/28/1920 Canada Mrs. Edwin Johnson 4/30/1898 Tacoma, WA San Francisco, CA
Sperry William U. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/13/1928 Illinois   2/13/1865 IL Memphis, TN
Spicer Joshua T. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/6/1909 Meggs Co, OH   12/22/1861 Marion Co, IL Columbus, KY
Spiering Richard G. Tacoma not given 4/10/1934 Germany Mrs. Richard Spiering    
Sprague George A. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 11/26/1934    5/13/1898 Miles City, MT Camp Thomas,GA
Sprague John W. Tacoma Civil 12/24/1893 NY     
Spraker Wm. J. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/8/1906 NY   8/11/1863 Graysville, NY Winchester, VA
Springle Charles Oakwood Civil 3/7/1904 Louisiana   3/26/1864 Brownsville, NE Ft Leavenworth, KS
Springstein L. V. Orting Soldiers Civil     8/9/1862 Madison, WI Madison, WI
Sprinkle Nicholas R. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 11/24/1931 Sedalia, MO Maude Murray 5/18/1898 Sedalia, MO San Felipe, P.I.
Spurrier Joseph Orting Soldiers Civil 11/5/1900 England     
Sroehr Charles Oakwood Civil ? 2/27/1914 Germany August B. Sroehr   PA ?  
Stacks Joseph H. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/22/1920 NY   10/2/1861 West Bend, WI Cincinnatti, OH
Stacks Willis R. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 7/24/1933 Missouri   7/1/1898 Portland, OR Vancouver Barracks, WA
Stamatios Manuel Catholic, Wilk. WW I 12/21/1937 Sacoulesca, Greece Manuel Stamatios 8/20/1918 Sacramento, CA A.G.O.
Stange Fred'k Oakwood Civil 7/12/1901 Germany   4/22/1863   Louisville, KY
Stanley Henry C. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/14/1917 Illinois   5/3/1864 Mattoon, IL Mattoon, IL
Stark Ephraim Oakwood Civil 11/25/1916    11/11/1864 Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN
Starkwerter George B. Buckley not given 7/2/1923 NY     
Steadman Charles R. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/23/1911 NY   8/8/1862 Montgomery, IL Camp Harker, TN
Stearns W.L. Orting Soldiers Civil Apr-02 OH   9/1/1861 Prophets Town, IL Chicago, IL
Stecker Samuel William Mountain View WW I 4/9/1932 Minnesota Mrs. Lottie Stecker 7/21/1918 Beach, ND Camp Custer, MI
Steele J.M. Oakwood Civil not given     PA ?  
Steele Wellington R. Oakwood not given 10/14/1927 Canada     
Steet / Straight not given Buckley not given not given      
Steinman Peter Oakwood Civil not given     OH ?  
Stenberg Semler Mountain View WW I 9/27/1939 Minnesota     
Stephen James J. Mountain View Spanish-American 11/2/1932 Chicago, IL    CA ?  
Sterling William J. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/28/1911 NY   5/14/1861 Albany, NY Raleigh, NC
Stern Christ Tacoma Spanish-American 11/14/1927 Norway     
Stevens Charles M. Sumner Civil 8/27/1917 NY Henry J Stevens 2/14/1865 Madison, WI Benton B'cks, MO
Stevens John Orting Soldiers Civil not given    6/5/1861 Mason City, IA Wheeling, WV
Stevens Wilbur F. Tacoma Maus. not given 5/12/1894      
Stever George W. Buckley Civil 3/27/1917 WI Geo. J. Stever    
Stewart A.A. Oakwood Civil 8/1/1898 OH   7/18/1862 Camp Chase, OH Camp Harker, TN
Stewart Elmer F. Mountain View WW I 1/8/1934 WI Mrs. Nan Stewart    
Stewart James Harvey Tacoma Civil 8/8/1919    6/13/1861 Waubeek, IA  
Stewart John Oakwood Civil 12/1/1913 Indiana   1/21/1864 Springfield, IL Louisville, KY
Stewart John Mountain View Civil 6/19/1925 Scotland Mrs. Katherine Stewart   MN ?  
Stewart John King Tacoma WW I 10/21/1936 Ft Scott, KS Mrs. Ida Stewart 8/27/1917 Everett, WA  
Stewart Millen G. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    Apr 1864 Van Wert, OH Camp Dennison, OH
Stewart William Carey Woodbine not given 9/29/1914      
Stewart William H. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/9/1912 NY   12/30/1863 IL ?  
Stewart William R. Orting Soldiers Civil ? not given     PA ?  
Stewart / Stuart Henry Oakwood Civil not given    8/15/1862 Ft Snelling, MN Jefferson B'cks, MO
Stiegler Otto E. Mountain View not given 10/19/1937 Germany     
Stimpson T.H. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/19/1903 NY   10/15/1861 Ionia Co., MI Lexington, KY
Stinnett Francis M. Woodbine Civil 9/6/1921   Rube Stinnett    
Stober Steve Calvary Spanish-American 3/21/1932 Austria Anna Stober    
Stock Richard Orting Soldiers Civil 4/14/1904 OH   8/22/1861 Newton, IA Keokuk, IA
Stoddard George L. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/11/1896 Michigan   2/24/1864 Detroit, MI Nashville, TN
Stoddard Lloyd N. Mountain View WW I 3/31/1931 Tacoma, WA Perry J. Stoddard 10/6/1918 Spokane, WA  
Storrs George Orting Soldiers Civil 1/16/1924 NY   7/31/1862 Minneapolis, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Story Robert Oakwood Civil not given    4/29/1861 & 3/24/1864 Portland, ME & Augusta, ME Augusta, ME
Stout Orlando Orting Soldiers Civil 6/23/1917 Cedar Co., IA   10/5/1861 Tipton, IA Louisville, KY
Stowe Rollin Mountain View not given 11/25/1937 St. Paul, MN     
Straight Charles L. Oakwood Civil 4/1/1915    8/30/1864 Cincinnati, OH Chattanooga, TN
Strain James R. Mountain View Spanish-American 5/11/1925 Orleans, TN L.H. Strain    
Strange Jere Orting Soldiers Civil 6/15/1901 OH   7/28/1861 Ottumwa, IA Louisville, KY
Strassen Jacob Oakwood not given 4/20/1918 Lyons, WI Mrs. Mary Strassen    
Strickland W.L. Calvary Civil 6/16/1924 Louisiana   8/18/1864 Jefferson, OH Greensboro, NC
Strine William F. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/2/1928 PA   7/13/1861 Columbus, OH Columbus, OH
Strode Allen B. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    4/19/1861 Peru, IN Indianapolis, IN
Stroebel George Orting Soldiers Civil not given    8/24/1861 Evansville, IN Indianapolis, IN
Stroud Alonzo Oakwood Civil 9/6/1887 NY   9/10/1861 Dane Co., WI Mobile, AL
Stuart Charles M. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/22/1904 Scotland   10/17/1861 Keokuk, IA Wash., DC
Studebaker F.J. Oakwood Civil 4/23/1914 OH Mrs. Amanda Studebaker 12/30/1861 Camp Simon, Kenton, OH Louisville, KY
Stultz Francis M. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/5/1918 Michigan   9/3/1864 Grand Rapids, MI Victoria, TX
Sulliger S.S. Mountain View WW I 4/15/1935 Ottawa, OH Rose D. Sulliger 1900 Tacoma, WA Tacoma, WA
Sullivan Patrick Tacoma Civil 11/5/1920 Ireland Cordelia Sullivan 8/18/1862 White Co., IN Wash., DC
Sullivan Thomas W. Tacoma not given 5/31/1930 England Mrs. Alice Welch    
Summerfield Ernest Edwin Oakwood Spanish-American 6/23/1939 Osceola, WI Mrs. Mary Summerfield 6/30/1898   
Summers Henry Orting City Civil not given    8/7/1863 Crawfordsville, IN LaFayette, IN
Sutton James E. Tacoma not given 8/10/1910 Minnesota     
Swain Theo D. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/25/1914 NY   8/15/1864 Kalamazoo, MI Detroit, MI
Swain William Orting Soldiers Civil 4/27/1909 Ireland   1/29/1864 Chelsea, MA Boston, MA
Swansand Kristian L. Ft Lewis WW I 10/28/1918 Bergen, Norway   7/31/1918 Seattle, WA Ft Lewis, WA
Swanson Nels O. Mountain View Spanish-American 7/7/1936    4/29/1898 Blue Earth, MN New Ulm, MN
Swick Phil Orting Soldiers Civil 11/1/1903 NY   1861 Corning, NY  
Swift Benjamin Leonard Sumner Indian 1/1/1929      
Swift George A. Sumner not given 8/4/1927      
Swift Leander Orting Soldiers Civil 5/8/1919 Overton Co., TN   3/4/1864 Berryville, AR Fayetteville, AR
Swinney Raymond Leon Oakwood Crem. not given 4/4/1936      
Sypher Ananias M. Tacoma not given 10/27/1888      
Last Name First & Middle Cemetery War Death or Burial Birthplace Next of Kin Enlisted Enlistment Place Discharge Place
Tagliarine James R. Ft Lewis not given 12/8/1938      
Talbot George W. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/7/1905 England   9/12/1862 New York, NY Wash., DC
Talbot John L. Mountain View not given 7/10/1937 Minnesota     
Tallman Freeling Orting Soldiers Civil 10/13/1913 Binghamton, NY   10/28/1861 Iowa City, IA Sioux City, IA
Tancredi Nick Ft Lewis WW I 5/3/1928 Italy    NM ?  
Tanner John M. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/24/1933 Crawford Co., PA   2/17/1864 Janesville, WI  
Taunt Frank T. Orting Soldiers Indian 5/31/1935 Springfield, VT   7/15/1876 Chicago, IL Ft Washike, WY
Taylor Charles F Tacoma Spanish-American 1/8/1939 Lewiston, IL Mrs. Maude Taylor 6/18/1898 Smith Center, KS Ft Leavenworth, KS
Taylor Emer Orting Soldiers Civil not given    11/4/1862 Brownsville, NE Brownsville, NE
Taylor Frederick Thomas Tacoma not given 3/28/1928 NY     
Taylor George H. Tacoma not given 10/25/1908 Long Island, NY George H. Taylor    
Taylor Hiram Orting Soldiers Civil 9/18/1927 Lodi, IN   12/21/1863 Montazuma, IN Ft Leavenworth, KS
Taylor J.M. Oakwood Civil not given    2/9/1865 Blakesburg, IA Montgomery, AL
Taylor John Orting Soldiers Civil 11/12/1913 England   10/18/1864 Philadelphia, PA Harrisburg, PA
Taylor John A. Tacoma Civil ? 12/21/1906 Iowa    IA ?  
Taylor John A. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/14/1927 Michigan   10/7/1864 Coulterville, CA San Francisco, CA
Taylor Thomas H. Tacoma Civil 12/11/1932 England   8/15/1862 Marshall Co., IL Wash., DC
Taylor William F. Oakwood not given 5/3/1920 Scotland Wm. A. Taylor    
Tebow Leeman Ft Lewis not given 12/19/1933     AL ?  
Teeters Ellias Orting City Civil 5/21/1936    2/1/1865 Sauk Center, MN Nashville, TN
Terry Guy Albert Mountain View Spanish-American 7/29/1930 Rochester, MN   4/29/1898 Fergus Falls, MN St. Paul, MN
Tessier Hector J.A. Mountain View Spanish-American 5/18/1925 NH Lida Tessier 5/10/1898 NH ? Concord, NH
Thackeray James Orting Soldiers Civil 6/28/1923 Yorkshire, England   5/24/1864 Fire River, MA Camp Rashville, MA
Thalman William Orting Soldiers Civil not given      
Tharp George E. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 8/14/1937    4/18/1898 San Francisco, CA San Francisco, CA
Thayer C.F. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/1/1901 NY   7/15/1861 Newberry, NY Ft Monroe, NY
Theis George W. Artondale Indian 7/17/1937   Geo. Theis    
Theis Roy M. Ft Lewis WW I 1/8/1918   Blank 9/17/1917 Seattle, WA  
Theison William Orting Soldiers Civil 10/11/1915 Denmark   Jan 1865 Columbus, OH Ft Beaufort
Theiss Charles F.A. Woodbine Spanish-American 12/9/1918 WI Chas. Theiss, Jr.    
Thomas Frank Yates Tacoma not given 7/19/1925 Eminence, KY Mrs. Oliver Thomas   KY ?  
Thomas Perry Orting Soldiers Indian 11/15/1925    9/1/1855 Albany, OR Albany, OR
Thompson Amos Orting Soldiers Civil 5/30/1912 NY   2/3/1865 Hillsburg, WI Nashville, TN
Thompson Cassle Orting Soldiers Civil 3/26/1911 OH   9/11/1861 Galipolis, OH Wash., DC
Thompson David Oakwood Civil 11/18/1905 Missouri   3/2/1862 St Joseph, MO Goldsboro, NC
Thompson Fain H. Tacoma Civil 6/28/1894 OH   8/15/1862 IL ? Benton, MO
Thompson Francis F. Oakwood not given 2/9/1930 WI     
Thompson G.W. Tacoma Civil Oct 1898 OH   8/15/1862 IL ?  
Thompson J.E. Oakwood Civil 5/21/1890      
Thompson John E. Sumner not given 1/26/1923 OH     
Thompson John H. Woodbine Civil ? 5/24/1910 PA     
Thompson Nels Orting Soldiers Civil 4/4/1920 Norway   8/24/1864 MN Gallaten, TN
Thompson Theodore Lakebay WW I 11/22/1931      
Thompson William Tacoma Civil 10/6/1861 PA   7/6/1861 Mt Pleasant, IA Austin, TX
Thompson William C. Tacoma Maus. WW I 10/12/1929 South Wales Catherine Thompson    
Thompson William W. Oakwood Crem. not given 12/15/1924 Illinois Mrs. Hattie Thompson    
Thorne J.H. Woodbine Civil 12/28/1902    5/2/1864 Camp Dennison, OH Camp Dennison, OH
Thrasher Zadock Orting Soldiers Civil 1/30/1927 Canada   12/5/1863 Madison, WI Brownsville
Thrift Leonard Mountain View WW I 3/19/1936 Portland, OR   4/26/1918 Tacoma, WA  
Throop Freeman W. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/12/1911 Canada   2/19/1864 Rochelle, IL Springfield, IL
Throop Richard F. Mt. View not given 1/12/1932 Indiana Mrs. Throop    
Tiedeman Henry Lakebay Civil 3/23/1891    4/2/1862 Warsaw, MO Warsaw, MO
Tillotson A. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/13/1912 OH   12/1/1863 Cleveland, OH  
Tillotson Olney kirk Tacoma WW I 11/21/1925    2/23/1917 New York, NY Charleston, SC - Receiving Ship
Tilton Cameron Orting Soldiers Civil 2/20/1027 NH   2/14/1865 Sheffield, IL  
Tinder Otis M. Mt. View not given 2/18/1931     IL  
Tipple George L. Mt. View not given 9/1/1927 Verona, NY     
Tisdell Aurelius Orting Soldiers Civil 2/2/1924 Missouri   8/31/1864 Macon, MO St. Louis, MO
Titus George M. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/21/1924 Bradford, PA   9/18/1861 Lee County, IL Louisville, KY
Tobin John Oakwood not given 5/4/1922 Ireland    WI  
Todd Oliver Orting Soldiers Civil 10/20/1921 Liverpool, England   5/18/1864 Iowa City, IA Davenport, IA
Tomberlin John E. Mt. View Spanish-American 8/8/1939 Topeka, KS Mrs. Rose Tomberlin 5/1/1898 Tacoma, WA Presidio, CA
Tomgier Antone G. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    7/14/1862 New York, NY  
Tompkins John Orting Soldiers not given 4/4/1900 PA     
Tonneson Jens Tacoma Civil 3/22/1904 Denmark   3/1/1865 Oshkosh, WI Milwaukee, WI
Torgerson Ivar Ft Lewis WW I 11/8/1918 Norway     
Tostevin James Francis Oakwood Crem. Civil 6/14/1923      
Totten Norman R. Tacoma Spanish-American 4/8/1925 Auburn, IN Mrs. Totten 5/4/1898 Topeka, KS Ft Leavenworth, KS
Townsend Converse Roy Civil not given    8/15/1862 Appleton, WI Memphis, TN
Tracy James Calvary Civil 6/23/1913 Maryland   10/18/1861 Pt Pleasant, IN  
Trask Zelotes W. Orting Soldiers Civil 2/4/1912 Maine   2/1/1864 Bangor, ME Augusta, ME
Traver Peter Jr. Oakwood Civil 5/9/1927 Indiana   11/12/1863 Ft Snelling, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Treadwell William P. Orting Soldiers Civil 8/4/1911 Brooklyn, NY   6/18/1863 New York, NY New York, NY
Trempler James Orting Soldiers Civil 9/11/1910 NY   9/14/1864 Jackson, MI Nashville, TN
Tripler Charles S. Tacoma not given 1/13/1906 Kentucky     
Trott Herman A. Tacoma Spanish-American 9/11/1906 Minnesota   4/30/1898 Tacoma, WA San Francisco, CA
Trotz Henry H. Sumner Spanish-American 1/13/1931 Germany   7/7/1898 Duluth, MN Camp McKenzie
Truax D.R. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/15/1906 Canada   3/19/1862 Milwaukee, WI St. Louis, MO
Truitt George Oakwood Civil 7/6/1916 Indiana Mrs. Margaret Truitt 9/28/1864 IA Wash., DC
Trumble George A. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    2/24/1865 Camp Chase, OH Camp Bueford, MD
Tuck David E. Oakwood not given 6/2/1926      
Tuell John Oakwood Civil 11/28/1913    8/6/1862 Epworth, IA Baton Rouge, LA
Turner Bryant Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 2/21/1917 TX   6/16/1898 Cheyenne, WY San Francisco, CA
Turner Frank Mt. View Spanish-American 1/8/1927 Spring Valley, MN Juilea Turner 4/29/1898 Spring Valley, MN New Ulm, MN
Turner John M Orting Soldiers Indian 3/16/1923 Logan County, IL   10/17/1855 Portland, OR Portland, OR
Turner Samuel Mt. View not given 5/23/1936 NC    SC  
Tuttle Harry G. Orting Soldiers WW I 10/21/1938    10/21/1918 Everett, WA Ft Worden, WA
Tutton Alexander B. Tacoma Civil 10/5/1910 Illinois Ada B. Tutton   IL  
Twining George Ft Lewis not given 5/20/1936 Massachusetts Clara Kosha   NY  
Twitchell Charles A. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/26/1911 Boston, MA   9/1/1862 Boston, MA Boston, MA
Twogood James C Tacoma Civil 11/5/1905 NY   5/17/1861 Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee, WI
Tyler George A. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/21/1907 CT   Dec 1861 New Haven, CT Alexandria, VA
Tyler Joseph F Orting Soldiers Civil 8/19/1911 Maine   6/19/1862 Island Pond, VT Wash., DC
Last Name First & Middle Cemetery War Death or Burial Birthplace Next of Kin Enlisted Enlistment Place Discharge Place
Uldry Henry E Ft Lewis WW I 6/30/1930 France    NY  
Ulm Harvey F Mt. View not given 7/23/1928 OR    ID  
Underwood Floyd F. Calvary WW I 5/6/1934    6/5/1917 Tacoma, WA  
Underwood George W. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/29/1908 Michigan   9/3/1864 Cleveland, OH Knoxville, TN
Underwood Reuben Orting City Civil not given    Apr 1861 IL Wash., DC
Undlin Martin Oakwood Spanish-American 5/18/1902 Norway   4/29/1898 Zumbrota, MN St Paul, MN
Unger Emory Lane Mountain View WW I 3/12/1935    8/25/1917 Ft Geo. Wright, WA  
Utter John Woodbine Civil 4/14/1913 Illinois Mrs. John Utter 9/1/1861 Mt Carmel, IL Little Rock, AR
Last Name First & Middle Cemetery War Death or Burial Birthplace Next of Kin Enlisted Enlistment Place Discharge Place
Van Amburg Abram Orting Soldiers Civil 9/30/1922 NY   8/15/1862 MN Ft Alexander
Van Buskirk Rufus Tacoma not given 7/3/1907 OH    MO  
Van Buskirk William Orting Soldiers Civil 8/8/1919    8/5/1862 McLean Co., IL Galveston, TX
Van Buskirk William Oakwood Civil 3/28/1971 OH Ivy Van Buskirk 4/12/1862 Holt, MO  
Van Deusen Brazil Orting Soldiers Civil 10/15/1930 NY   4/13/1862 Copake, NY Savannah, GA
Van Deventer William Oakwood Civil 5/29/1917    5/30/1862 Clinton, IL  
Van Horn Bert E. Mt. View not given 3/4/1938 Michigan     
Van Horn Sextus N. Tacoma Maus. Civil 1/1/1919 Michigan   2/23/1865 Alvion, MI Salt Lake City, UT
Van Ogle not given Sumner not given 2/15/1919      
Van Scoyoc Stephen Orting Soldiers Civil 3/30/1928   C.W. VanScoyoc 2/22/1864 Monence, IL Springfield, IL
Van Slyke Alfred Bay View (Vaughn WA) Civil 11/19/1928 Canada Eva Haines 1/20/1865 Lowell, IN  
Van Staen Henry Ft Lewis WW I 10/15/1917 Belgium     
Van Vechten Robert C. Tacoma not given 2/26/1920 NY     
Van Voris Howard H. Mountain View WW I 10/31/1918      
Vance James N. Woodlawn Abby not given 1/9/1934 Illinois     
Vancleve Asa M. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    5/26/1863 St Joseph, MO  
Vanderhoff John Orting Soldiers Mexican 2/19/1922 NY   4/20/1847   
Vanderwalle Constantinus Orting Soldiers WW I 12/28/1938    11/21/1917 Ellensburg, WA Camp Lewis, WA
Vawter Charles D. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 6/4/1909 Indiana   7/11/1898 Madison, WI Savannah, GA
Veach William W. Buckley not given not given      
Veasey Joel Orting Soldiers Civil 12/30/1907 NH   8/19/1861 NH VA
Veazie Benjamin F. Mountain View WW I 4/30/1933 Tacoma, WA   6/11/1917 Tacoma, WA  
Venegas Juan Ft Lewis WW I 2/14/1921 California     
Venus Joseph A. Calvary Civil 1/8/1912 WI Edw. C. Venus 2/12/1864 Oshkosh, WI Ft Leavenworth, KS
Vine Oliver Orting Soldiers Civil 6/4/1923 VT   8/17/1863 MD Vicksburg, MS
Voorhees Abram Orting Soldiers Civil 6/3/1906 OH   4/1/1863   Jackson, MI
Last Name First & Middle Cemetery War Death or Burial Birthplace Next of Kin Enlisted Enlistment Place Discharge Place
Wade Lawrence W. Tacoma Civil 1/7/1911    9/6/1864 Milwaukee, WI Wash., DC
Wadkins John Orting Soldiers Civil 12/12/1916 Illinois   Sept 1861 Edgewood, IL St. Louis, MO
Wadsworth Dexter C. Oakwood not given 1/28/1931 WI Ida F. Wadsworth    
Wadsworth Horace Everett Oakwood Civil 9/21/1862 Oswego Co., NY Mrs. M.E. Wadsworth 8/9/1862 Lincoln, WI  
Waggoner Jesse Claude Tacoma not given 2/3/1913 WI Mrs. Lena Waggoner    
Waite Maurice B. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/20/1896 WI   8/15/1864 Ft Snelling, MN Gallaten, TN
Wakefield Ray Orting Soldiers Civil 9/13/1915 NY   10/17/1861 Davenport, IA  
Wakefield Richard A. Oakwood Civil 12/14/1911 NY   8/29/1864 Albion Wash., DC
Waldron William F. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/3/1923    2/13/1864 Iowa  
Walker Earstus M. Tacoma not given 1/1/1911 Illinois Kaithe P. Walker    
Walker Hiram A. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 2/1/1914 WA   6/20/1898 Vancouver, WA Presidio, CA
Walker James Orting Soldiers Civil 3/17/1902 Maryland   12/29/1863 Dunkirk, NY Wash., DC
Walker James Orting Soldiers Civil not given    3/16/1863 Salem, OR Vancouver, WA
Walker William H.H. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/27/1915 Illinois   5/2/1864 Springfield, IL Springfield, IL
Wallace Elijah Andrew Tacoma Civil 1/21/1919 Mt Carmel, IL J.L. Wallace 2/20/1864 Mt Carmel, IL Little Rock, AR
Wallace Hugh A. Tacoma Civil 3/24/1913 Scotland   7/26/1865 Peoria, IL Little Rock, AR
Waller Franklyn Oakwood Civil 3/28/1916 OH Mrs. Margaret Waller 6/15/1861 Neoga, IL Springfield, IL
Waller W.D. Oakwood not given 11/27/1905 OH     
Walsh Luke Orting Soldiers Civil 1/29/2907 Ireland   11/15/1862 Ossiau, IA Sioux City, IA
Walsh Ormon W. Oakwood Civil 10/25/1922 Napoleon, MI Walsh, Jane 2/24/1864 Rochester, MN Ft Snelling, MN
Walter Frederick G. Tacoma Civil 1/20/1912 Germany Mrs. Dora Walter 8/10/1862 LeRoy, NY Munsons Hill, VA
Walters Harry R. Sumner WW I 8/22/1927    12/24/1918 Buffalo, NY  
Ward James E. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    8/16/1862 Stillwater, MN Charlotte, MN
Ward Moses Oakwood Indian 12/27/1918    10/31/1855   
Warden John Orting City Civil 7/5/1906    8/15/1861 Chicago, IL Atlanta, GA
Ware Franklin Oakwood Civil 2/4/1914    8/15/1862 Camp Cleveland, OH Nashville, TN
Wark Samuel Orting City Civil 10/24/1921 OH Mrs. Samuel Wark 9/15/1862 Payne, IL St. Louis, MO
Warner Edwin C. Tacoma not given 1/14/1924 Chicago, IL     
Warner George Orting Soldiers Civil 4/20/1919 Michigan   8/26/1863 Mt Clemons, MI Detroit, MI
Warner Henry H. Tacoma Civil 4/15/1912 Illinois   8/5/1862 Chicago, IL  
Warner Moses Orting Soldiers Civil 4/20/1920 OH   1861 Dalles, OR Vancouver, WA
Warrel Barney Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 6/14/1916 Iowa     
Warren Henry G. Tacoma not given 4/8/1897 PA     
Wasson Pressley J. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/26/1923 Cherry Fork, OH   2/14/1865 West Union, OH Harpers Ferry, VA
Waters James H. Oakwood Civil 2/10/1915 NY Mrs. Ada Waters 8/13/1862 Indianola, IA Houston, TX
Waters Thaddeus L. Artondale Civil 6/28/1923 OH     
Waterworth George C. Tacoma WW I 1/22/1921 Tacoma, WA   4/30/1917 Tacoma, WA  
Watson George N. Woodbine Civil 1/17/1909 Ontario   3/8/1862 Independence, IA Quincy, IL
Watson John M. Oakwood Civil 8/9/1913    4/20/1861 Adrian, MI  
Watson William Oakwood not given 5/27/1917 Illinois     
Watt Henry Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 11/27/1910 Ireland   4/28/1898 Anaconda, WA Presidio, CA
Watters James H. Oakwood Civil 6/28/1917    6/30/1862 Newark, IL  
Weaver David C. Tacoma Civil 12/27/1922 PA Minnie Ackerman 8/13/1864 Edina, MO  
Weaver William Orting Soldiers Civil 7/23/1915 NY   9/23/1863 Troy, NY Denver, CO
Webb H.C. Oakwood Civil 7/8/1905 Maryland   8/25/1862   
Webb John W. Tacoma not given 1/2/1931 TN     
Webster Charles H. Tacoma Maus. Civil 2/17/1920 Wellington, OH Mrs. Marie Webster    
Webster Owen B. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/20/1911 PA   11/13/1863 New York, NY Wash., DC
Webster William Orting Soldiers Civil not given    8/26/1861 Ft Snelling, MN Nashville, TN
Webster William F. Orting Soldiers Civil not given      
Weeks James E. Buckley not given 3/28/1909 NY     
Wehrhan Henry Ernest Mt. View WW I 10/5/1931 Huntley, IL Mrs. H.E. Wehrhan 7/6/1817 Tacoma, WA 13th Nav. Dist. Wash.
Weidman Louis Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 11/14/1935 Germany   6/22/1898 Baker City, OR Portland, OR
Weikerle John Orting Soldiers Civil 4/29/1907 Germany     New Orleans, LA
Weiland Arthur S. Oakwood not given 4/8/1905      
Weimer Fred K. Sumner not given 3/2/1905      
Welch George W. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/31/1920 Maine   10/22/1864 Augusta, ME Portland, ME
Welch L.J. Orting Soldiers not given not given      
Welch Lemuel B. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/19/1916    8/12/1862 Kalamazoo, MI Nashville, TN
Welch R.C. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/8/1935 Will Co., IL   11/26/1864 Portland, OR Vancouver, WA
Welch Richard Oakwood Civil 2/9/1912    1/23/1862 Lexington, MI Detroit, MI
Weldon John Orting Soldiers Civil 8/18/1929 Monroe, NY Oscar Weldon 3/8/1865 Lafayette, IN Indianapolis, IN
Wells Alonzo Orting Soldiers Civil 2/23/1907 NY   8/16/1861 Mensha, WI  
Wells Chester O. Orting Soldiers Civil 7/31/1913 PA   8/15/1862 Clearfield, PA  
Wells Franklin H. Mt. View not given 5/15/1923 NY B.F. Wells    
Wells George Orting Soldiers Civil 6/29/1908 Canada   2/13/1865 Asiota, WA Ft Snelling, MN
Wells Lemuel H. Tacoma not given 3/27/1936 Yonkers, NY     
Wells Obed W. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/5/1922 Maine   6 1862 Smithfield, ME Philadelphia, PA
Weltner Charles H. Mt. View not given 10/19/1935 Germany     
West Albert C. Orting Soldiers Civil 1/12/1922 Indiana   12/28/1863 Guthrey Co., IA  
West Andrew J. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/23/1910 NY   3/14/1865 Wellington, NY Harpers Ferry, VA
West Charles H. Sumner not given not given      
West James Tacoma not given 3/20/1917 OH Mrs. Gladys Kizer    
West Oliver P. Roy Civil 9/16/1897 Germany     
West Rosco G. Oakwood Crem. not given 6/7/1924      
Westcott William H. Woodbine Civil 7/1/1919   Stelia Westcott    
Westlin Eskil M. Tacoma WW I 5/10/1932 Albert City, IA Mrs. Nina Westlin 7/18/1918 Storm Lake  
Westway Simon Orting Soldiers Civil 10/16/1911 PA   2/22/1866 Philadelphia, PA Wash., DC
Wetherel H.G. Orting Soldiers Civil not given New York, NY   12/27/1861 New York, NY City Point, VA
Weybright M. H. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    10/24/1864 Jackson, IN Goldsboro, NC
Whalen Lee Ft Lewis WW I 10/26/1917 Minnesota John Whalen    
Wheeler A.T. Oakwood Civil 12/29/1914 Indiana Walter Wheeler 4/29/1864 Indianapolis, IN Vicksburg, MS
Wheeler E.J. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/15/1904      
Wheeler Edward Orting Soldiers Civil 6/15/1904 NY   8/1/1861   Hilton Head
Wheeler Edward L. Tacoma not given 8/5/1915 VT     
Wheeler Francis M. Tacoma Civil 10/5/1900 NY   8/14/1862 Hector Wash., DC
Wheeler John M. Buckley not given 5/27/1918 OH Mrs. J. M. Wheeler    
Whitbeck Stephen Orting Soldiers Civil 5/9/1912 NY   6/1/1862 Flemington, NJ Flemington, NJ
White Charles W. Tacoma Civil 8/28/1914 OH Mrs. White 3/26/1864 Johnson Co., IA Savannah, GA
White Clarence Mt. View WW I 6/10/1935 TN Mrs. Ruth White 4/14/1914 Ft Slocum, NY  
White David Mt. View not given 3/29/1922 PA     
White Earl Mt. View not given 3/4/1935 Missouri     
White J.M. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/5/1904 Missouri   6/8/1861 Hannibal, MO St. Louis, MO
White John H. Oakwood Civil 7/24/1915 PA Margaret White    
White John L. Oakwood WW I 5/1/1929      
White Ray Henry Oakwood WW I 8/28/1939 Mt. Grove, MO     
White Robert T. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 1/12/1927 Woodbury, KY   9/13/1899 Wheeling, WV San Antonio, TX
Whitehair Fidelana Orting Soldiers Civil 9/25/1927 Preston Co., WV   8/15/1862   
Whitfield Charles W. Oakwood Civil 5/27/1911 England Lucy Whitfield 3/7/1865 Grand Rapids, MI Salt Lake City, UT
Whitla James Orting Soldiers Civil 11/12/1916 Salem, OH   11/1/1863 Salem, OH Petersburg, VA
Whitman Orin N. Woodbine WW I 9/19/1928 Puyallup, WA T.A. Whitman 5/24/1917 Tacoma, WA  
Whitman Orlando M. Tacoma not given 2/17/1905 NY     
Whitmore J.W. Rosedale Civil 12/19/1903    11/9/1861   
Whitney Ezra A. Tacoma not given 3/7/1916 OH     
Whitworth Thomas Woodlawn Abby not given 8/10/1921 Moseley, England     
Whonn William Orting Soldiers Civil not given    9/14/1861 Madison, WI Madison, WI
Wiemer Fred T. Woodlawn Abby not given 7/16/1918 Illinois     
Wifler John W. Tacoma Civil 5/8/1921 Buffalo, NY   8/28/1861 Plymouth, WI Demopolis, AL
Wiggins Frank Tacoma Civil 4/13/1915 NY Roy C. Wiggins 8/22/1864 Nicols Staunton, VA
Wilbur Edwin L. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    8/10/1862 Trumbull Co., WI Louisville, KY
Wilcox Alfred B. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/14/1931 Hancock, NY   5/2/1861 Rochester, NY Elmira, NY
Wilcox Charles H. Orting Soldiers Civil 9/22/1922 NY   10/4/1861 Auburn, NY Auburn, NY
Wilcox George C. Orting Soldiers WW I 8/22/1936 Walla Walla, WA   3/31/1917 Spokane, WA Ft Lewis, WA
Wilcox Russell Roy not given not given      
Wild Edwin Oakwood Crem. WW I 12/28/1928 Tacoma, WA Gladys M. Wilde 6/25/1918 Tacoma, WA  
Wilde Frederick Orting Soldiers Civil 10/29/1926 Germany   3/1/1865 Fondulac, Wi Madison, WI
Wilkenson Ira Calvary WW I not given    7/13/1915 Tacoma, WA  
Wilkes Alonzo W. Woodbine Civil 1/30/1929      
Wilkins James H. Oakwood Civil 4/17/1916    12/21/1863 Toledo, IA Davenport, IA
Wilkins James L. Oakwood Civil 11/30/1927 Kentucky Mrs. Armunita Wilkins 9/5/1862   
Wilkinson James Tacoma not given 11/21/1918      
Wilks Harry E. Mt. View not given 12/11/1936 Nebraska     
Wilks James Orting Soldiers Indian 4/3/1916 Indiana   8/3/1853 Jacksonville Portland, OR
Williams Byron A. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    11/6/1861 Janesville, WI Madison, WI
Williams Charles Oakwood Spanish-American 4/5/1905 Germany     
Williams Charles W. Tacoma Maus. Civil 1/10/1918 PA   8/16/1862 Centerville, IA DeValls Bluff, AR
Williams D.S. Orting Soldiers Civil 7/29/1911 OH   12/15/1861 Norwalk, OH Brooks Station, VA
Williams Frank Orting Soldiers Civil 4/16/1909 Massachusetts   8/16/1864 Boston, MA Boston, MA
Williams Fred Tacoma not given 4/5/1894 Germany     
Williams George Mt. View WW I 11/14/1936 Superior, WI   9/6/1918   
Williams Henry Sumner Civil 6/15/1924 WI   8/15/1862 Concord, WI Galveston, TX
Williams Hugh Tacoma Spanish-American 2/27/1906 Stockholm, Sweden   10/17/1889 Mare Island, CA  
Williams James Sumner Civil not given    6/10/1862 Sun Prairie, WI Galveston, TX
Williams Jesse B. Oakwood not given 2/21/1918 NJ     
Williams John A. Orting Soldiers Civil 3/11/1923 Nova Scotia   11/1/1862 Boston, MA Camp Watson, OR
Williams Jonas Orting Soldiers Civil 4/11/9121 Sweden   7/7/1864 White Plains, NH Concord, NH
Williams Nathan Eatonville Civil 2/16/1934 Indiana Charles Williams    
Williams Richard I. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 10/4/1933 WI Richard Williams 8/11/1899 Cripple Creek, CO Presidio, CA
Williamson James A. Tacoma Civil 5/1/1910 NC Geo. C. Williamson    
Willis Abraham Orting Soldiers Civil 3/27/1897 NY   2/19/1862 Killingley, CT  
Willis Charles Orting Soldiers Civil not given    1/2/1862 Lawrence, KS  
Willis Daniel Oakwood Civil 1/31/1913 PA G.L. Willis 8/26/1864 Kalamazoo, MI Detroit, MI
Wilson Charles H. Tacoma not given 4/18/1917 NY     
Wilson Dexter M. Oakwood Civil 1/30/1915 Canada   8/12/1862 Grand Rapids, MI  
Wilson G.B. Orting Soldiers Civil not given      
Wilson Isaiah P. Tacoma not given 12/25/1909 PA Mrs. J.P. Wilson 6/13/1861 Jasper, CO Davenport
Wilson J.W. Oakwood Civil 11/9/1904    10/25/1861 Boxleytown, IN  
Wilson James M. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/6/1915 OH   10/7/1862 Portsmouth, IN New Orleans, LA
Wilson Loyd Eugene Mt. View WW I 4/21/1934 Hot Springs, SD Ada Wilson 12/7/1917 Seattle, WA San Diego, CA
Wilson R.J. Sumner not given 5/15/1926      
Wilson T.R. Tacoma not given 9/7/1881    5/25/1861 Peoria, IL  
Wilson Thomas Carbonado not given 3/20/1920 Canada     
Wilson Virgil Martin Mt. View WW I 9/30/1935      
Wilson William E. Orting Soldiers Spanish-American 1/31/1928   Mrs. W.E. Wilson 7/15/1898 Punxsutawney, PA San Francisco, CA
Wimer Joseph S. Orting Soldiers Civil 7/13/1912 PA   5/15/1861   
Wimmer George Orting Soldiers Civil 1/19/1916 Germany   9/21/1864 Brooklyn, NY Harts Island, NY
Windover Isaiah Orting Soldiers Civil 7/5/1910 Canada   9/16/1861 Midland, MI Nashville, TN
Wineburg Henry C. Woodlawn Abby Civil 5/2/1918 Germany     
Wing Cornelius C. Tacoma Civil 7/27/1918 Canada F.E. Wing 7/11/1861 Salem, IA Corinth, MS
Wing Francis B.H. Tacoma Civil not given    7/11/1861 Salem Pittsbugh Landing
Winger Samuel Orting Soldiers Civil 10/19/1900 PA   12/20/1861 Allegan, MI Detroit, MI
Winkler Josiah Orting Soldiers Civil 3/6/1906 OH   8/12/1862 Bureau, IL Louisville, KY
Winslow Oliver R. Mt. View WW I 12/2/1924    4/23/1917 Tacoma, WA  
Wintermute James S. Orting Soldiers Civil 11/10/1896 Minnesota   12/4/1863 Toledo, OH Edgefield, TN
Winterow Oliver S. Carbonado WW I 1/17/1920 Black Diamond, WA   10/3/1917 Puyallup, WA  
Winterson William W. Mt. View WW I 11/5/1918      
Wisinger Daniel Tacoma Civil 5/6/1914 OH Mrs. D. Wissinger 10/20/1861   
Wissinger Luther M. Tacoma Civil 8/25/1908 OH   9/20/1864 Camp Chase, OH Nashville, TN
Witherow William Rankin Carbonado not given 12/18/1912 PA     
Witmer William Orting Soldiers Civil 2/17/1911 PA   5/12/1864 Harrisburg, PA Wash., DC
Witt Gustav P. Tacoma Spanish-American 2/15/1929 PA Pearl Witt    
Wittum Winfield S. Oakwood Civil 4/21/1920    9/9/1861 Marcellon, WI Milwaukee, WI
Wixon William M. Orting Soldiers Civil 4/20/1908    9/25/1861 Ft Snelling, MN St. Paul, MN
Wolf Harrison Orting Soldiers Civil 9/26/1919    5/15/1861 McGregor, IA Little Rock, AR
Wolf John Orting Soldiers Civil not given    8/9/1862 Oskaloosa, IA New Orleans, LA
Wolfe Robert Mt. View not given 12/15/1924 Germany     
Wolfe William Wallace Orting Soldiers Civil not given    8/9/1862 Knoxville, TN New Orleans, LA
Wolff Charles Orting Soldiers Civil not given    3/18/1865 New York, NY Raleigh, NC
Wood Benjamin Tacoma Civil 8/20/1903 NY   8/24/1863 Watertown, NY  
Wood Charles Orting Soldiers Civil 10/13/1898 Michigan   4/4/1863   
Wood Edward Orting Soldiers Civil 2/12/19114 OH   9/7/1861 Fennimore, WI Chattanooga, TN
Wood Mason H. Orting Soldiers Civil not given    3/14/1865 Chain Lake, MN Jeffersonville, IN
Woodard H.W. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/2/1900    8/12/1861 Dewitt, IA  
Woodling Levi Orting Soldiers Civil 11/16/1904 OH   8/19/1862 Salem, OH Camp Chase, OH
Woods Patrick Orting Soldiers Civil 2/22/1905 Indiana   2/22/1864 Centralia, IL Little Rock, AR
Woodward Alonzo G. Oakwood Civil 4/11/1911 NY   4/25/1862 Oswego, NY Wash., DC
Woodward Clarence E. Mt. View not given 11/15/1923 Boscovel, WI Frank Woodward    
Wooldridge George E. Calvary not given 12/23/1935      
Woolf Miggo D. Oakwood Crem. not given 10/5/1911 NY Mrs. M.D. Woolf    
Woollen William M. Tacoma not given 11/18/1907 Harrison, KY     
Wooster Alpheus S. Orting Soldiers Civil 7/9/1932 Maine   10/14/1861 Augusta, ME City Point, VA
Works Jessie I. Ft Lewis not given 2/28/1937 Arkansas     
Worten Alexander Gig Harbor Civil 3/30/1905      
Worth George S. Tacoma Spanish-American 8/11/1934 WI Mrs. Earl Worth 4/30/1896 Seattle, WA San Francisco, CA
Wotoszyn Mike Ft Lewis WW I 10/24/1918 WI     
Wray John T. Orting Soldiers Civil 10/18/1937 PA   4/30/1864 Clinton, IL Clinton, IL
Wright Arthur Barton Sumner WW I 2/20/1923    9/5/1917 San Francisco, CA  
Wright B.D. Orting Soldiers Civil 12/14/1916 NY   10/15/1855 Olympia, WA California
Wright Frank R. Woodbine Civil 12/12/1928    10/10/1864 Green Bay, WI Madison, WI
Wright William Oakwood Civil 6/23/1902 England   2/27/1864 Mt Vernon Mound City, IL
Wright William M. Oakwood Civil 1/14/1900 NY   7/5/1861   
Wright William N. Tacoma Maus. not given 4/25/1923      
Wrightington J.R. Tacoma Civil 1/13/1897 Massachusetts   9/16/1861 Stockton, CA Camp Douglas, UT
Wuest Francis W. Calvary WW I 7/10/1929 Tacoma, WA   5/22/1918 Tacoma, WA  
Wyckoff William H. Woodbine Civil 2/12/1920    8/2/1862 Marietta, OH Wash., DC
Wyman Moses Prescott Tacoma not given 10/8/1898 USA     
Wyrick Robert Orting Soldiers Civil 12/27/1906 OH   7/25/1861 Cairo, IL Corinth, MS
Last Name First & Middle Cemetery War Death or Burial Birthplace Next of Kin Enlisted Enlistment Place Discharge Place
Yates Edward W. Ft Lewis not given 8/29/1934   Rosia Yates    
Yates John E. Orting Soldiers Civil 6/12/1908 Maine   9/20/1862 Bangor, ME Field Camp in Virginia
Yeck Louis Oakwood Civil not given    8/6/1862 Meridosia, IL Wash., DC
York George Robert Mt. View Spanish-American 12/12/1934      
Young Alfred B. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/23/1918 Delware Co., PA   4/15/1861 West Chester, PA Fernandina, FL
Young Charles W. Oakwood Civil 2/23/1902    2/18/1862   
Young George H. Tacoma Civil 4/14/1914      
Young Joseph Mt. View not given 4/4/1935 Montgomery, KS     
Young King H. Orting Soldiers Civil 5/27/1919 Canaan, VT   7/16/1861 Madison, WI Wash., DC
Young Russell Harold Mountain View WW I 2/24/1936 Moran, KS   7/18/1918 Seattle, WA Seattle, WA
Young William C. Ft Lewis not given 4/12/1937 PA Mrs. Wm. C. Young   PA ?  
Young William P. Oakwood Civil 11/12/1910 Detroit, MI   9/16/1861 Detroit, MI Wash., DC
Younger Robert Milton Tacoma WW I 10/22/1932      
Zenor William T. Oakwood Civil 1/29/1911 Illinois   5/19/1864 Hennepin, IL Peoria, IL
Zimmerman D.T. Buckley WW I 7/18/1928 Indiana Esse Zimmerman    
Zimmerman George H. Tacoma not given 6/9/1930     WI ?  
Zoulin Curt Orting Soldiers Civil not given    3/13/1865 Milwaukee, WI Madison, WI


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